20 May 2016

Who OR What Is This I AM THAT I AM?

Who Or What Is This I AM Anyway

Before we get too deep into this subject, let's look at a couple of Bible verses first.

Exodus 3:14

"And God answered unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM. And he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the sons of Israel: I AM (YHWH) has sent me unto you."
~Jubilee Bible Translation

"And God saith unto Moses, 'I AM THAT WHICH I AM;' He saith also, thus dost thou say to the sons of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you."
~Young's Literal Translation

John 14:6

"Jesus said unto him, I AM the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes unto the Father, but by me."
~Jubilee Bible Translation

"Jesus saith to him, 'I AM the way, and the truth, and the life, no one doth come unto the Father, if not through me;"
~Young's Literal Translation

So here we see the use of "I AM" in multiple verses. So first, we establish according to the story told in Exodus, that Moses climbed the mountain (reached a higher level of consciousness) and talked with God/Source Energy - The Almighty. Moses was told, according to the scripture, BY GOD ... that this gods' NAME was "I AM." Or, IAM THAT I AM, or I AM WHICH I AM. This of course, dependent upon translations from the original Hebrew and Greek, both of which are far more powerful than that later languages of Latin and English.

Just to interject something here ... for your consideration. God says "I AM ... THAT ... I AM." Much in the same way that we might say "John ... THAT ... John." Or even "oh ... That ... Place." So as to avoid any confusion, we may emphasize the word "THAT." However, keep also in mind ... as used in Exodus 3:14 - "Ehyeh asher ehyeh" literally translates as "I Will Be What I Will Be", with theological and mystical implications in the Hebrew tradition. However, in most English Bibles, in particular the King James Version, this phrase is rendered as I AM THAT I AM.

We also read in the Book of John, Jesus is saying "I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. Let's stop here for a second. Who is? "I AM" is who is. I AM ... the Source Energy and God of all. We were told back in the OT Book of Exodus presumably from the mouth of God, at least according to the Biblical record, this I AM ... GOD IS. So ... GOD IS (I AM) the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Remember also that as you introduce yourself to someone you have never met, you say "I AM ... David." By doing this, you unknowingly acknowledge your inner Divinity and the individualized essence or particle/spark of God (the Divine) that your parents named you ... David. So in Truth, you are as GOD IS (I AM) while being David. Do you find this coincidental? I do not.  

Now we move to the second half of the verse from John. "no one comes unto the Father, but by me." We must now define the "Father." He didn't repeat I AM, this time he says "the Father." Father is representative of Source. The masculine aspect of creation. The SPIRIT. Mother, is the feminine creative aspect. The MATTER. The Greek word for Spirit is PNEUMA. The Greek for Mother is MATERA. In Greek, Father is Patera, in Latin Patter, and in Latin the word for Mother is MATER. So we have Spirit and Matter. Seen and Unseen. Heaven and Earth (Father &  Mother).

When we graduate from a University, it becomes our "Alma Mater." This means "nurturing Mother" in Latin. Also, the Hebrew word "Almah" means young maiden, as does Parthenos in Greek. This is where we get the translation of "Virgin" Mary from. It is not sexual ... as in a virgin unsexed, but is meant as a young and innocent maiden.

So I stray once again, but so much inter-locking pieces are everywhere. Scripture is like a box of puzzle pieces ... Without the picture on the cover of the box. Now we return to "no one comes unto the Father, but by me." Father being SPIRIT.

So, this Itinerant Preacher from the hills of the Galilee has something. He has either found it through self-discovery given to him by his Higher-Self, or he has experienced it first hand in one on many Mystery Schools in existence at that time. It is the GOD within us ... the Divine Spark ... the Christ Consciousness.

When we are lost, we ask a guide for help and directions. Jesus, as a guide for many at the time among his followers is saying ... "I know how you can get to Spirit." I have experienced GNOSIS (knowingness) and I KNOW the way, and I KNOW the Truth, and I KNOW the life ... and you can't get there unless I SHOW you. Jesus, Master Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Sage, Avatar, Hierophant, Shaman, Illuminated Master, Teacher of Righteousness ... this is the guy that can show Neo the door as Morpheus did in the Matrix.

Are you getting this? Like a manufacturer label, or an ID chip, there is something within each and every one of us that branded us. Inside the drivers door of a car is the manufacture date, who built it, when and where, etc. We have one too ... and it is Spiritual and Invisible by our physical vision. But we KNOW it is there. Just like we can't see the wind, but we know it's there. We can't see the molecules, atoms, quarks, neurons, electrons, and protons that bind all thing together as one but they are there. Collectively, we are ALL one organism ... what we have called the universe. Universe means the entire cosmos, the totality of all things joined together ... ALL in ONE. Entire and WHOLE (Holy).

Jesus WAS God. WE are God. Everything is God. Jesus said in the Bible "you would do greater things than I." It was said in the 2nd Book of John "as Jesus is, so are we in this world." We are ALL sons and daughters of God. The story of Jesus is OUR-story, not just HIS-story. It is the story of the Spiritual, emotional, metal, and physical life cycle and existence in both Spirit and Matter. God/Source experiences life with us, through us, and AS US. The light from the back of the theatre is the light of life that we project from the great within on the screen of life.

I AM ... YOU. You are me. Al that is ... IS. The Source Energy of every cell in this organism is GOD. I don't care what name or label you give it. I AM "THAT" I AM. And you are THAT I AM. And we are THAT I AM. Acts 17:28 says:

"for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own wise men have said, 'For we also are His children.'"

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.