27 November 2021



So has the world truly gone mad? Before we attempt to answer this question, first ... let's take Banking, Religion, Government, the Global Elite, Big Pharma, and the Mass Media out of the equation. This way, we can begin at a basic level of uncontrolled, and non-programmed, base humanity. In other words ... just regular people with regular lives. 

Once we remove all of the outside influences, we are left with the basic battle of ego self, versus Divine Self. Ego being your own self-centered, sense pleasure, and self only benefit thinking and acting. Divine being your default setting of love, compassion, peace, and joy, that can only be brought forth by taking the ego by the reigns and making the right decisions ... for ALL ... not just for you. 

Herein lies the battle. It's not a literal war of weapons and military power, but it is a war of courage and willpower. If we simply stop listening to the outside negative influences, and we turn inwards for guidance and direction, we can defeat any negative circumstances. This would include an overall improvement of not only the status of the entire world, but also improvement of your own personal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. All would benefit. ALL.

So when we add Banking, Religion, Government, the Global Elite, Big Pharma, and the Mass Media back into the equation ... we must come to the Truth. We must understand that worker bees and worker ants feed the Queen. Without us, without our blind acceptance and ignorant status due to missing knowledge, these “leaders” will continue to do what they desire ... right under our nose ... and in many cases, with our own approval and acceptance.

Be informed. Begin to research. Ask questions. You are entitled to a Life of abundance. And there is plenty of everything to go around ... except that there are a few thousand people hoarding resources and controlling finances. You can't have a sporting event, unless you have team players, and spectators. Without players, there would be nothing to play ... and without spectators, there would be no money to be made. We can have a voice simply by the way we purchase products, mind our thoughts, improve our actions, and above all ... learn their game ... and don't suit up. Remember, the best way to control the opposition, is to own the opposition. So be careful with what forces you join. You may be helping to progress the negative powers without even knowing it.

Let's face it ... the only way to control 7.5 billion people, is to keep them stupid, uninformed, and under a spell of deception at all times. All the music, concerts, party spots, nightclubs, professional sporting events, etc. are all ways they keep us busy and distracted. When we see a big story on the news ... know that there is something much larger taking place and this event is a distraction. Wake up, empower yourself with Truth. Become who you were meant to be ... and make today the day that you plan to enjoy your life. Help to end the suffering for all living creatures on this planet. Ask yourself, has the world gone mad? Or, has the world not become mad enough ... mad enough to stand for whats right, whats true, and whats good for all. 

Just a thought … 

Justin Taylor, ORDM, OCP.