16 June 2022



Each one us us has the massive power of Mind, and it presents in different aspects. Primarily, through CONSCIOUS, and SUBCONSCIOUS aspects. So then, what are the differences between the conscious Mind and the subconscious Mind? Let's explore some of these aspects that help to define the processes of each. 

The CONSCIOUS MIND is you ... awakened and aware at the present moment. The chooser. It is the OBJECTIVE element of Mind. You are aware of something on the outside as well as some specific mental functions happening on the inside. For example, you are aware of your environment, your breathing, or the chair that you are sitting on. It is your awake-ness. You are aware, that you are aware. 

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND consists of accessible information and programs. Kind of like RAM on a computer ... always processing what is placed in it. It is your SUBJECTIVE element of Mind. This is the seat of the Soul, your intuitive heart. It can function without the need for primary physical senses. The subconscious Mind is clairvoyant and clairaudient. The subconscious is the creative aspect of Mind. It will manifest whatever thoughts you think. It does not discern whether something is true or not. Whatever you BELIEVE to be true, whatever you FEEL, will impress the subconscious and begin the process of creation. It does not judge, nor does it have any moral obligations. 

“Your subconscious mind is amenable to suggestion. As you know, your subconscious mind does not make comparisons, or contrasts, neither does it reason and think things out for itself. This latter function belongs to your conscious mind. It simply reacts to the impressions given to it by your conscious mind. It does not show a preference for one course of action over another.”
~Joseph Murphy 

You can become aware of this information once your direct and focus your attention to it. Think of this as memory recall. You walk down the street to your house without consciously needing to be alert to your surroundings. You can talk on the cell phone and still drive home safely. You can easily bring to consciousness the subconscious information about the path to your home. You can also easily remember phone numbers, song lyrics, dances, and a vast databank of information and processes that you frequently use.

It is possible that some of what might be perceived to be unconscious becomes subconscious, and then conscious, such as when a long-forgotten childhood memory suddenly emerges after decades. We can assume that some unconscious memories need a strong, specific trigger to bring them to consciousness; whereas, a subconscious memory can be brought to consciousness more easily and with instantaneous processing. 

“The law of the subconscious mind works for good and bad ideas alike. This law, when applied in a negative way, is the cause of failure, frustration, and unhappiness. However, when your habitual thinking is harmonious and constructive, you experience perfect health, success, and prosperity.”
~Joseph Murphy

Our overall Mind consists of the base, and instinctual data as well as the information that we cannot easily access. The storage vault of everything thats happened since we were born. Where our deepest memories are filed away. Every experience whether witnessed consciously or not, is recorded and stored in this vast database. On a deeper level of tucked-away information, this is also your personal hard drive. 

Generally speaking, we don’t have easy access to lesser-used or less-needed information stored beyond the conscious and subconscious arena ... well into the unconscious Mind. During our childhood, we acquired countless memories and experiences that formed who we are today. However, we cannot recall most of those memories. They are unconscious forces (beliefs, patterns, subjective maps of reality) that drive our behaviors. They have the power to manifest into form. And in many cases, we wish they hadn't.

“All your experiences, events, conditions, and acts are the reactions of your subconscious mind to your thoughts. Remember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your own mind, which brings about the result.”
~Joseph Murphy 

What goes into your Mind is hugely important. If you choose poorly, you’ll assimilate bad attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts. If you choose well, you’ll begin to see positive changes within yourself as well as the outside world. If you are fully in alignment with your objectives, choosing the right input becomes much easier. The conscious Mind plants the seed (thought) into the soil (subconscious). There WILL be a harvest, this is for sure. 

“You must remember that a suggestion cannot impose something on the subconscious mind against the will of the conscious mind. In other words, your conscious mind has the power to reject the suggestion given.”
~Joseph Murphy 

The questions remains, what type of crop do you wish to manifest? We can plant seeds and nurture them, but we shouldn’t be constantly uncovering the soil to see how our seeds are doing. We must keep pulling the weeds and watering the seeds, and while that may require a daily investment, it will definite be of great importance. You, are the gardener of your thoughts. Plant wisely. Water the seeds (affirmations) and steer clear of any negativity, and any autosuggestion (an idea that one has originated oneself) or heterosuggestion (suggestion received from another person). Carefully guard the gates of your Mind. The creative process of Life depends upon it. 

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

09 June 2022



Modern Bible Scholars tell us that Paul (St. Paul) actually only wrote seven authentic Epistles (letters). The Roman Church attributes thirteen to him. So, which is it then? Critical Bible Scholarship using Truth seeking investigations inform us that six of these Epistles are simply counterfeit. Deliberately anti-Gnostic, and purposefully written by the Roman Church scribes to refute Paul's mystical and non-historical Gnostic Gospels. These were the writings of early Christians 200 years or more before the formation and rise of Orthodox Roman Christianity.

In the original seven Epistles, he writes allegorically and mystically about spiritual mysteries “hidden from the foundation of the world” that affect the Soul of man and it's sojourn here in the Physical world of matter ... Earth, in form/body. Paul speaks of the “indwelling Christ” which is the Divine Spark of God - the Christ Soul - within EVERY human being. Like a pearl within an oyster. Never does Paul refer to an outside Christ, or a historical-Literal Christ in these seven authentic Gospels. This, was for very good reason.

Paul was speaking of the Gnostic Cosmic Christ, relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the Earth. “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but to them it is not given” ... because these teachings were hidden and veiled among myth and parables ... allegories and metaphors. They were held for worthy initiates into the Inner Mysteries. The “mystery” of the indwelling Christ (Christos), was intended to awaken all of humanity to the incarnated God WITHIN them ... not without them.

And what exactly was this mystery? Before the rise of Roman Christianity, it had been taught for more than two centuries: 

“the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now made MANIFEST (phanerou/φανερόω in Greek) to his saints: to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles; which is ... CHRIST IN YOU - the hope of glory.” 
~Colossians 1:26-27 

Now let's look more specifically at the word "Phanerou" from the Greek (φανερόω):

"to make MANIFEST or visible or known what has been hidden or unknown, to manifest, whether by words, or deeds, or in any other way"

Note now that the Greek word “phanerou” means to make appear and manifest something from within itself not apparent to the senses. Something not apparent to others who may be simply looking at you. This is the root word we get for the English word "Phantasm." Also, "Phaneros" from the Greek meaning “shining forth ... becoming luminous.”

On the Road to Damascus, Paul had such a spiritual awakening. He changed drastically after that experience of awakening. He came to the realization that the coming of Christ occurs IN men, not TO men:

“Awake though that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” 
~Ephesians 5:14

In other words, awaken from the coma of physical Life, and become one with the Spirit of God dwelling within all of creation. Study the early Gnostics, and Kabbalah, and you will find the Bible to be a guide veiled by allegory for the spiritual journey of what takes place within mankind. Paul was a Gnostic, and the church did it's best to rid the world of Gnostics ... but then came the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library, and many other ancient texts that had not been destroyed by the church even though it tried its best, and the new findings in the last 200 years have set the Spiritual World on its ear. Research everything you've been told. You owe it to yourself to find the Truth. Knock, and the door shall be opened.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.