31 January 2022



The shorter version of this title is "when you know, you know." You see, when you find out something that you didn't know anything about, you can no longer deny that you now know it. It can't go away. You cannot erase the new in-formation that you have been exposed to. 

As a child, you learned and knew the stove was hot and not to touch it. You learned that running too fast would probably result in falling and being injured. You learned 2+2=4. You learned what a bully was. You learned once in a while your parents tossed back a beer after you went to sleep. The examples are in the millions ... but the important thing is that once you know, you know. There is no way around this. You can't un-know something. 

We can turn our head from tragedy, but we still know. We can turn our head from a car accident, but we know it happened. We can turn our head from a dead animal in the road, but we still know that it wasn't a rag or shoes that fell out of a truck. We just KNOW. The things that enter our sensory perception centers in our brain, are there to stay. filed away for a lifetime. 

Knowing this, then it can be understood that when we ignore something that we already know, it won't simply go away or dissolve. Whistling or singing to the radio at a traffic light won't erase the existence of the homeless man walking up and down the median asking for spare change. We know he is there. Yet, we do our best to ignore him. Hoping that perhaps he'll just go away. They don't. They're still homeless and in need whether you ignore them or not. 

There are also things that we choose not to know about. Things we avoid because we don't want what we think, act upon, or believe to be altered in any way. We want change at times, but many times we're not willing to participate in the process of change. Wee may not like it, or we may not want it, or we may be scared or fearful of new and different information. 

But whether we choose to know or not, or are fearful of acceptance, doesn't change the fact that the new information may be true, and may be real. Not knowing about it, doesn't change whether it is Truth, or illusion. It may very well be raining outside even though you don't believe it. This goes for business, industry, financial, education, politics, government, and even the religious system  and spiritual beliefs that you follow. 

Within ALL things you will find Truth and Illusion. Good and bad. Right and wrong. This is the "duality of one" that we need to be able to discern what is right and beneficial for all people everywhere, and what is not. Once the Truth of a thing becomes known, the illusion dissipates into the mirage that it is. And then we KNOW. And we cannot UNKNOW. 

The advancement of Higher Consciousness and deeper awareness is dependent on humanity to progress, not regress. We can no longer "ignore" what we know. Knowingness allows us to raise our consciousness and to become better people individually and collectively. There are some things that are built-in from birth. Things you KNOW to be true and correct the moment you witness them or experience their display. There is a Divine light from Source Energy within all of us as a guide ... and intuition. That feeling with us that just knows something to be the right thing. 

When we do things that are "wrong," many times we feel a sinking emotion in our solar plexus ... that gut feeling. You know, that pit in your stomach when you're caught lying. We must pay more attention to these instincts. This is our Life GPS sending signals with the proper directions and instructions. When we don't listen to the still small voice within, we may become lost, or make a error in judgement, and usually the result will be consequences and not benefits. 

In closing, take more time to desire to know, and less time avoiding to know. In the end, we will all benefit. The more we know, the more we grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Both as an individual and a collective. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

30 January 2022



First off, lets have a look at the main verse that many will use to describe this "fallen angel Lucifer" in the Old Testament Biblical scriptures. From the Book of Isaiah 14:12 - Hebrew Old Testament - NEVI'IM (The Prophets): 

In the KJV (King James Version - and ONLY in the KJV) we read the following text: 

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O LUCIFER, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” 

More modern Bible translations ... except for the NKJV ... have the proper translation of the word LUCIFER as “day star” or “morning star” instead of the Latin word Lucifer.

LUCIFER literally translates from the Latin (because it is not in the original Hebrew text) (Phosphoros in the Greek) as "Light Bringer, Morning Star, Venus, etc) because this morning star ushers in the SUN of God every morning in the celestial kingdom. And allegorically speaking, this light is what ushers in the Christ within each of us.

Now ... this will more than likely be the first time you have heard of these Truths so get ready for some enlightenment. I promise, its important. 

The ancient civilizations already knew of the concept of the "Lightbearer" and "Lucifer" and they used this symbolism for thousands and thousands of years to depict the "indwelling Krst/Christ" within all humanity. The Divine Spark of the Creator. 

This means that for thousands of years until the rise of western theology, the concept of "Lucifer" was likened to the "incarnated Christ" who brings light to our darkened Souls that are incarnated, trapped and mummified in "matter" and "crucified in the bodies of 'matter'/form." The Greeks termed it to be "SOMA/SEMA" or ... the body (soma) is a tomb (sema). 

The ancient Spiritual Wisdom and symbol of Lucifer, the ancient symbol for "the indwelling Christ", was altered to represent an anthropomorphized Satan and all that is evil. Lucifer and the devil are NOT one in the same. Much in the same way,  Venus ushers in the Sun of God each and every morning - preceding the sun in the heavens. 

Now read the verse again with MAN as allegorical reference ... in this case, the King of Babylon - the original allegorical character in this scriptural message.

Isaiah 14:12
"How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain."

It is the unseen Divine Soul of man/mankind (the christed one) who is eternal and has forgotten he is the Lord's begotten. When we follow our human ego rather than Divine order and Law (God) ... we fall from the sacred mountain and fall to the dense state of matter (the lowest level of vibrational energy) rather than our eternal state of Spirit (our highest state of vibrational energy). Welcome to earth school, the "Fall of Man." 

Here we have an adaptation of a "Christly Spiritual Concept" inserted into the Hebrew Scriptures where it never originally existed. Don't believe it? Study it, research it, reference it. 

Mankind is the begotten Son of God. We are one in Spirit ... one in consciousness ... and the microcosm of the macrocosm. Whether you believe in creationism or big bang ... everything came from something and that something is in all things visible and invisible. The point of origin for ALL things leaves within those things traces of itself thereby unifying all of creation.

For those who believe that you cant get something, from nothing, its simply a matter of understanding the words. A "thing" is something tangible ... a matter or form in a physical realm of experience. A NO-thing, is something in the realm of the unseen ... or Spirit yet to be manifest. The Hebrew word AYIN, and the Greek word we translate as VOID, and technically NO-THING, meaning having no form or matter. Deeper into this we also find this to be a point of origin for all that is manifest. The AYIN (nothing), is the point where ALL creation emanates from. Unbounded possibilities, infinite creative source, and unlimited manifestation possibilities. So, you see ... nothing ... is simply no-thing. Unmanifested energy from the realm of the unsee. 

So, knowing all this, and understanding that everything that is manifest comes into form from within the point of origin, all things arrive from within the realm of consciousness/Mind ... or ... Divine Light. The Matrix, or Field. Thoughts, become things. As above, so below. From an astrological point of view, this Bringer of Light is represented as Venus. Each morning, the Sun of God is ushered into view by the Morning Star ... the planet Venus.

Lucifer (Lucent/Luminescence/etc) is the Bringer of Light, not the Lord of Darkness as we have been led to believe. When things are changed long enough, people begin to accept the new paradigm. We should always be able to openly discuss any subject ... with an open Mind for Truth. There are billions of opinions (mine included), but only ONE TRUTH. Let's continue our search to find it, and share it.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



One of the most interesting and misleading things written about in the New Testament Bible was penned by the author of the Book of Matthew when he took a small section of Isaiah chapter 7, and attempted to weave it in and show the birth of Jesus as the fulfillment of a prophecy. 

Matt 1
“ … and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”

The problematic part of this OT scripture is that Isaiah 7:14 doesn't have anything to do with Jesus in the first place. 

THE child spoken of WAS born (but not Jesus), and called by the name Immanuel by his mother (back in the OT times) and the Assyrians defeated the two kings who threatened Ahaz and his people. The prophecy was fulfilled long before the author of the book of Matthew claimed that Jesus fulfilled it. This verse was never intended to be about a future birth of Jesus the Nazarene. 

Now, Here is the prophecy scripture about Jesus according to the author of the book of the New Testament Book of Luke:

“… And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.” (Iēsous (Greek: Ἰησοῦς), Yeshua/Joshua from the Hebrew)

Note: Mary's child was to be called Jesus, not Immanuel. This verse was retrofitted to indicate something that was not going to fit, and to indicate that Mary’s child would in fact be next in line for the long awaited Messiah/Christ. 

Remember that the Hebrew name Immanu'el, means 'God with us.' 

Now, here is the the reason why “Jesus Christ” was used as the identification of Mary’s child.

The central personage of Christianity is called Jesus Christ, but this is not his birth name, it is in actuality an acquired title.

The name "Jesus" is derived from an Aramaic (ancient Hebrew) word, יהשוה Yeshua or Jehoshua, which means "saviour." Thus, the original use of this term is as an honorific title. YHVH versus YHSVH. Yaweh, versus Yeshua. Directory translated, YHVH means "God." YHVH means "God Saves." Jesus, and Joshua, are identical. One being Greek language, the other being Hebrew. 

Likewise, the word "Christ" is not a personal name. Christ is derived from the Greek Christos, “the Anointed One,” and the Krestos, whose esoteric meaning is “fire.” The word Christ is a title, not a personal name. Same goes for the Egyptian Krestus, and the Hindu Krishna. It is a title.

Nonetheless, the man who was known by the title Jesus Christ certainly had to have earn it. Yet, two thousands years of sectarian and political conflicts and power struggles have distorted the original story.

Note that the name “JESUS” used by English-speakers today is an English adaptation of a German transliteration of a Latin transliteration of a Greek transliteration of an originally Hebrew word. 

Question everything … find the answers.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM,

28 January 2022



So, who is this God that people have fought and killed for, for millennia? Were there really commands given by this God to execute the carnage that proposed history reports? Certainly not, and I'm about to tell you why. You have to step out of the literal and historical interpretations, and into the metaphysical and esoteric view of scripture. 

Quite simply, what is called God; is the entirety of the Universe ... everything contained within the Universe, existing in the form of pure Energy - conscious, intelligent Energy - in Whom we live and move and have our Being; thus we live in the presence of God whether chosen, or not. Its just fact. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. This means all powerful, all knowing, and present in all of creation. Therefore, there is no room for anything but God ... or the energy of the Source of all that is. 
At the very centre of this Divine Energy is The Source of this Energy who many would call "God". This Divine Energy vibrates at ever decreasing frequencies the further outwards from The Source, until finally, at the outermost limits of The Universe, and farthest from The Source Energy is the manifestation of God with the lowest frequency, highest density of all, the physical Universe of "matter/form" which is familiar to us all. 

"And so, having studied the atom, I am telling you that there is no matter as such. All matter arises and persists only due to a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate, holding them together in the tiniest of solar systems, the atom."
~Max Planck, Physicist

The physical world (matter) exists at a low vibration and high density by comparison to the Universe as a whole (holy). Yet, it is all vibrating frequencies and Energy. It is true that we are made in the Image of God, but not the personified image, not the deity in human form of the dogmatic religions, but rather we are "made/imagined", or thought into existence in the Spiritual image of God. What is God ... is pure Energy ... and so too are we as human beings pure Energy made in the "imagination" or image of God, and we are always in the eternal presence of God, Who lives in us, through us, and as us.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

27 January 2022


Whenever I am scrolling around on Social Media, or reading News Headlines, I occasionally see some reference to "prophecy being fulfilled." Here is my take. Are you ready? Here we go ... Prophecy is an impossibility ... yes, even for "God." 

Among the ancients, prophecy ... or a prophet ... was defined in this way: "to speak as if what was being said came from the very mouth of God." This was NOT a crystal ball looking into the future for some event that has yet to happen. This was a moment when something very profound was stated and seemed to be beyond the capacity of the speaker to have assembled the message alone. With this being said, there is no way to predict the future ... because it simply does not exist. The future has yet to be created. 

There is only NOW. And WE are the ones charged with creating a chronological succession of nows. The future is what we make it ... NOT what was already made and lies in awaiting to be revealed at some later date. It is US who create what we call the future, and we do it moment by moment, collectively. 

The only way a future prediction can even be considered, is if it is based upon recurring habits and Universal Law. For example, if you keep getting drunk, day after day, you will have physical problems later in life. Or, as the sun rises today, it will rise again tomorrow. This is the extent of "prophecy." All the gloom and doom everyone was awaiting back in Y2K (the year 2000), and more recently the Mayan threat of December 2012, all fizzle. And it always will. 

Fundamentalist Christians will disagree with me because they have been sold on biblical prophecy since they were children. But rest assured, the earth and her inhabitants will remain here for a very long time still. There is no "rapture" to lift you up into the sky and take you out of it, and no "second coming of Jesus" to help you escape the woes of human suffering. The metaphysical events take place within human consciousness, not some external events outside of us. These "prophecies" were never meant to be taken literally. They are allegories for changes that can take place inside of you ... not outside of you. 

Life unfolds with each and every breath we take ... inspiration, and expiration ... life and death moment by moment. Carpe Diem ... seize the day and enjoy every second. We are only given NOW to experience life. It is a gift. It is called the "present" for a reason. Stop worrying about what may or may not happen. Instead, make happen what you desire to happen ... for yourself, and for the collective humanity of this planet and beyond. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



There are numerous Bible scriptures and verses that somehow never make their way to the church pulpit and Bible Study gatherings of modern churches and temples.

I have taken a few moments to extract just a few of these verses that I speak of. The Bible and many other ancient writings are filled with beautiful Truth presented in allegory and metaphor. The outer stories contain a deeper mystery. One of esoteric Truth, more than historical and literal events. 

That being said, for the benefit of people who I know that use the Bible as an owners manual for their Soul and the way to live their lives, I will discuss these verses and try and show the non-literal, and non-historical original intent of the writers. Let it be known, there is nothing in the OT and NT Bible that hasn't been said before by earlier civilizations and previous religions. The OT itself tells us plainly: "there is nothing new under the sun." The teachings contained with the pages of the Bible have been around for millennia. 

Now lets look at some of the verses I mentioned above:

Isaiah 45:7
"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

Lamentations 3:38
"Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that both calamities and good things come?"

Amos 4:13
"For, lo, the former of mountains, and creator of wind, And the declarer to man what is His thought (Logos/Word)."

1 John 4:17
"By this, love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment (decision); because as Jesus is, so also are we in this world."

Matthew 9:4
"Jesus knew what they were thinking, so he asked them, "Why do you have such evil thoughts in your hearts?"

Galatians 4:19
"My little children, of whom again I travail in birth, till Christ may be formed in you."

John 14:12
"In most solemn truth I tell you that he who trusts in me - the things which I do he shall do also; and greater things than these he shall do."

1 Corinthians 12:27
"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."

Luke 17:21
"Neither will they say, 'Look, here!' or, 'Look, there!' for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you."

John 1:1
"In the beginning was the Logos (Word), and the Logos (Word) was with God, and the Logos (Word) was God."

The LOGOS (or loosely translated from the Greek as “Word”) is a Greek word used hundreds of years prior to Jesus by philosophers to mean ‘the active reason pervading and animating the universe’. The active reason pervading and animating the universe was found specifically defined in Psalms 33:6-9, as the breath of God’s mouth: what He speaks, His words ... the mind of God manifest in form. 

This concept dates back to ancient Egypt with the God "Hu" ... the God that spoke the world into existence. Remember also, the ancient Sanskrit word for man or mankind and Mind was "manu." Combine these two, and we find the word HU-MAN. Are you beginning to see the connection?

Consciousness, the very basis of existence, thinks before it acts. The physical world of matter (which is vibrating electrical energy) is brought into form and made manifest by thought. By speaking the word. We are all not only ONE consciousness, and ONE Spirit ... but we are ALL co-creators of this world. The future unfolds with every thought, word, and action that WE decide from NOW. 

It is mankind ... US, through the Life Source of Spirit Energy ... which we call God, that creates good and evil. Love and abuse. Order and chaos. WE are the one. When you come to the realization, in fact when we ALL come to this realization, then we can create a world of love, peace, joy, and compassion rather than war, disease, famine, and abuse.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

17 January 2022


Spirit/God/Source functions in our lives to provide us with information of a higher nature. The answers to our deepest questions and yearnings are conveyed to us from God/Source in a amazing process from within. The "Inner Spirit" is a gift that functions in our Mind as the conduit or circuit by which higher information is conveyed to our Higher Self. 

Located in the highest layers of our consciousness, this wonderful gift actively takes OUR beliefs and feelings and reflects Spirit’s perspective ONTO them. We are given the capacity to think as God thinks when we, with intention and attention, desire to become more Spirit-like, more God-conscious ... our Christ Consciousness.
We grow in our relationship with our Inner Spirit through our decisions. The more we choose to respond to the circumstances and situations in our lives in a higher way, the Inner Spirit lovingly and devotedly creates the ideas in our Mind that feed us with information and inspiration - those flashes of insight, or perhaps the answer to a question coming in an innovative or fresh idea or concept. The information builds in our being over time and helps us to look at life in a different way ... in a better and more positive light.
Activating and building a relationship with our Inner Spirit happens when we take time during the day to quiet our Mind, and take the time to ask for the higher information to weave into our everyday thoughts. We should ask our Inner Spirit questions about our Life experience. The answers will come in time, through the process of being able to quiet our mental chatter (I call it monkey chatter). You know, the cacophony of noise that bounces around in our head. 

Stilling the Mind is the fundamental step to take in allowing the spiritual energy in our Mind to relax the body so what God/Source Energy wants to direct to you, can resonate within. The universe within and without is always broadcasting and we have to take the time to receive the message. Spending time away from the busyness of the day distances us from the usual thoughts we think … so that the thoughts that Spirit would like our Higher Self to think ... can grow within our Mind and body.
Spending this quiet time in spiritual contemplation gives our Inner Spirit the opportunity to convey feelings of peace, love, joy, strength, courage, faith, patience, and tolerance to help us continue to live our lives better through our Higher Self. Our Inner Spirit gives us the picture of who we really are and helps us to recognize our Divine Life plan ... so we can follow and achieve it more consciously.
By allowing the higher thoughts of God/Source Energy to activate through our Inner Spirit to reflect love and Truth into Mind and body, we are laying the foundation for the plans of Spirit within. It is there to move us further away from our base animal nature, and closer into union with our Higher Divine Nature; thus enabling us to become more of who we really are - a intricate and integral expression of creativity and love as an essence of the entire universe. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



If I came to your house and made a mess out of your things, stole your possessions, raped your children and your wives, and threw you out of your home by force ... would it seem right to you? Would it seen humane? Would it seem natural or unnatural?

Looking at the condition of the world today, this sort of activity takes place every single day ... somewhere. If you're still convinced that some supernatural Deity is going to sweep down out of the sky and put and end to all this, then I suggest you rethink your belief system. 

For thousands of years millions of people have suffered, been tortured, killed, raped, murdered, and lived in misery. Where is this God that is going to fix everything? Go look in the mirror. You are it. WE are the ones who did this, and we are the ones who fix this. This is just plain old common sense fact. God/Creative Force provided and environment where we could thrive, not just survive. Everything had its place, and we keep messing it all up. 

If someone drops you off in the woods, and you just stand there and do nothing ... you will die. Well guess what, we're deep in the woods right now and if we don't do something ... if we all we do is stand here ... then we're going to die. And so is everyone else who stands with us. 

But if WE DO SOMETHING ... there's a good chance we can turn things around. The first thing that needs to happen, is the people must be told the Truth ALWAYS. All people must be empowered to fix their OWN lives, so that they can assist others in fixing theirs. We are ONE RACE, one consciousness. We're constructed of the same stuff that came from the same place of origin. We are ONE people. Connected NOT separate. There is NO other. 

Come to this realization, and reawaken from your slumber. We are sleepwalking and operating out of our unconscious mind. We need to raise our awareness, frequency; and vibration to a higher level. We need to AWAKEN. Seriously step out of our Zombie lifestyle and become conscious again. Our conscious Mind is only active about 1-5% of our day. We have become robots, and in some cases … zombies. We have created the Matrix. And everybody has a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing Truth by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. But, there is a Divine Matrix as well. 

If you want change ... WE have to be the ones to affect that change. God isn't going to do it, neither is any other Deity figure. Spirit cannot affect in a physical/material low level of vibration that we call matter. Only WE can do it … under Divine direction. And right now, we're watching our Ferrari roll down Lombard Street in San Francisco with no driver at the wheel. It's going to crash, burn, and be totaled.  

For ages, centuries, decades, millennia, we have waited for someone else to fix everything and it just keeps getting worse. What you are looking for ... is what is looking. It's YOU. And it's ME. And it's ALL OF US ... collectively as humanity that are going to stop the killing. Stop the stealing. Stop the abuse. Stop the rioting. Stop the wars, Stop the famine, Stop the homelessness. 

This New Year ... make a resolution to change the way you think and you will change you Life and the Life of those around you ... worldwide. A house is built one brick at a time. If you want to move a mountain, you move it ONE rock at a time. But we have to come together. Life a bee colony. Like an any colony. The more ants that join a colony, the more organized they get ... via nature. They turn into one giant brain and get the job done because they JUST KNOW what has to be done. So do we ... we just forgot. It's time to re-member. To know that we are all connected by the unconscious fiber of the Universe (YOUniverse). Everything is ONE. Everything, no exceptions. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

15 January 2022



Try and imagine a balancing scale. Not just for overall weight, but one that has to have something on two opposite sides. Kinda like the Scales of Justice image so familiar to us all. Got it?

Now, you know that in order to keep perfect balance, there must be the same amount of weight on one side as the other. If there are 100 quarters on side A, there must be 100 quarters on side B in order to keep the scale centered at zero thereby obtaining perfect balance and polarity. 

If you take away a quarter from one side, you have to replace it with something of equal weight. Of course, you could take a quarter off of both sides and maintain equal balance as well. But this article is about replacement. So let's say in order to balance the scales properly, they have to maintain a certain specified weight in totality. So, removing equal parts will not help you reach the goal specified.

Another quick example is that of a weightlifter. If you are going to lift up a set of barbells, there is always equal weight on both sides. You don't want to lift weights with 50 pounds on the left, and 150 on the right. Your right arm will end up being way bigger than your left ... thus ... not achieving physical balance concerning your muscle structure. It will also hurt your back and other body parts because of the imbalance of the weights.

One of the Universal Laws is balance and polarity. There can't be more on one side than the other. If you're balancing a pencil on your finger, there has to be the same amount of pencil on one side as the other. This is Law. The secret of the universe is that all odds are 50/50. The casinos know it, the banks know it, the sports team owners know it, and the successful gambler knows it. 

If you gamble, and you are at a casino, as long as you have deep enough pockets ... you will win … eventually. The problem is that most people can't afford to stay in play long enough for the rules of the universe to kick in. If you flip a coin 100,000 times ... at the end of the 100,000, it will have landed 50,000 times face up, and 50,000 times tails up. You just have to be able to commit to lasting through the 100,000 flips. Understand?

Now let's get back to balancing your thoughts. Thoughts become things. All thoughts will manifest into form. This is Universal Law. Cause and effect. As a man thinks, so he becomes. Sowing and reaping ... ancient Laws. If you plant a watermelon seed, you will harvest watermelons. If you plant weeds, you will harvest weeds. The seed (thought) contains what will be brought forth in the harvest. 

So knowing this valuable information ... guard your thoughts very carefully. Your thoughts will lead to your actions and your behaviour. If you should have a "bad" or "dark/negative" thought ... then just like the balancing scale ... replace it immediately with a different thought that is good and positive. It wouldn't hurt to actually say "cancel" out loud if a bad thought enters your mind. But you can't leave a void. You can't simply think "well I just won't think about that again." You have to negate it … by replacing it. You cant leave a hole, where something once occupied the space. Nature knows this. Try leaving a hole in a water puddle. Or poke a hole in the air.

Also very important ... keep all thoughts on a level of positive polarity. meaning this: Do not say "I will not have a bad day" because the universe and the default of nature is creative. It does not comprehend "don't. won't, can't, shouldn't, etc." If you say "I will NOT have a bad day" ... your subconscious mind and the creative aspect of universal consciousness can only hear and understand "BAD DAY." It cannot discern or comprehend the NOT. Same thing with anything else. Keep your affirmation, prayers, meditation, all in the range of positive polarity. Don't say "I won't drink today" because the Mind and the power of all that is creative can only understand "drink today" ... and so you shall. 

When you see a sign at the lake with a drawing of a man swimming with a red circle around it and a red line thru the circle ... it means NO SWIMMING. But in our thought system, there is no understanding of the red circle and red line. If you're NOT swimming, you are clearly do something else. Therefore, you cannot ... NOT swim. You cannot ... NOT park there. You cannot ... NOT loiter. Your Mind and the universe knows that if you are not swimming, parking, or loitering ... then you must be doing something else. You cannot ... NOT ... be doing something. Got it?

Now, back  to thought. The immutable Law of cause and effect states that for every effect, there must first be a cause. In order for us to effect in form and matter ... we must first have the thought. Thought always comes before manifestation. Even if you're going to walk into the kitchen, you must first have the thought to walk into the kitchen.

When you experience ANY negative polarity thoughts, immediately REPLACE them with something of a positive polarity. For example ... "this traffic scares me" VS. "I'll be fine in this traffic." or ... "I will not be scared in this traffic" VS. "at least the traffic is letting me slow down my pace a bit." Always ... always ... stay in the positive polarity position of thought and your Life (scales) will remain in balance. Your bad day, will soon be replaced by a great day. Know it. It is immutable LAW.

All things in this universe are energy and are as waves ... up and down. Always up and down. When you truly understand this, your Life experience will be immensely better and so will everyone else around you … wondering what you're doing that they aren't. Be  responsible. Be the change you want. And it will spread faster than word of free tickets for a reunion tour of your favourite band.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



Religious and philosophical teachings have always been divided into two main categories - the esoteric (inner), and the exoteric (outer). Historically, the esoteric teachings have been kept in secret, given only to those who were deemed ready by Teachers who held the “keys to the kingdom of God.” This could take many years in the Mystery Schools of old. Many years before the Truth was revealed to those deemed worthy enough to protect it. 

Whereas a spiritually mature person recognizes that these “keys” are symbolic of revealed Truths (unveiled), someone less spiritually mature would picture in his or her Mind, actual keys made to fit an actual lock, albeit one not of this world. This is the difference between esoteric and exoteric students of religion and philosophy.

The esoteric student understands that religious icons and symbols represent principles and laws of nature, including both the seen and unseen realms. The exoteric student takes the symbols literally and historically - such as Moses actually parted the Red Sea; Jesus, the man, actually sits at the right hand of the Father, etc. 

While helpful to an unknowing, or non-inquisitive Mind, such literal interpretations are surface stories used to conceal the more sophisticated and abstract principles they were designed to portray in their parables, myth, allegory, and metaphors ... the deeper revelatory Truths. 

But, in this Internet age, when all knowledge is freely available to nearly everyone, the time has come to speak more openly of the deeper Truths of this Ancient Wisdom, thus preventing the possibility ... through misunderstanding, that the ideas themselves become merely symbols, hiding the very Truths of which they have always stood for.

Add to this the need to integrate the astounding growth in scientific knowledge into the body of thought called “The Ancient Mysteries.” Scientists and intuitive thinkers of all disciplines have brought new meaning to the old maxim, “Man, know thyself.” 

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, along with the science of Linguistics and Quantum Physics, have revealed much about how the human organism works, especially the brain. And while this new knowledge (doubling itself nearly every few years) has enabled us to understand the concept of consciousness more than ever before, the sciences have yet to acknowledge the existence of the Universal Creative Mind of God/Source. And I stress ... yet. 

Mystics and sages throughout the millennia have understood more about the nature of Mind than present-day scientists, but they have not, for the most part, been able to articulate their knowledge using today’s language. 

Combined with science’s inbred prejudice against mysticism in general, which is the gap between science and religion that widens everyday, is bringing us closer and closer to an evolutionary catastrophe - the materialist view that human beings are machines whose software developed on its own through random, selective processes and not downloaded from a superior intelligence and Architect. 

As long as scientists believe that consciousness is a product of the brain and not the other way around, they will continue to seek ways to enhance this flawed mechanism by external means. Mystics, on the other hand, want to develop what is already there. The universal unconsciousness is the Field (the Matrix of Consciousness) that is the glue of the Universe. Tying everything together as One.

The Ancient Mysteries have always taught that the human organism is a vehicle for consciousness, and that the notion of a separate self is nothing more than an illusion. They did not preach against individuality, as is commonly believed today, but rather understood that it is through individual choice that spiritual progress can be made … individually and collectively. 

Every time we make one choice over another, whether based upon logic or intuition, we rewire our brain in a way that supports further choices along the same lines. Thus does humanity evolve, and involve. If through technology, that fundamental process is preempted and people begin to rely on artificial, implanted devices to enhance awareness, spiritual consciousness will devolve into greater and greater materialism, the belief that the physical world and its senses are all there is to the human experience.

The Ancient Mystery Teachings were given to the world as tools with which humanity can realize its own potential. These tools lie within the heart and Mind. But, while scientists tend towards the material understanding of Life, spiritually minded people tend toward the opposite pole, regarding science with as much suspicion as scientists regard mysticism. 

Science, by the very nature of the word ... is proof knowledge. This two-sided thinking is a dangerous error. It is only by unifying these two paths ... in an enlightened awareness ... that humanity can make the next leap in evolution and involution, bringing the best of the rational Mind and the intuition together into a collaborative whole (holy).

The greatest of the mystics from the dawn of human history up to our present day have achieved this unity of the inner and the outer within themselves. Hence, the mantra "as above, so below." Such enlightened people have brought humanity its greatest discoveries in science, philosophy, art, and social justice. 

It was the Egyptian principle of the One God (monotheism), brought forth and articulated by Moses (Akhenaten/Meses), that enabled science to envision a world governed by universal immutable Law and thereby open the door to unprecedented technological advancement. 

It was Paracelsus who intuitively unlocked the secrets of pharmacology, extending the lifespan of human beings by decades. And it was Pythagoras who, through his Wisdom and depth of vision, gave us the profound understanding of numbers and geometry that enabled us to achieve countless advances. In fact, Math has ultimately proven to be the one constant Truth. 

These people were mystics who, along with countless others, acted as the mediators between heaven and earth, providing humanity with priceless knowledge of the cosmos and the meaning of human Life. The discoveries of the ancient teachings of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch, and a myriad of Avatars, Hierophants, and Sages, have brought us out of the Dark Ages ... and into the Age of Aquarius. New information, based on ancient knowledge. Question everything ... it is the time of reason my friend.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

14 January 2022



The modern image of bodies being magically transported into heaven has been around since the mid 1700’s. This “rapture” was inspired by a vision from a young Scottish girl named Margaret McDonald and added to footnotes in the Scofield Bible, but the actual true concept and principle of this esoteric event has been around for several thousand years.

While modern interpretations of the rapture envision a collective experience happening worldwide at the same time, the reality is that the rapture is an individual experience and has been happening to people since long before the time when Jesus was to have walked the hills of the Galilee.

The actual word "rapture" comes from the Latin and means to be “caught-up,” an abduction of sorts, to be seized, especially by a mystical or spiritual experience. The subject fascinated Richard Maurice Bucke, head of the London Psychiatric Hospital in Ontario, Canada. Twenty years of research resulted in his classic book, Cosmic Consciousness, published in 1901 (currently still in print).

His description of this classic mystical experience, where one suddenly finds him, or herself, in the presence of God and all physical surroundings vanish, is totally consistent with the historical use of the term rapture. Remember also that the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, then translated into Latin, English, etc. Rapture is not a Hebrew or Greek word. It is strictly Latin in it’s etymology. 

In essence, Paul’s experience on the road the Damascus is just such an esoteric/inner experience, and is included in the book, Cosmic Consciousness. Many founders of religious organizations have had these mystical experiences, including the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Paramahansa Yogananda. Paul was a Gnostic, and knew nothing of an earthly, fleshly Christ named Jesus. Many of his original writings have been edited, added to, and counterfeited by the Roman Church and subsequent later translations to fit the Fundamental Christianity narrative. 

Many of our most popular writers and poets, such as Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, Emerson, and Yeats have also had these “rapture” experiences and have entered into a much higher level of understanding as a result of pursuing their spiritual insights in this manner.

That tradition continues today with the founder of the Gnostic Wisdom Foundation having had such a rapture experience and his pursuance of the spiritual Truths revealed, both within that state, and in successive spiritual experiences. This state of Cosmic Consciousness, known by the newer term of Christ Consciousness (the Divine Spark), is identical with the Buddhist concept of spiritual enlightenment.

While many instances of Christ Consciousness and enlightenment are associated with the classic mystical experience, far more people enter into the experience of Christ Consciousness through study and constant spiritual growth without the mystical experience. The gradual path is by far the more common method of enlightenment.

In many ways, it is like the Hollywood star that becomes an overnight success after 17 years of hard work. There is a great deal of learning, individual practice and dedication that goes into becoming enlightened and attaining this level of consciousness. Among the Ancient Mystery Schools, many years were invested through a process of initiation into the Inner Mysteries. 

Many people would see the process as one of sacrifice, but it is a matter of releasing the worthless, to make room for the valuable - sacrificing the illusion to acquire what is real - the Truth. 

The essence of the Christ Consciousness is the realization that oneness is the only reality, Truth is the only value, and love is the only power. The spark of all of these things is hidden within every human being. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



I sometimes wonder as I look at people, have I become an empath because of all that I have been through, or was I always one and never took the time to tune in to the vibes of other people? I can see it in their faces, I can feel it in their aura ... the discontent, the pain, the emotional and physical burdens that they carry. I know it affects me by just being in their auric field. 

So many times on Social Media you'll find me posting in disbelief about disturbing events in our world. But it's only because I truly care. My eyes have been opened to so many Truths in recent years and I do my best to pass along anything I have discovered about how best to deal with negative events, when we all would rather have positive ones. 

The Truth is ... they are both One. They are two sides of a coin. We can't have one without the other. This offers us contrast, and the knowingness of differences between the two polarities … by experiencing them. If you're experiencing "bad" times right now, just know that "good" times are coming. They must. All is wave form energy and must have ups and downs ... like tides and the waves of an ocean. 

Learn to surf the waves, and balance on the beam. Stay right in the middle whenever it's possible. I have to work on this every day. Look to the left, look to the right, and look to the left again ... only then should we cross the road. As much as I have been through, and its been a lot, deep down inside I still know it will always get better, and it could always be worse. Remain in a state of thankfulness, forgiveness, and compassion for others. We are each an individual piece of the whole (holy) grand puzzle we call the Universe. The more we work together towards the common good, the better off we are. What we do to/for others, we are doing to ourselves. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

13 January 2022



After the "death" of Jesus, there arose many different splinter groups that claimed to follow his teachings. There was the continuation of Gnosticism, the apocryphal verses, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, and many other groups and texts, all of which PREDATE the highly structured, organized, and dogmatic Church of today, and many of which are rooted in esoteric and hidden Inner Mystery teachings regarding Christianity.

Many of these early esoteric Christian groups would now be considered heretical. Keep in mind most were considered heretical even back then. They drew influence from non-Christian philosophies like Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and other ancient schools of thought that had existed long before "Christianity" was created. In fact, the influence of these philosophies such as Neoplatonism on Christianity is undeniable. 

Much as Christianity would hate to admit it, the teachings of the man from Galilee were not specifically new; he simply taught old lessons in a revolutionary new way. Whereas the Wisdom of the ancients was usually reserved for a select and privileged few, this Jesus - taught anyone who would listen. Though there were indeed a select few who were taught the deeper meaning behind Jesus' parables, allegories, and teachings.

The biggest influence that Neoplatonism (Plato) and Hermeticism (named for Hermes) had on Christianity was the idea of spiritual rebirth into a higher consciousness. This is the central message of most "religions," but it is much easier said than done to actually raise oneself from the slumber of ignorance to the awakened state of knowing (Gnosis). This requires dedication, time, and patience, attributes that the masses as a whole do not possess. It is because of this reality that "religion" has replaced "spirituality." Spirituality can be said to be more of an esoteric, personal connection to the Creator/Source, whereas religion is an exoteric, watered-down, "one size fits all" exoteric version of a higher reality. Among the ancients, initiates took many years to learn the Inner Mysteries from the great Mystery Schools in those times.  

Jesus' teachings (not "Christianity") were simply part of an ancient system of knowledge and Wisdom. When we study the history of the Bible, and the history of the Church system, it becomes clear to us that the present version of Christianity is a Roman patristic corruption of what Jesus is credited with having taught. It is a disappointment to the legacy and depth of these great teachings. Modern "Christianity" is a revised and edited form of a great system of ancient knowledge and Wisdom.

Jesus did not claim to be the one and only son of God. It may appear that way superficially, due to the editing of the Bible after the death of Jesus and the influence of the first ecumenical Council at Nicaea, but when one examines the teachings more closely, it becomes evident that Jesus' main lesson was that we are ALL the children of God. Go to the original Greek and you will read "A son of God" ... not "THE son of God." We all have the potential to become Christlike. We all have the Divinity of the Creator within.

"Christ" was originally a title that comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning "anointed" or "anointed one." Later on it was used specifically in reference to Jesus of Nazareth ... which should have been Jesus the Nazarene since the Nozrim (Nazarenes) were a Jewish sect and the place called Nazareth hadn't existed yet. 

Jesus spoke in esoteric parables to try to get his followers to understand the higher Truths of Life, but unfortunately, most did not comprehend the deep insight and meaning of the many parables which Jesus spoke. These were allegories and metaphors with deeper Truths hidden beneath the surface story. The literal story itself many times was insignificant and was designed to reveal a much deeper message ... For “those who had eyes to see and ears to hear.”

There were, however, a few individuals who did indeed understand the "hidden" aspects of the teachings. The Gnostic groups were among those who DID understand. "Gnostic" comes from the Greek word "gnosis," which means knowledge. The various Gnostic groups looked beyond the teachings of Jesus to gain a more comprehensive view of the ancient school of knowledge to which Jesus' teachings belonged. They realized that Jesus was a great teacher out of the many who had appeared ... or perhaps an anthropomorphic representative of the school of ancient thought. 

Unfortunately, the Gnostic groups and other early Christians were persecuted and declared heretics after the first Council at at Emperor Constantine's Council of Nicaea. In 325 AD, due to disputes over what "Christianity" should be, a religious council was assembled in Nicaea (present day Turkey) to try to settle the disputes and establish an "official" version of Christianity. Overseeing this council was the Roman Emperor Constantine, who ultimately decided what exactly this new "Universal" ("Catholic" in Greek) Church would include. 

At Nicaea, it was established that a man named Jesus was "of the same substance" as God. It was declared that Jesus was the Divine "son" of God and that mankind could only be saved through him. It was established that salvation could only be reached through one's belief in the Crucifixion and Resurrection. In other words, it was made a dogmatic law that one could only be “saved” if one believed that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. This is a completely false rendering of the original teachings, which taught that humanity could only be “saved” (awakened from ignorance and doing the right things) by and through humanity itself. Furthermore, subsequent councils further established the many dogmatic laws still followed today by most Christians. The Bible has been changed countless times. The Oldest known Bible in existence is the Sinai Bible (in the British Museum) dated to the 1100's. 500 years later came the King James. There are over 18,000 discrepancies in the two versions. Hardly inerrant. 

During his rule, Constantine saw the power of an organized state religion. The Roman Empire at that time was full of "Pagans," and Constantine knew that it would be beneficial to his empire to squash all forms of "Paganism" and adopt the new form of Christianity established at Nicaea. In about 397 AD, the Bible was canonized and made "official" as well. Countless verses were changed to fit the needs of the new Christian Church. Countless books were left out, most notably those that portrayed Jesus in a more human light and those that spoke of the real path to salvation -- knowingness. These apocryphal texts are still used in some denominations of Christianity, especially the older ones like the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Egyptian Coptic Church. The ancient scrolls found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt and the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Palestine contain many apocryphal chapters not found in the Catholic or Protestant Bibles of today, and they reveal philosophies that, if made available to the masses of Christians, would almost completely negate and refute the accepted dogmas of modern Christianity.

Unfortunately, these apocryphal doctrines will probably never be made entirely public. Tthe Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi scrolls are indeed available, but they are not accepted as relevant to Christianity today, and the Church has done a great job hiding these texts from most of their followers. When one reads these apocryphal scriptures, it is evident why the Church has worked so hard to hide, or at least to refute them. They are empowering writings that can radically change a person within, and without. 

When a person understands that knowledge is the key to salvation, it then becomes difficult to control that person. They become, as I said above, empowered. When a person believes that the key to salvation is the belief in the Son of God dying for the "sins" of humanity, it is far easier to control that person. Why? Because that person then believes that he or she is inherently evil and a sinner and in need of salvation from his or her "sins." That person then believes that in order to be "saved," he or she must follow the dogmas of Christianity. Unfortunately, these dogmas are not Jesus' laws. These dogmas are the creations of men whose only interest was/is in power and control. In reality, the only real sin is ignorance. And the “Truth ... will make you free.”

Read these verses from the Gospel of Thomas, one of the apocryphal texts left out of the Bible:

"When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

“Jesus’ followers asked him, “When will the kingdom come?” He answered, “It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘Look, there it is.’ Rather, the father’s kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.”

“The kingdom of Heaven is within you, and whosoever knoweth himself shall find it.”

Much has been hidden from us. The ancient Wisdom of previous civilizations freely shared in open forums. Only God/Source knows what will one day be discovered in the 66 miles of shelving underground in the Vatican Archives. 

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7

Just a thought … 

Justin Taylor, ORDM. 



Planting Seeds

In order for something to have a physical existence, there must have been a first seed. Naturally, the seed contains all the contents and essence of that which will manifest. For example, an apple seed contains not only the next tree, but an entire orchard. In order for the seed to bring forth Life, it must first be buried in the soil/Earth/Matter. Think about that for a moment. Before a seed can be born into Life, it must first be buried. 

Just as our spiritual Self has been buried here in this world, it comes forth into physical existence. Everything in this Universe has always been here and never leaves. Energy becomes matter, then becomes energy, etc. When you light a match, the interaction brings forth a flame into matter from the realm of the unseen. After the flame burns out, the energy returns back into the unseen realm of energy. On/off. 

ALL seeds of ALL things from this present moment back in time to the very point of origin are all of ONE source ... one substance. You are me, and I am you, and we are everyone else. Do not fall for the illusion that we are separate beings in a separate world. From one seed, comes the many. 

We say: "in the Universe," "in the world,” etc. This is because we are IN this and part of it and are whole with it. We are not outside of its existence in any way. The universe is one giant living organism and you and are the microcosm of the macrocosm. What we do to someone or something else, we do to ourselves. The golden rule gives us some insight into this ... "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The same goes for our thought seeds. All that we desire must be planted as a SEED. WE are the gardeners. For ANYTHING to grow it must be planted. How can we expect fruit from a tree that wasn't first planted as a seed? Our thoughts are seeds. Our actions are the manifestation of our thoughts. What we think we become. consider the Truths contained within these scriptures so long ago:

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".
~Proverbs 23:7

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind …”~Romans 12:2

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”
~Philippians 4:8

“As you have believed, so will it be done unto you.”
~Matthew 8:13

Worldwide, the “seeds” that we plant, will bring forth more of their kind. Like begets like. I ask all people everywhere to plants seeds of LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and ONENESS. This is the HUMAN RACE that must have UNITY … not any other man-made racial, political, and religious system that brings about SEPARATION and division. There is but one point of origin for all things and all peoples. We are ONE … not MANY.

~Justin Taylor. ORDM.

12 January 2022



People in America wanted "change" and they got what they asked for, many times. The problem is, they were not specific in their desire. Change has polarity, as good as it is bad ... in equal measurement. All things have equal polarity. This is immutable Universal Law. 

So, where do we stand today with the change that was promised. More wars, more terrorism, more murders, children killed by their parents, abuse, corruption, financial ruin, people getting thrown out of their homes, lost jobs and careers, adults and children without shelter or food, music and arts programs cancelled in our schools, toxic substances in our water and in our food, medicine that makes you worse, increased rates of disease and mental health ... the list can go on for pages. 

Bob Marley once said "before you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean." Blame solves nothing. What is needed is a rock solid plan to bring people of the world back together. To have mutual respect and acceptance that we are not cookies cut from some mold at the bakery. We can have unity without uniformity. Surely ... somewhere ... among the living is a human being capable of sympathizing with global humanity and explaining the dire and severe consequences of this continuing negative thought and behaviour. 

If you're waiting for Jesus, or Mahdi, or any other Messiah to return ... may I remind you that is was mankind who was commissioned by the Universe to bring order from chaos, light from darkness, and love from abuse. WE have to do it. We operate in as physical world of low vibrating energy called matter. This is our domain, and we're in need of some serious house cleaning. It's as if the zoo was abandoned, and the animals are now eating themselves. 

Awaken from your slumber. The sports games, concerts, TV shows, Happy Hours, are all distractions to keep us busy and not thinking. Our jobs keeps us too busy to think. We are operating on a daily basis from 95% unconscious and subconscious Mind and only 5% conscious Mind. We have become Zombies ... plugged into the Matrix program, and simply existing. It's time we unplug from the program. It's time we raise a voice for love, peace, compassion, and harmony. We have the numbers. Do we need another Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Do we need more concentration camps? Do we need government approved home invasions before we wake up? It's time to STOP hitting the snooze button. 

Everything in this Universe is ONE in shared universal unconsciousness. The Field. We all experience the entirety of Life inside our heads. You are in me, and I am in you. Check the latest Quantum Physics reports if you don't believe what the ancients taught so long ago. WE MUST BE THE ONES TO ELIMINATE SUFFERING ON THIS EARTH. 

If you're a person who believes a Saviour will come and fix things ... then if it happens, get started now and make it easier for them. Have dinner waiting when they get home. If you do not believe this teaching, it matters not. Start cooking. Start making a better world NOW. Before the earth starts over again … and this time without us. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

09 January 2022



“Azazel” or “the scapegoat” is mentioned in Leviticus 16 as part of the Israelites belief in God’s instructions to the them regarding the Day of Atonement. On this day, the high priest would first offer a sacrifice for his sins and those of his household; then he would perform sacrifices for the nation. 

“From the Israelite community, the high priest was instructed to take two male goats for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering.” The priest brought the animals before God and cast lots between the two goats – one to be a sacrifice and the other to be the scapegoat. 

The first goat was slaughtered for the sins of the people and its blood used to cleanse the Most Holy Place, the tent of meeting and the altar. 

After the “cleansing,” the live goat was brought to the high priest. Laying his hands on the scapegoat, the high priest was to “confess over it all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites” – all their sins – and put them on the goat’s head. 

He then sent the goat away into the wilderness in the care of someone appointed for the task. The goat would carry on itself all their sins to a remote place; and “the man shall release it in the wilderness.” Symbolically, the scapegoat took on the sins of the Israelites and removed them. For Christians, this is a ritual of the Christ story … to take upon the sins of the world. 

As a side note, the name “Azazel” shows up in some ancient Hebrew mythology. While there are different versions in the Book of Enoch, the Book of the Giants, and other pseudepigrapha books, the story is essentially that Azazel was the name of one of the fallen angels who had sinned in the Genesis story. As a curse on his sin, Azazel was forced to take the form of a goat-like demon.

Keep in mind there were two types of "sins" in their ancient beliefs. One was intentional, the other unintentional. For the unintentional, a fine would be paid. The difference between an intentional and an unintentional sin is that in the former case, both the body and the soul were at fault. In the case of an unintentional sin only the body was at fault, not the soul. 

Therefore they believed that a physical sacrifice would help, since it was only the physical act of the body that was in the wrong. A physical sacrifice cannot atone for a deliberate sin, because it cannot rectify a wrong in the soul. So now you know why someone who takes on the fault for someone else, is called a scapegoat.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



From the beginning, according to the myths of the ancient Greeks, the Greek world was created much like the story of creation and the story of Adam and Eve, in the Hebrew Old Testament Book of Genesis.

 At first there was only Chaos, a shapeless mass of darkness and meaninglessness. Out of this Chaos came Nyx (night) and Erebus (the unfathomable deep). The first God to come into existence was Gaea, which means "Mother Earth" ... it is unknown where she came from or how she came into being. Ouranos (Uranus in Latin), "Father Sky," was born of Gaea as she slept. He became her husband, and together they had many children.

Their first-born children were, one, Hecatonchires - huge, powerful monsters with fifty heads and one hundred hands. Along the Hundred-Handed Ones, the Cyclopes were born - giants who had only one eye in the middle of their forehead. 

The second born children, the Titans were born huge and powerful, like the Hecatonchires, but they were not hideous and uncontrollably destructive. Ouranos (Uranus), Father Sky, was harsh and cruel toward the Hecatonchires - he did not approve of their wild and destructive behavior. 

They played with thunder, lightening, and earthquakes like weapons, and they were always fighting. It was believed that Ouranos feared that his powerful sons might topple him from his position as Lord of the Universe. Eventually, out of fear and ravenousness, Ouranos locked the Hundred-Handed Ones into a prison deep within the earth.

Naturally, Gaea was upset that Uranus/Ouranos had imprisoned the monsters. She turned for help to her youngest, Cronus (Time), who was the only one who had the courage to challenge Ouranos. After defeating his father, Cronus then took his place as "Lord of the Universe." But Gaea was sorely disappointed to discover that Cronus's REAL REASON for overthrowing Ouranos was simply to fulfill his OWN ambition. Now that he ruled the universe, Cronus had no intention of releasing his hundred-handed brothers from their dark prison.

Cronus married Rhea, another Titan, and together they had five children, who also became Gods: Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Like Ouranos, Cronus feared that his children might one day overthrow him. So each time Rhea gave birth, Cronus would then swallow the newborn God. However, since Gods are immortal, they did not die, but continued to grow inside of Cronus.

Determined to protect her sixth child from his father, Rhea gave birth in SECRET. She named the infant Zeus and sent him to the island of Crete, to be raised by nymphs. Then, pretending to obey her husband's cruel command that she surrender all their children to him, Rhea wrapped a heavy stone in a baby blanket and carried it to Cronus, who swallowed the stone without any notice.

As the young god Zeus matured, he became more and more powerful. When Rhea, thought him mighty enough to challenge Cronus, she told him about his five brothers and sisters trapped inside their father's body, and about how narrowly he had escaped the same fate. 

With the help of his Grandmother Gaea, Zeus forced his father to regurgitate his five brothers and sisters, as well as the stone. The stone was taken to Delphi and left there. What Cronus feared all along became a reality. His children, who were led by their youngest brother, Zeus, waged war against him. However, Cronus was not left defenseless, he was backed by most of his brothers and sisters, the Titans.

The war between the Gods and the Titans was so terrible that it nearly destroyed the universe. The Titan Prometheus, whose name means "forethought," could see that Zeus and his siblings were destined to win this war against Cronus, so he abandoned his own brothers and sisters and joined the other team. 

He secretly advised Zeus to release Gaea's first-born children, the Hundred-Handed Ones, informing him that they wielded thunder, lightning, and earthquakes as weapons. Once released, the monsters fought much harder against Cronus because he had betrayed his earlier promise to free them.

With the help of Prometheus and the monsters, the gods finally defeated the Titans. Cronus and his relations were then imprisoned at Tartarus, the deep bowels of the earth. Zeus, impressed by the effectiveness of the monsters' weapons, appropriated the thunder and lightning for his own use. From that time on, whenever Zeus grew angry, he hurled thunderbolts at the target of his rage.

With the entire world open to them after the war, the Gods chose the cloud-draped summit of Mt. Olympus to be their home. The only Titans who were welcomed into the counsel of the Olympian gods was Prometheus, who's advice had ensured their victory, and his brother Epimetheus, as a favour to Prometheus. Prometheus preferred to keep Epimetheus near him, because Epimetheus, whose name means "afterthought," lacked wisdom and commons sense.

Zeus assigned Epimetheus and Prometheus the task of populating the earth with mortal creatures. With that task, Epimetheus thoughtlessly bestowed so many gifts on the lower animals that when the time came to create man, there was nothing left. 

The beasts already had the sharp teeth and claws, the warm fur and feathers, the tough, protective hides, the wings and shells, and speed, size, and strength. Epimetheus turned to his wise brother for help in figuring out what gifts to bestow on man. 

Prometheus gave man a more noble, upright stance, so man would be above the beasts, with his face turned toward the heavens rather then down toward the ground. He also gave man an intelligence that reached much higher than the beasts' mere cunning.

Prometheus was partial to these men he had created, and he was always thinking of ways to benefit them. As Prometheus became more biased, his gifts became more lavish. He took a torch up to the heavens and lit it from the fire of the sun. He gave man this gift of fire, the gift that made possible all of man's arts, and that also made it possible for man to conquer the cold and the dark. With power over fire, man was indirectly given the possibility to obtain seats near the Gods. Anger flourished when Zeus realized that Prometheus had stolen the sacred fire of the Gods and given it to mortals. Zeus then had him chained for all eternity to a rock in the Caucasus.

Though time, power, and control corrupted Zeus … he became weary that his sons would overthrow him, as he had overthrown his own father. He sent Hermes to ask Prometheus, who could see the future, which son would be his nemesis. Prometheus refused to reveal the secret, so Zeus found a way to make his punishment crueler. Everyday an eagle was sent to devour his liver, but every night the liver would grow back, making Prometheus's agony as eternal as his imprisonment.

His suffering lasted for many ages until, finally, he was freed through the good offices of Zeus's son Heracles, who begged his father to have mercy on Prometheus. Moved by Heracles's pleas, Zeus allowed his son to kill the eagle and to break Prometheus's chains. Thus Prometheus was freed at last.

During Prometheus's pain and suffering man was not left unpunished. Zeus commanded Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of clay. Up to that time, man had consisted entirely of males. So a woman named Pandora, meaning "all gifts," for she was endowed with every quality that would make her enticing and desirable. Zeus sent Pandora as a gift to Epimetheus, who gladly accepted the charming creature, even though Prometheus had warned him that Zeus was their enemy and they must never accept any gifts from him.

Pandora brought with her a box that her maker had given her. She was warned that she must never, under any circumstances, open the box, which piqued her curiosity. The day came where she could no longer bear the mystery of the box. She carefully lifted the lid. To her dismay, all sorts of hideous winged creatures came flying out of the box so fast that she could not shut the lid, the last of them escaping. Preconceiving that Pandora would eventually succumb to curiosity, all knowing Zeus packaged the box with every sort of physical and spiritual ill he could devise. Therefore, Plague, Famine, Misery, Despair, Hatred, Warfare, and many other forms of suffering escaped into a world.

After Pandora had slammed the lid shut, she heard a small fluttering sound from inside the box. Her curiosity arousing once more, lifting the lid once more, a small, delicate creature with golden wings flew out; its name was Hope.

And that, was how the Ancient Greeks explained the process of creation and how the world came into existence. Each civilization had their own unique myths of how the world came into existence. Ultimately, they all got meshed together across multi-civilizations and mythical fables and allegories. So, until we can really figure it out, my suggestion is that we enjoy our time here in this incarnation, be kind to others, spread love and compassion among humanity. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

08 January 2022



Whether you're using a mantra or affirmations, an important thing to remember is this: when you command the superconscious/Divine Mind (your Higher-Self), you must focus only on the end result which you desire. Never try to dictate how superconsciousness Source Energy will accomplish its miracles.

The superconscious Mind is far more clever and resourceful than you can possibly imagine. If it is headed off in one direction, it is not discouraged and does not give up, for it knows that there are ten thousand other ways to achieve a desired goal. If, through your own thoughts and preconceptions, you try to tell the superconscious Mind how to do its work, you will only limit its options and restrict the magic which can unfold. You will hinder your own desired results. In a sense … let go, and let God.

The superconscious realm of your Mind is a magnificent thing. It takes great delight in working to accomplish literally anything you desire. Desire is a very strong force, and when you use it to stimulate the superconscious Mind into action, it will be thrilled to bring you your heart's desire in ways you never dreamed possible. Just know and believe that it already IS. You just have to receive it. All that ever existed, and all that will ever exist … already does. It's all HERE. After all, where else would it be?

Another thing you should know is this: the superconscious realm of Mind does not judge your thoughts before it responds to them. It does not differentiate between pain or pleasure, sorrow or happiness, grief or joy, good or un-good. A better way to state it is, no feelings or emotions are pleasant or unpleasant to the superconscious Mind. Its job is to transform thought patterns into matter/form - ALL thought patterns - with no opinion. And it couldn't possibly do the job it is meant to do if it were to first judge your thoughts as good or bad, happy or unhappy, worthy or unworthy. Leave that to your ego. Just don't listen to the ego as the final word. Instead, focus on and listen to your Divine Higher-Self. That still small voice within. 

This very simple Inner Mystery is a revelation which can help everyone achieve whatever they desire. Change your thought patterns, and you change your life ... it is inevitable. If you think thrilling thoughts, the superconscious?Divine Mind will flood your Life with thrilling things, instead of miserable things. It is said misery loves company ... so does love, peace and joy. 

“ The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”
~ Epictetus (55–135 C.E.)  

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.



So what's it gonna be today? What is your desire? Would you like to manifest a good day, or a bad day? Well, you can have either one ... if you think, decide, and believe it. Your subconscious mind is your magic tool. Whatever you implant into the incubator, then that is what will become. 

This is the Law of Cause And Effect and it is a universal immutable Law. Some call it Karma, which literally means "doing" ... so then it is YOUR doing. For every effect, there must be a cause. Now, also keep in mind there are going to be outside influences and the effects of what "other" has created that you will have to deal with as well. This is the Law of Balance - it is duality that we use to discern and to balance the scales. 

First, begin with your very OWN responsibility. What you actually have control over. Your OWN thoughts, conclusions, decisions, and concepts of what YOU desire. These will form what you will believe to happen, and create. Remember also, that the subconscious Mind works in positive images. This is VERY important. If you tell yourself "I won't have a bad day" the Mind hears "bad day" and thats what you'll get. Instead, think "I will have a good day" and the Mind hears "good day" and thats what you'll get. It's like trying to draw a picture of someone NOT walking. It can't be done. They are either walking ... or they are doing something else. There is no picture or image of someone doing a "not walk." Got it? 

Second, understand you will be subject to the Karma (cause and effect) of others … collectively. How you handle this is the key to your inner joy and tranquility. We find ourselves saying things like "well, he made me lose my temper." Or, “she made me mad.” The TRUTH is ... no one can MAKE you mad. Once you grasp this concept, you will remain in control of your situations. 

You see, no matter what someone else says or does, YOU have to make a conscious choice to GET mad. This is a choice and a decision that is entirely yours. No one can make you mad, you have to choose to get mad. This is the difference between reaction, and response. Most of us would react ... scream, holler, throw some things around. But if we take a few extra moments for evaluation and intuitive guidance, we will respond rather than react. It's a calculated, informed decision versus a knee-jerk reaction. 

In all the universe there is undulation and change. Ups and downs. Ins and outs. Ebb and flow. Like the waves of the ocean, what goes up, must come down. When we ride that wave ... when stay centered and keep our balance, we will find that we can remain good when things are good, and good when things are not so good. We can balance the scale ... and stand in the center of perfect balance in our Life. 

So set your mind to work on both a subconscious, and conscious level. Make sure both machines are in harmony. When they are joined together, it is as if we have wings to fly. This is the child or offspring of our Mind. The masculine and feminine become one, and it is the power of the third entity (Spirit/Soul) that unites them. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

07 January 2022



Joseph Campbell once wrote: "A Myth is something that never was, yet always is." This is a powerful explanation of the original intent of the Greek word "mythos." It is a tale, story, plot, generally spoken; not necessarily true but with a deeper Truth hidden within the story. A poetic tale, with a profound lesson rooted within it.

The Bible scriptures were never meant to be taken literally. They were intended to be allegories, parables, and metaphors trying to explaining (the best man could explain) how we got here, why we came here, and who we are.

It is an amazing book filled with Truth, inspired by powerful Myth, and NOT specifically a historical document. This is not so much about his-tory, as it is about our-story.

If you choose to deny the fact that the whole of ancient scripture is allegorical and not literal, then you must accept the following statistics as true:

- Biblical Deaths BY God: 2,821,364

- Biblical Deaths BY Satan: 10

- And, if you believe Jesus to be God, add one more murder/suicide.

Personally, I would have a huge problem with this God ... if these events were actually only real and literal. And you should too. Furthermore, you should also have a problem with a God who is blood thirsty, angry, vengeful, and rules with an iron fist. 

The Bible itself tells you "there is nothing new under the sun." All of these stories and myths existed among the ancient civilizations long before the Hebrews, and for thousands of years. The names, geographic locations, and tribal customs were adapted from these ancient myths and applied to the biblical characters in an effort to customize them for their own people.

When we take these stories as merely literal history and fact, we lose the deeper esoteric Truths that they convey. This goes for both the Old Testament Rabbinical Judaism metaphors, as well as the New Testament Christian metaphors.

The mythical tales that are woven throughout ancient scripture have a deeper meaning. For example, the wandering in the desert for 40 years by Moses, the wilderness journey by Jesus for 40 days, the flood of rain for 40 days and nights with Noah ... allegorical with deeper meanings. The number "40" represents the average gestation period of human life from conception to birth. Forty weeks, is 9 months. This is a spiritual metaphor for a new birth. One from our base animal nature, to the awakening of our Divine nature ... the Christ Consciousness within each of us. THIS, is the Divine Spark contained within us all. 

Even the names are symbolic. Moses, is rooted in the word MO, the Egyptian word for water and mesu, meaning child. So, “child of the water.” If you study the life of Moses, you will note that he lived to be 120 years old. The phases of his Life can be categorized into three parts: 40 years in Egypt, 40 years in Midian, and 40 years leading the Israelites through the desert to the Promised Land, totaling a 120 years. This is not by coincidence. Moses’ life here is symbolic of the human intellect which also must come under the rule of Spirit instead of the ego (Satan/Opposer).

Noah means “rest.” Noah was a “high man” that lived a spiritual Life instead of an ego-driven one, and so Noah is representative of a higher state of consciousness. Noah represents not only the higher nature of the Mind, but also a Mind at “rest.” A Mind at rest is the state of being which salvation is. The story of Noah was written to teach us to live spiritually (rightly), not carnally (ego-driven). The Ark is US. We are the container/vessel of all these things ... and again ... "water". Water represents our consciousness, and the beginnings of life. 

Genesis 1:2 says: 
"The earth (matter/form) was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit (consciousness) of God was moving over the surface of the WATERS."

There is far too much for one writing, but this should offer you an insight into why scripture of all forms is allegorical. There is a deeper message or meaning ... "for those who have eyes to see, and for those who have ears to hear."

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

03 January 2022



We begin this topic with a quote from Charles Darwin:

"If man cannot begin to make a human eye, how could anyone in his right mind think that eyes formed by mere chance? In fact, man cannot make anything from nothing. We don't know how to do it. We can recreate, reform, develop ... but we cannot create even one grain of sand from nothing. Yet, the eye is only a small part of the most sophisticated part of creation - The human body.”
~Charles Darwin

Keep in mind, the eye has 40,000,000 nerve endings, the focusing muscles move an estimated 100,000 times a day, and the retina contains 137,000,000 light sensitive cells.

If you are a reasonable person you will have to say that "having limited knowledge" which is what we all have at the present time ... we don't have the absolute proof to say "There is no God". In other words, you actually don't know if God DOESN’T exist, so you are NOT an "Atheist" but rather you are what is called an "Agnostic" (not knowing). Gnostic is Greek … for "knowing."

You are as a man who looks at a building and doesn't know if there was a builder ... or sees a watch, and doesn't know if there was a watchmaker. I have met many Atheists, most of them highly intelligent and knowing more about world religions than those who practice it. The Truth is ... in my personal opinion, it isn't that Atheists don't believe in God ... they just don't agree with you on WHO or WHAT God IS. Bsically, they don't believe in the God they were raised with or taught about. 

There are people who have faith in the existence of a god, and there are people that have NO faith in the existence of a god. These are just two different belief systems ... or blind faith ... both knowing not the actual Truth of each others faith. It is simply a belief. A belief, is formed from a decision you have made. You cannot resort to defending scripture by simply saying "the Bible says" ... because God is Spirit, not flesh/matter and therefore can write no book. The Bible is a book written by men, believing it to be the Divine inspiration that guided their quill. 

According to Wikipedia, there are an estimated 38,000 denominations in the world today that claim the name of Christianity, and 12,000 of them are in the United States alone. Of all the world's religious systems, with all of their doctrines and dogmas, can we assume that only ONE can be right ... if even that one is right at all. Like the classic line from the movie "Highlander" during the epic battle scene ... it concluded with "there can be only one, at the end there will be only one. If that one is good, the world will see a golden age. If that one is evil, the world will fall into anarchy." This is the choice humanity makes every day, with every thought, idea, decision, belief, and action. 

With so many choices on what to believe, how can we make certain that our individual belief system will not fail us at some time in the future. First, we all need to realize that when we take our last breath ... all of these worldly theologies, doctrines and traditions of men labeled as "religion" will end and only the Truth will remain. It is then, that we will find out. But physical death, cannot exist at the same time as physical life. There is either one, or the other. 

“Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?"
~Epicurus (341–270 BCE)

Plain and simple ... it is difficult to prove a negative. But we can prove an experience through absolute evidence. For example, I cannot prove there are no black dogs in America. Since I cannot possibly know or see every nook or cranny, alleyway, basement, stairwell, or forest, I cannot logically disprove their non-existence. However, if I set out to PROVE the existence of black dogs in Virginia, the first one that I come across proves that they in fact exist. The search is over.

Other propositions, however, can be disproven - and conclusively. There are two ways to do this. The first is to see if the proposition leads to a logical contradiction; if so, then the proposition must be false. Examples of this would be "a married bachelor exists" or "a square circle exists." Both of these propositions entail logical contradictions - pointing this out is the same as disproving them.

Obviously disproving a god requires an adequate description of what it is and what characteristics it has in order to determine either if there is a logical contradiction, or if any testable implications hold true. Without a substantive explanation of just what this god is, how can there be a substantive claim that this god IS? 

In the end, as my Mentor Rick Pinette once told me concerning our personal spiritual beliefs, one has to ask ... "DID it matter?" or "DOES it matter? Do we ask "DID it happen?" or do we ask "DOES it happen?"

My own personal observation is that there is in fact a universal organism of which we are a part. It is ONE ... and we exist within it. Call this organism God, Source, Universe, Life, All That Is, Creator, The Almighty, Allah, Brahman, Conscoiousness, Energy, etc. There is something much bigger than we are ... and we have barely begun to understand it. 

I will conclude with a couple of my favourite quotes from Karen Armstrong:

"I say that religion isn't about believing things. It's ethical alchemy. It's about behaving in a way that changes you, that gives you intimations of holiness and sacredness."
-Karen Armstrong

“Look into your own heart, discover what it is that gives you pain and then refuse, under any circumstance whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else.”
-Karen Armstrong

“If we don’t manage to implement the Golden Rule globally, so that we treat all peoples, wherever and whoever they may be, as though they were as important as ourselves, I doubt that we’ll have a viable world to hand on to the next generation.”

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.