25 July 2015

Pain and Pleasure Paradigms

Pain and Pleasure Paradigms

It is a fact that almost all of the choices we make in our daily life are motivated by one of two very powerful forces.  The most powerful of these two forces is the desire to avoid pain ... and the second is the desire to achieve pleasure.

Everything that we desire to do is something that we have emotionally linked to pleasure. Everything that we try to avoid doing is something that we have linked to pain. These are the two main paradigms in our life, and we have emotional associations for everything attached to one of these two categories. In essence, our experience in life is linked to either  pleasure ... or pain.

It’s all a matter of perspective

Sometimes our willpower and our logic try to battle with these two powerful forces, but any victory is usually short-lived.  Here’s an example. Almost every cigarette smoker I’ve ever met knows that smoking is bad for him. His logical mind knows that he would be better off if he stopped smoking. So why does he keep smoking? Because emotionally, smoking represents pleasure and quitting represents pain.

The only way for a smoker to stop smoking is to anchor pain to his habit and pleasure to quitting. This requires having a long-term point of view, rather than a short-term viewpoint. The irony about smoking, or any other harmful habit, is that the very thing that brings pleasure in the short term will bring pain in the long term. That means we can change how we represent that activity by switching our emotional point of reference. In short, we can change our pleasure and pain paradigms.

Consciously or subconsciously, we make a choice

I use smoking as an example because the harmful effects are universally recognized, but we could apply the same analogy to a wide variety of choices that we make every day. We can anchor pleasure to instant gratification without regard for long term consequences, or we can do the exact opposite.

Exercise could be considered painful in the short term but the long-term benefits are very desirable. If eating represents one of your greatest pleasures, then the very thought of dieting would represent pain. So, for some people, exercising and dieting is a double dose of pain, and yet logically they realize that this is the fastest path to physical fitness. In this ongoing tug of emotions and logic, the mind is usually no match for the emotional need to avoid anything that may be perceived as pain.

Using mental leverage to change our paradigms

Understanding how pain and pleasure exert their influence in our own lives is the first step toward taking control. We all have the ability to use our mental leverage to change our pleasure and pain paradigms and reset our emotional anchors. In other words, we can choose what is painful ... and what is pleasurable.

Many things in our lives influence what we view as painful and what we view as pleasurable, but paradigms are about association, they’re about internal interpretations. Learning how to use our minds to harness the power of our emotions is an extremely powerful tool for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

More Pleasure – Less Pain 

There are a couple of things that need clarification regarding our emotional desire to seek pleasure, and to avoid pain. It’s not the actual pain or pleasure that drives us, it is really something else.

Our desire to avoid pain is really based on fear. What fear? The fear of taking any action that feels like it might lead to painful situation or experience.

Likewise, it’s not the actual pleasure that motivates us to take action, but our "belief" that a certain action will lead to a pleasurable experience. So, our movement in either direction is a response to our perception of where that action will lead.

The power of anticipation and anxiety

Have you ever noticed that the anticipation of the pain we think might result from a certain action is generally much worse than the actual experience?  Here’s an example ... if you’ve ever done any public speaking it’s usually the 10 or 15 minutes just before you get on stage that create the greatest anxiety.

You may experience all kinds of symptoms like an increased heart rate, a rise in body temperature and even a nauseous feeling in your stomach. At this point are any of these symptoms the result of actual public speaking? No ... they are caused by your estimation of what the experience might be like ... not by the actual activity itself.

Judging from the personal experiences of most public speakers, everyone seems to agree that the anxiety that comes before hand generally vanishes as soon as they begin speaking. Anxiety of course, is a form of fear.

Where does the fear come from?

There are so many different kinds of fear that it is impossible to label them all, but it is possible to identify where they all come from. The reason we can do that is because fear is always related to one or more of these three primary human desires.

1) A desire for approval
2) A desire for control
3) A desire to feel secure

If you examine any fear, whether it’s the fear of rejection, of failure, or of loss, you will discover that - on an emotional level - it represents a perceived threat to your sense of approval, sense of control, or sense of security.

Fear grows or shrinks with focus

Take the example of the public speaker. Once he gets on stage and focuses on his topic, he can settle down and enjoy the experience. But during the 10 to 15 minutes before he gets on stage, he is not thinking about his topic, instead he is focused on himself. He is wondering if he’ll have the approval of his audience, if he’ll have control of his voice and body language, and the anxiety is making him feel insecure.

The solution is to focus on the pleasure attached to a favorable outcome. For example, the feelings of satisfaction and approval that will come from a job well done. By visualizing a pleasurable outcome there is a complete shift the focus. Excitement replaces anxiety and the expectation of pleasure replaces fear. Moving toward a pleasurable outcome is an experience attached to pleasure ... so it is one we can look forward to.

Choosing less pain and more pleasure

Now we can see that one way to avoid pain and move toward pleasure is simply to change our focus. In our example, a short-term focus created pain in the form of fear and anxiety, while a long-term focus turned the whole experience into one that is anchored in pleasure.

Once we understand the relationship between focus - pain or pleasure - we can easily change our perception of any experience.  By controlling your focus you give yourself the ability to decide whether an experience will be painful or pleasurable. Then you can choose pleasure over pain.

Creating Your own Pain and Pleasure Paradigms

We would all like to think that we make up our own minds as to what is pleasurable and what is painful. In reality we are constantly being conditioned by our environment to link certain things with pain or pleasure.

Can you think of any environmental influences that are conditioning your feelings about what is pleasurable and what is painful? Learning to recognize these influences is an important step toward seizing control of your personal pleasure and pain paradigms.

5 sources of external pain and pleasure programming

1. Advertisers. The entire advertising industry is based on the idea that they can influence our internal references to pain and pleasure. As a whole, this industry spends billions of dollars each year to study human behavior. They do this because their goal is to link their products to our emotions. Their advertising campaigns are specifically designed to create subconscious emotional associations (anchors) in us without our being aware of it.

2. Friends and associates. The attitude of our close friends and associates also has a powerful influence on our personal pleasure and pain paradigms. Their opinions can actually precondition us to view things the way that they do. We may value someone else’s opinion so much that we subconsciously adopt their viewpoint without any personal experience.

3. Experts. So called experts carry incredible weight when it comes to overriding our opinions about a wide variety of things. By positioning themselves as the voice of authority, it psychologically downgrades the validity of our own thoughts and feelings. This positioning is designed so that we will adopt the attitude of “they’re the expert, so who am I to question them.” Is it any wonder that advertisers like pharmaceutical companies love this approach?

4. Groups. Trying to gain the approval of, or fit in with, a group can also shape and reshape our preferences. In such cases, acceptance often hinges on our ability to conform to the group opinion. It’s the old "majority rules" mentality that has been ingrained in us since childhood. It is hard to avoid slipping into the thought pattern of “If all these people agree then they must be right, so I better get onboard or I’ll look like a fool.” Conformity can cause otherwise rational people to abandon their standards and go with the crowd. Pushed to the extreme it becomes mob mentality.

5. Stereotypes. Forming stereotypes is one of the tools our mind uses so we don’t need to continually reconsider the same thing over and over again. Our minds tend to group similar experiences into general categories. If we encounter a new experience that seems to fit into one of these categories it saves us the time and energy involved in evaluation. So, if something fits into a category that has always resulted in pain, we will naturally assume that this similar something will cause pain as well.

For example, if every time you try to go on vacation you wind up having car trouble, in the future you will probably expect more of the same. The very thought of vacation may conjure up an image of being stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck. As a result, an activity designed to bring you pleasure now represents pain.

Take control of this process

The important point to remember here is that we need to develop the ability to decide for ourselves what we will view as pleasurable and what we will view as painful. If we don’t take control of this process, then the world around us will take over our internal programming.

If we allow that to happen, then instead of controlling our environment, we will end up being controlled by it. Because the pain and pleasure dynamic has such a powerful influence on our lives, we owe it to ourselves to take personal responsibility for how we choose to view things.

Your answers create your paradigms

Whenever something happens in your life, your brain will ask two questions. First, “Is this going to bring me pain or pleasure?” Second, “What must I do now to avoid the pain and/or gain the pleasure?”

How you choose to interpret the situation will determine your answers. But more than that, it will also form the foundation for your future expectations. If you want less pain and more pleasure in your life, this is a good place to start. Remember ... perception is everything. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

Special thanks to Advanced Life Skills. 

21 July 2015

Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Who Am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? These are three very powerful questions and have been asked by perhaps billions of people over thousands of years. It has been said that if these questions are answered we’ll reach  the destination of our lives, and all the inner and outer conflicts will be resolved. For most of us will say, I am the body which we see in the mirror. However, the body is made up of matter and hence, it is perishable. It eventually dies. What, then, separates a living body from a dead one? It is, ‘I’ the soul. The soul is a subtle entity that cannot be measured by any physical process or instrumentation. The non-material part of each one of us existing ... which we simply call the ‘I’.

The word "human-being" is derived from two words-one is humus (soil) which refers to the body and the other is being which means the soul or consciousness. The body is temporary and the soul is not just immortal, but eternal. It is an infinitesimal point of non-physical light (photon) surrounded by an oval shaped aura. It is as a tiny star shining in the middle of our foreheads. It has no physical size or mass. The seat of the soul is within us ... utilizing the hypothalamus, thalamus, pituitary glands and pineal glands. The soul controls and operates the body through the medium of thought energy.

When the soul is in the physical body, it manifest as three faculties. Although each faculty can be given a different name, it is actually the same energy - the soul - functioning on three different levels simultaneously. These are the mind, the intellect (3rd eye) and the memory of the Soul (sanskaras). 

Mind is the thinking faculty of the soul. It is the mind that imagines, thinks and form ideas. The thought process is the basis of ALL emotions, feelings, desires and sensations. Intellect is used to ASSESS thoughts. It is the faculty of understanding and decision making. 

Sanskaras describes, what we call impressions (memories), in either sub-conscious or unconscious mind. They are the record of all the soul’s past experiences and actions. Sanskaras can take the form of habits, talents, emotional temperaments, personality traits, beliefs, values or instincts.

It is as if the soul (which is the ‘I’) is the DRIVER, the mind, intellect, and sanskaras make up the engine, and the body is the car. You know that if the driver of the car is sleeping (unaware that he is the Soul) then it would only result in terrible accidents. 

Be sure that you are the awakened driver ... and take charge of you vehicle so that you can use the power of your engine to steer the car to the destination you want. Remember another form of transportation ... the train. A train has an Engineer (Driver/I), a locomotive (engine/mind, intellect, sanskara), that pulls a series of rail cars (the body) behind it. The locomotive Engineer determines where all the tag-along cars will go and uses the engine to do the job. The rail cars are all interconnected and follow the head of the train to the intended destination. Use your maps, and charts ... and beware of obstacles. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

Keys To The Hidden Meaning

Keys To The Hidden Meaning

Imagine a time long ago on the North American continent. A Native American tribe and a posse of marauding cowboys come together on common ground. A line is drawn, and the native tribe meets the posse face to face and presents an object of great importance to them. Without any expression of thanks, the cowboy and his posse secure the gift, and begin to take off running. At once, the tribe gives chase. This leads to multiple confrontations on what has become a dangerous battlefield. Ultimately, a sacrifice is offered and accepted. Then, as quickly as it had come to a stop, it began again. This time, the tables are turned. The natives take back the sacred object and begin their own journey of enduring faith that they could reach a safe place, and ultimately conquer the posse. This ability to achieve what they had faith in was not known to them ... only time would tell if they win, or if they lose. 

Now let me further explain. What I just described in masked form ... was a surface story with a deeper hidden meaning. This description was a football game ... between the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys. But you wouldn't know that from the story would you? Unless you had the keys to decode the hidden meaning ... after which you could understand all of the story much better. In this tale above, there was more drama, and held the audience's attention much better than an open Truth. It also kept the true hidden meaning and esoteric lesson from being accessible to just anyone. 

Now apply this type of allegorical and metaphorical style of writing to ancient scripture. Whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other mainstream religion ... the deeper meanings have been lost to the literal and historical translations. Whether or not the events that are described actually took place is irrelevant. Whether or not the people and geographic locations existed at that time is also irrelevant. It is the deeper esoteric meaning being conveyed under the exoteric veil that was of great importance. The names, places, and stories are Mythical and contain deep spiritual Truths that affect all of mankind. The Mystics and Sages as well as Ancient Mystery School initiates and graduates knew these Truths and protected them from being revealed to the general public. 

Every single scripture from every belief system has it's foundation in ancient Pagan spirituality, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, and celestial astrotheology. As above, so below ... as within, so without. Study and research that which you believe. Chances are ... there is much more that you have not been told about. This deeper Truth, can change your life profoundly. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM. 

20 July 2015

Change Your Perception And Your Reality Will Change

Change Your Perception And Your Reality Will Change

How many times have we heard the question "is the glass half full, or half empty?" The reality is ... it is FULL, regardless of what you can see or not see. The liquid or solid content is obviously visible to us, but the rest of the "space" is not. This does not mean it isn't there, it just means your senses can't see it. Air ... oxygen, atoms, molecules, quarks, cells, mitochondria, energy vortices, and yes even the void from which all things are created. 

Just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. And it is this invisible world of energy particles and Source Essence that tie all of us together as ONE in this grand organism called the universe. We all share the same life-force ... we breath the same air ... we stand on the same terra-firma, Earth, and are interconnected through Spirit/Source Energy. We are all bulbs on one string of Holiday lights ... plugged in and sharing the electrical and magnetic energies of the Source connection. 

The only thing that separates us and divides us is our beliefs, and our perception of those beliefs. Everything that exists in manifest form, was created by mind/thought and all have the same Source. All things came from one point of origin. This is science, and immutable. All is one, and One is all. 

Now a brief look at how we form these beliefs. We make a decision - from the French "decidre" meaning to cut-off - and we only use that portion that we cut off ... what we feel that we needed. Just as we pull off 4 or 6 inches of tape to seal a package, but we are leaving the rest of the roll. We only used a small piece of the tape ... just as we only use a small piece of information. This decision, then leads to an opinion, which then becomes our belief. But ... it is incomplete ... it isn't the whole roll. We have shorted ourselves of the necessary "total" package of information. We do not receive the whole puzzle ... only a few pieces. 

Based upon this incomplete information, we then use our belief system to make judgments and cast labels upon people ann things. This is like trying to paint your house with water ... and wondering why it doesn't work. You are missing the rest of the elements that comprise the paint. So why would you continue painting with water when there is something missing? Because ... you have convinced yourself that you have all the materials needed to complete the job. You are under an illusion ... a spell of ignorance ... but you simply don't consider other options because of your belief. You have convinced yourself that you are right, and everyone else is wrong. But, in the end, your paint job will fail due to this way of thinking, and you will wonder why it didn't work. Your ego has told you that you're right and that's where it stops. Unless ... you bypass your ego, and go to the Source of your Higher Power for the rest of the information. 

Once you have become better informed, more awakened, you will have a better understanding of all things. So many things have poisoned your mind since birth. Religion, media, government, medicine, and everything else you can conceive of, all offer half-truths. It is up to you to investigate thoroughly, and discern what is Truth, and what is illusion. It is up to you to use to whole roll of tape before making a "decision/decidre" that will become the foundation for your beliefs. Seek the evidence. Seek the Truth. This will allow you to have a much better perception, and in the process ... will help to change your reality. Remember, thoughts are things ... unseen forces of energy that must manifest in form. This is immutable Universal Law. The ancients knew it ... it is time for us to open our eyes to the awareness of Truth and move this civilization into a future of love and compassion. 

Every person on this planet must personally choose good or evil. It is a personal decision that is made. They are personally responsible for the outcome ... be it positive or negative. We are all co-creators of reality. My reality affects yours, and yours affects mine simply because we are not separate. We are all fish in the ocean of life. "As a man thinks, it is done unto him." Guard your thoughts ... use your inherent Divine Powers to create a world that can qualify as "Paradise." 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

The Carpenter

The Carpenter

The Greek word used to describe Jesus and Joseph as a “carpenter” in the New Testament is τέκτων or tekton (Strong’s G5045), which is defined as:

1) a worker in wood, a carpenter, joiner, builder
a) a ship’s carpenter or builder
2) any craftsman, or workman
a) the art of poetry, maker of songs
3) a planner, contriver, plotter
a) an author

As we can see, the designation in English of this word as “carpenter” is arbitrary, and there is little reason to suspect that it is more accurate than these other renderings. Jesus, therefore, could have been any sort of craftsman, including one who works with stone, making of him a mason. In this same regard, the word tekton in modern Greek oddly enough can also mean “Freemason.”

Christ as the TEKTON represents the builder of the temple. The temple as you should know ... is us ... our bodies. Paul states in scripture that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is also the temple of God, or God/Source within us ... that Divine Spark waiting to be released. Christ, as the master builder, is also responsible for sending the Holy Spirit (breath/life-force), and represents "the builder." The power that helps man build a temple of higher knowledge and spiritual Truth ... our Higher-Self. 

So now we see that the carpenter/builder is the only logical choice for the first-born God that is to LIVE through us ... as it was for many earlier saviour figures and sages. In other words, it is the only logical spiritual choice. 

Remember also that Gaskell's Dictionary of Scripture And Myth informs us that a carpenter is a symbol of the Divine Artificer, the One Life which constructs all things. He further instructs us that Spirit (heaven) and matter (earth) are the “artificers pair” from which all things are produced. More importantly, “from them, aspiration for growth arises.”

Spiritually speaking, aspiration is an important word. It signifies the yearning in the soul for something beyond physical life. Something beyond the physical. Wake up, go to work, come home and then get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Caught up in the lower ego, we can find this process to be depressing. Often we have many other responsibilities that can weigh us down. 

In the wrong frame of mind, these daily duties become a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to have a renewed mind where our everyday lives become a stream of spontaneous moments where we learn and grow spiritually. 

This process becomes activated when we learn to change our perspective and engage in the process of becoming through present moment awareness and learning about the true inner Self ... the Christ, which is the latent potential always there waiting to be activated ... a present reality that all of us on the spiritual path aspire to tap into. This is the spiritual road some of us choose to undertake with this life we are experiencing.

The Christ, or Higher Self, is the Divine life that manifests from Source Energy/God, or primordial consciousness, that is the power to create. According to ancient scripture ... not only among Christianity but among other world belief systems ... the Christ (Divine Consciousness) is to be born within us. 

Simply put ... this is the process whereby higher consciousness is raised from the lower mind to the Higher ... from ego to Divine. This process commences through the death of the lower ego ... our base animal nature. Our aspirations are the source for this process to begin, and, if you are reading this article, you are most likely on the path, as I have been for many years ... and will continue to be. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Joshua Tilghman for his insight and knowledge. 

17 July 2015

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Religions have ruled mankind all over the world for centuries. Belief systems that place some greater construct as an originator and creator of ourselves and nature around us. Even Atheism, itself a belief system and religion, proclaims the religion of nothingness and an accidental universe.  

However, none of these belief systems at their root necessarily hold viable answers as to how we really got here. The issue is that we are indeed here, there is something ... not nothing. All are faced with the same problem and issue of explaining how we got here, how and why do we exist? The "how" however ... has serious holes in most belief systems.

Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and other sects and branches of religion, claim that a supernatural being they call "God" made us and the universe around us. This, however then leaves us with the problem of “Who made God?” This could go round and round like "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. If there was a higher god that made God, then who made THAT god? It is endless loop.

Darwinism suggests that order comes out of chaos, requiring a faith perhaps even more frivolous than what is required by mainstream religion. Darwinism, which claims nature evolved out of a primordial soup - like other religions - also struggles with the concept of “Who made the soup?”

Everyone seems to want to impose their belief system and ideals on everyone else. They say God provides for everything ... however ... these same folks who say they know God pass 'round the collection plate or ask for funds to support their religious system. Clearly, if God was as they believe, then couldn't he just whip up all the funds needed to pay the bills ... especially if it is in fact ... the House of God. 

Even the most ancient writings and stories from the Sumerian texts that suggest mankind was engineered by extraterrestrials - the Anunnaki - to mine gold, but the same problem is left unanswered. Therefore, if humans were engineered by the Anunnaki,  "who made the Anunnaki?" The problem is circular. 

Order cannot come from chaos in this way. It has to be engineered. This is our job. This is what we do. We are commissioned to bring about order from chaos ... to tame the unbridled fury of nature ... to take lightning from the skies and provide electricity for our lives. We progress ... we evolve and involve by this progress and process. 

If we were, for example, to park a pick up truck and a sports car in a garage and leave them there for a billion or more years ... a high-performance SUV is not going to drive out. All you will have is a pile of rust and rotten plastic. Suggesting a super car would drive out of the garage is preposterous and ridiculous. However, the tiniest little bug running around is vastly more complex and intricate a design than any SUV, pick up truck, sports car, or anything else that humans have engineered.

The answer to all of this is Life. Life itself ... in the human form ... has demonstrated the ability to overcome the forces of nature. The SUV drives out of the garage under the influence of the creative force of human engineers. Life in humans creates the energy and order out of chaos. 

Understand that we are the essence of life and love, manifest as souls in time and space within the physical continuum of the universe. We realize that our essence, our soul, actually also exists outside of time, space and this physical universe. We are built out of love, love is the creative force within us  ... everything that we are, we are thus in the old perspective ... the collective essence of what is called ‘God’.

Once, nothing existed from a physical universe’s perspective, not even time or space. Love formed because love simply is, it exists outside of time and space, a creative force that produced life. Life thus ... is love. Life overcame enthalpy and entropy and created a universe in time and space in which to play, to live, to love and enjoy ... to simply be ... beings. Out of the darkness the light of life shone overcoming the void and giving bloom to the universe cutting out darkness.

Like seeds, we can be full of love and grow as beings of light, or we can be evil and revert back into nothingness and a dark meaningless void. Our walk in life determines how our soul grows and evolves. It’s the walk that counts and determines the direction of the soul that inhabits our body ... the real you. This means you use and choose what determines the very essence of the soul that is you.

Live a life of light and love, shine on all fellow beings, all of nature and the universe around you and bee civilized. Oppose evil and cast out all forms of greed, and self-centeredness.  Remember, the life of the universe is not only built on love ... it expands on love. Celebrate the light of life ... love. Spread some of that.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

15 July 2015

The Leftovers Are Getting Stale

The Leftovers Are Getting Stale

We are all familiar with the kind of leftovers we gather and save after a big meal. In the fridge they go and ready for re-heat and another meal tomorrow or the next day. The thing about leftovers is that they're never quite as tasty as when they were fresh. Sometimes, we doctor them up a bit, add some spices, maybe mix them together, all in an effort to make them more appealing ... and tasty. But in the end, they're still leftovers, and if you're a restaurant you'll never be able to market leftover food to anyone. It just won't work. People want fresh. 

Now, using this way of thinking, what if our auto makers were still offering leftovers? What if they just re-packaged the old styles and put new labels on them? We would become wise to their ways in a very short time. Imagine ignoring all the modern advances and still offering a Ford Model A as a new car? It wouldn't work. It cant work ... because people have advanced, progressed, and evolved a very long way since the early 1900's and the first offerings of automotive transportation. They demand more for their money. They want plush interiors, air conditioning, and advanced electronics. Imagine a new Cadillac Escalade, or a new Mercedes, next to even a '63 Chevy Impala. Things sure have come a long way in such a short amount of time. This is because we are set to default to advancement ... evolving ... moving forward and improving upon all that is. This is the way the universe was designed. There is no riding a bicycle backwards. 

So given these examples, let's turn for a moment to spirituality and religion. Among the Ancient World ... philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, were all rapidly advancing. It was understood that humanity is a microcosm of the macrocosm. As above, so below. As within, so without, etc. They understood that the Source Energy of the entire universe was contained not only outside of us, but inside of us. Individually, we create the reality of our lives. Everything that ever was, or ever would be, was already here. We just had to call upon it, rearrange a few things ... and voila! They understood that we are not our bodies. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are the Observer, the Witness, to all that projects upon the screen of life. We are the light in the the back of the theatre ... and not what is seen on the screen. They called this invisible power, this energy and life-force ... God. And this God was inside inside of everything ... and technically, was everything. They determined that all things originated at one central point. And that everything had to be made from, and have the essence of, that source of all there is. The Ancients knew that everything and everyone were not separate and divided, but were actually One thing ... one universal organism ... working together as one great machine. 

Then, the findings were stolen. They were usurped. The scrolls and documents that preserved this ancient Wisdom was being destroyed and hidden away from public access. In a short few decades, and just a few generations, the empires behind this great theft of personal human empowerment, were completely in charge and had presented to the people only that which the powers of the world felt they needed to know. Just enough to hold and keep them in bondage to them. To serve them and support them both financially, and every other conceivable manner. This great power has held people captive for hundreds of years. It was responsible for the destruction of libraries, the eradication of civilizations, the silencing of belief systems, and the murder of millions of lives, both animal and human. This power ... was the church. Specifically, the Holy Roman Universal (Catholic) Church. And today, they still control the population of the world through their church system, secret societies, and financial ties to the Global Elite. 

But there is an awakening taking place ... globally. Why? Because people don't want the same leftovers that have been served for nearly 2,000 years. They have found places that serve fresh, newly found spirituality that had been hidden for decades. They are discovering the Truth behind all the religions of the world and that information has led them back in time to the original teachings of the ancient pagan world. Mankind has evolved, and no longer can maintain faith in a system of control based upon a Saviour outside of themselves. They are learning to Saviour self. The new models are out. More advanced, more functional, and more powerful. No more leftovers from Rome. All of mankind is the begotten sons and daughters of God/Source ... not just one man who walked the hills of the Galilee. 

Spiritual scriptures and teachings were always meant as allegorical and metaphorical. Rome took these ancient pagan teachings and made them literal and historical. They built a dependence on a God outside of man. This has made them the most powerful and wealthy entity on earth. The Vatican and it's Pope are the self-appointed "God on Earth." But that is not where God is ... or what God is. As eyes begin to open worldwide, millions of people will come to the Truth ... and the Truth shall make them free. The Bible is an amazing collection of spiritual allegories that once properly interpreted and understood, contains underneath the surface stories ... the Wisdom of The Ages. But ... this information has been collected, edited, and revised for hundreds of years and hundreds of versions from myths gathered from and contained among the writings of earlier civilizations. It is not the Word of God, but the word of man deeply trying to understand the universe, and the meaning of life. 

How are we to advance as a society and civilization by eating leftovers? Eventually, if we don't cook something more, there won't be anything left and we will starve. Right now, traditional religion is beginning to feel hunger pangs - and unless it changes it's way's and releases what it has known to be Truth all along - it will starve to death. Everywhere we look in the world we see ruins of past civilizations and their Gods. If we are to survive and be different than all the ones preceding us, then we need to bring unity, love, and compassion to ALL the people of the world. We need to unite under the Truth that we are ONE species, ONE race ... ONE God/Source. And that each of us is an individualized essence of the entirety of the universe. Collectively, we are co-creator gods. The power of the All is within. With the exception  of mankind/mind, all of nature knows this to be Truth. And nature never worries about tomorrow ... for it knows there is a plan that has existed for millions of years and every year renews it's eternal cycle. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

13 July 2015

The Healing Default of The Body

The Healing Default of The Body

When you cut your finger, the subconscious mind and your entire body down to the cellular level go directly to work. The mind calls out the inner Surgeons, Doctors, and Mechanics ... assigns them tasks, and directs their progress ... and all without your conscious consent, request, or involvement. It just IS. It is always right, and it is the default of our physical organism. We are programmed for perfect optimum health direct from the factory ... the Source of all there is. 

Just like Nature and everything in it, there is an advanced intelligent program moving forward within us that operates from  Divine precise design. And even though at times it seems as though nature, and even our own bodies are out of control and chaotic ... there is a plan. A grand plan. That being said, nature is always ready, willing, and prepared for the next frame ... us ... not so much. Many times, our ego gets in the way by fulfilling the desires of our physical senses ... many times taking away what is best for the total machine ... physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

We overburden our bodies and our minds with toxicity. We stress our immune system and thrown our physical balance out of whack. The same thing happens on an emotional and spiritual level. This stress is dangerous and can delay, even prevent, our ease of recovery ... creating dis-ease. We create blockages that prevent our natural recovery process. These blockages can be mental, physical, and/or emotional. Although we cannot choose to stop the subconscious-controlled healing process through conscious decision ... we can create ways to slow the process down. Sometimes, we slow it down so much that it cannot recover and this results in irrepairable damage, or even bodily death. 

 The most important thing we can do is to assist our body and our subconscious mind in achieving what it was designed to do. To do our best to keep it free of toxins and anything from bad food, to bad thoughts. Talk to your body and your Inner Self. Remind them you are here to help as much as possible. We must learn to assist the healing process ... especially since we helped in overloading and overburdening it. We are all energy, both Spirit and matter vibrating at higher and lower frequencies. Our natural default is for health, happiness, compassion, love, peace, and joy. Let's do our best to help the process.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

12 July 2015

But What If I Don't Wanna?

But What If I Don't Wanna

We begin with a trip to the department store. The only thing I'm looking for is a coffee maker and a new mug. Once I find these two items, I head for the register. Now ... what would happen if I were to stop the Manager's office and demand that everything else in the store be removed since I have no want or need for it? Obviously, the Manager would think I was out of my mind. How ridiculous of a request is this right?

You see, all the other items are in their inventory because other people may want or need them. It's not just about me. There are many other people to consider ... different needs, wants, and taste. So a smart retailer will carry enough merchandise to please as many people as possible. Of course, you won't find fishing boats at Target, but then again you probably wouldn't expect to in the first place. There are specialty stores for specialty items. Still, if you don't need or want a boat, you wouldn't walk into a boat retailer and demand they remove all of their inventory would you?

Now, let's apply this theory to government, medicine, banking, oh ... and religion. Uh-oh. Big problem now right? Some folks dont want the Confederate Flag displayed or offered for sale so now nobody gets one. Hmmm. Some folks don't want to enter the country legally so now anybody can. Hmmm, again. Some people don't want vaccines for their children, but if they don't agree to the injections, they don't get school ... even though their taxes have paid for it. 

How about religion then? Christianity says if you don't take the sinners prayer and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, then you'll burn in the furnace of eternal hell fire ... meanwhile they get advanced reservations, VIP Card, and express service. In Islam, if you draw a picture of their Prophet, you may find yourself in deep trouble ... very deep trouble. We won't even talk about their radical arm since it's really not relevant within the realm of most followers. Most religions, especially modern day Fundamental Christianity suffer from entitlement ... we got it and you don't. You see ... they've taken all the other stuff out of the store since they don't need or want it. 

Does it all begin to seem a bit crazy to you after seeing it in this light? Perhaps not ... but this type of view and belief system won't change the severity of division and separation among countries, religions, morals, ethics, governments, and languages. Hinduism, Buddhism, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Janism, and so many other religions pre-date all three Abrahamic faith systems and yet ... they are outcast, considered "of the devil," and have no recognition amongst Christians. Yet, Christianity itself arose from the foundations of pagan mystery religions on the first place. Change a few names and places, and voila ... a new Roman  engineered religion is launched. Same goes for Islam, and for literal Judaism, although the spiritual and mystical side of Judaism is a bit more stable in the earlier Truths. 

In closing, whether it be a symbol such as the Confederate Flag, a Political Party, a World Religion, the Medical Industry, Banking, et al ... all we have to do is accept the existence of them all, and use our discernment to choose what we want or need to be part of. Leave the other stuff on the shelves for somebody else. Of course, this assumes that the other items are not harmful in any way to anything contained within this universal organism and beyond. Use the bad, to help you choose the good. This is the reason we have mirrors and shadows ... polarity and contrast ... polar opposites of ONE thing. To help mankind evolve and involve. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

Ancient Sacred Teachings

Ancient Sacred Teachings

From the beginning of recorded history, we have mention of sacred teachings concerning the rebirth of humans into a Higher Consciousness. In classical literature, reference is frequently made to "the Mysteries," which became the technical term for secret rites and methods known and practiced only by the priest/hierophants who had been initiated. 

These sacred teachings were found in the empires of India, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The Mysteries were taught in specially created Schools by priest-hierophants who developed extraordinary techniques to assist select candidates achieve a higher state of consciousness. These were the ancient Mystery Schools. 

In the Mystery tradition, the title "hierophant" indicated that the priest had himself experienced initiation into ALL levels of the Mysteries. The Mystery priesthood therefore functioned as a closed elite whose knowledge and practices were held and guarded in secret.

Along with precise knowledge of the teachings and rites, hierophants were well versed in astronomy, engaging in observation, investigation, analysis and recording of solar, lunar and stellar phenomena. Hierophants were also skilled mathematicians and were knowledgeable in architectural and engineering sciences. They were healers with special skills in medicine and possibly surgery. They were also historians, since the records of each civilization were safeguarded in the temples.

It is from these ancient pagan Mystery Schools that we have received the foundation for all world religions. Unfortunately, much of the original self-empowering teachings have been usurped, edited, and altered in order to control the congregants of the most dominant religions alive today. The esoteric spiritual stories and myths have been literalized and presented as actual historical events that are literal in translation. Nothing could be further from the Truth. All ancient Wisdom was allegorical and metaphorical. 

The secret teachings were under a layer of fables and parables. As it was back then, so it is today. Only the ones who have desired to do the work and dig through the muck have found the enlightened path. These teachings are still held in secret today by the Vatican and other global powers who are privy to them. Through this power, they control and manipulate the world population into division and separation ... and lead them down a path of darkness, rather than enlightenment. Question everything ... and you will find beneath the lies and deceptions, an abundance of Truth awaiting for you to discover it and use it to advance yourself, and all of humanity. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

11 July 2015

What Draws Mankind To Evil?

What Draws Mankind To Evil?

In the Detroit-area, a doctor who authorities say gave cancer treatment drugs to patients who did not need them - including some who didn't actually have cancer - was sentenced to 45 years in prison. This will end his lavish spending and lifestyle that he has enjoyed along with his wife, who was also a nurse in his practice. 

It was shown that this "doctor" gave unneeded cancer treatments to his misdiagnosed patients, telling some they had terminal blood cancer ... multiple myeloma. He is also guilty of Medicare fraud, conspiracy to pay or receive kickbacks, and money laundering (totaling over 17 million dollars) on top of the gross evil he did to his patients. Clearly, patients were not people. They were profit centers. Many of these patients have died since, and all the others have suffered immeasurably. 

So we have to ask, what is it that leads a doctor, who is under Hippocratic Oath, and under the law - and commonly understood moral standards - to perform such an act of evil ... on over 500 patients that trusted him with their lives? What happened to the heart of a man who disregarded the gift of life, and ignored his patients desire to live a healthy existence free of disease ... in exchange for wealth and fancy "things?" 

How could he look into their faces ... and tell them they had deadly cancer when in fact, they did not? How could he willingly destroy the lives of hundreds of people and thousands more in their circle of family and friends? His eyes were set on material wealth, and fulfilling his physical senses with pleasures at the expense of other fellow humans. Although there is nothing wrong with wealth, it should never become the goal while sacrificing the welfare of others.  

So what led him astray? Was it the evil devil or satan? Yes ... but not in the way most religions teach. This devil or satan is not some anthropomorphized chief-demon of evil who makes people do things through outside influence. This devil or satan is the ego of mankind ... an inside job ... influenced by none other than ego-self ... personal desire with total disregard for Divine Will and universal default. Among the ancient teachings of wise sages and philosophers, we find the real devil ... active within each of us, always seeking, and never being satisfied. 

This evil "spirit" is unseen, as is all spirit. This means that it has it's existence in the realm of consciousness and this evil force needs a body and mind to operate through. The force itself, is the ego desires and thoughts of man being manifest into a world of physical matter. What a man thinks, he becomes. As a man thinks, it is done unto him say the ancient writers. This is the Law of Cause And Effect. 

Our free will choices are always based upon duality and polarity such as good and bad, dark and light, etc. The "one thing" has both positive and negative polarity that we may use these extremes to evaluate and eventually discern the right decision both in thought and in deed. 

Before we move any further, I need to explain the "caduceus" ... this is the symbol for medicine seen today as the double serpents on a staff. You will see it as a symbol throughout the medical industry. 

The double snakes of the caduceus represent duality and the unification of polar opposites. As such, these double snakes speak of the balance and integration polarities in order to strike harmony such as "good/evil" and "illness/health."

Essentially, these opposing snakes represent the concept of yin and yang. The spiraling contortion of serpents in the traditional caduceus imagery indicates an expansion of knowledge as well as the undulating dance of cosmic forces.

The vertical rod or staff of caduceus is an emissary of transference between body and mind (physical and spiritual) ... a union. Just as the symbolic Tree of Life (seen in many ancient cultures) connects the expanse between earth (roots/matter) to heaven (sky/Spirit).

The wings are symbolic of ascension, messages from the Divine, and awareness from a higher spiritual vantage point. As an alchemical symbol the caduceus represents the conjugation of sulphur (male) and quicksilver (female). This symbol also infers the synthesis of opposites with the goal of unification and transformation.

Caduceus means “herald’s staff of office” in Greek, and the center rod was a symbol of Hermes who was the messenger of the gods. In the Bible, you will find many stories connected with Moses and his powerful staff. 

The caduceus’ association with the medical profession comes from the ancient god Aesculapius who is a god of healing. So in short, the caduceus is a symbol of healing. Which brings us to the next section concerning this "physician." 

In my opinion, I will state that this man is a creature who is so weighed down in the pursuit of money and material riches that he was blind to the effects of his cause. Did he understand the immeasurable degree of suffering that he inflicted upon innocent children of God/Source, or did he not? We, will never know. 

A hurricane cares not for the carnage it leaves behind. It cuts a swath of death and destruction in it's path and then disappears. Perhaps he thought himself to be invisible to the immeasurable evil that was being manifest at his hands. This was no "doctor." This was an imposter who had recieved training and certiication as a doctor but never understood the conditions that came with it. The Hippocratic Oath. The moral obligation. The heart and Soul of compassion and love. 

He became a bag of flesh, a shell ... empty of the Divine Spark of God within us all waiting for acceptance to come forth and operate under Divine Will. He became an empty box ... presented as a gift ... yet having no contents. In reality, all of us are connected as ONE through the organism of the  universe. Through breath, earth, consciousness, we are all interconnected. This means what we do to "other," we are doing to our self. 

Without his toys, and upon entering and living a life of incarceration, that same mind that created this reality for him, will continue to badger him with guilt and fear. He will become scared of his own shadow. He will live the rest of his life in the cauldron of karma that he created. 

This is not outer God, nor devil, nor court who decides his or anyone else's ultimate outcome ... it is immutable Universal Law. These Laws have been established by Source/God from the beginning of physical existence. There is no escaping the effects of first cause. Do not be surprised if he himself is diagnosed with cancer while in prison. And although I would wish this hideous illness on no one, Universal consciousness does not forget, nor does it play favourites. It will bring you what you choose to create. He has created suffering and mayhem, and like an echo and boomerang, it will return to him. If not in this life, in the life beyond. 

In closing, I send positive healing energy and deep centered prayer to the victims of this doctor, and others who have suffered at the hands of medical mistakes, misdiagnosis, and malpractice ... whether accidental, or intentional. Peace and compassion to them. Trust me when I tell you, I have had first hand experience in my life. We place our trust in medical professionals, and for the most part they are always seeking to help ... but remember ... always get another opinion no matter the diagnosis. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM. 

08 July 2015

The Wisdom of The Ages

The Wisdom of The Ages

To those who are participants in the vast congregations of modern day Christianity, what you are about to read will be unsettling at first, but if you're willing to plunge into the realm of myth and legend ... you will be victorious in understanding the Truth that has been concealed from you by the church system for hundreds of years. 

If you are comfortable in your existing faith, and have no desire to experience what was known to the ancient pagan world, and to the early followers of mystic Christianity, then by all means ... read no further. I present what I have discovered after many years, and thousands of hours of deep research into the spiritual discoveries of the last 200 years ... and on documented proof concerning the Wisdom of The Ages. 

The church system has scorned the Wisdom of the Ancient Masters, and they have ground their science and philosophy into dust with shouts of "heresy." It has scoffed at secular learning, and civilization has plunged blindly forward under it's control and leadership, into the greatest pit of darkness and ignorance that mankind has ever known.

The "Kingdom of Heaven" of the Ancient Masters, was the MIND/MANKIND, so also was the state of hell, because it is a state of consciousness and being, and was never meant to be taken as literal and historical. This kingdom is within all of us. The words ascribed to Jesus confirm: "the Kingdom of Heaven/God is within you." We are all the begotten of God and none has exclusivity or special self-imposed entitlement to the Divine Spark within. 

The early Roman church system's literal interpretation of the Bible has gone out into the world and chained in darkness and spiritual ignorance a vast number of people, just exactly as was intended by those who prepared the Bible from a collection of ancient myths at the first Council of Nicea in 325CE.These believers must now live in that darkness and error, until they choose to evolve to such mental ability that they can discern the mystical esoteric Truth from the literal exoteric deception. They must defeat cognitive dissonance in their current beliefs.  

The inspired words of Holy writ, were written down on many ancient scrolls and papyri, and within them ... was the Truth ... hidden under the veil of mythology. Anatomy, within the structure of their own bodies, lies concealed the microcosm of the macrocosm ... the entire structure of the Universe, because all things was made with one substance, and all things are Source Energy/God.

The Bible was compiled from vast collective Ancient Myths of previous civilizations, and in order to interpret the Myths correctly, one must have the keys of the Ancient myth makers. It was for the purpose of hiding the true meaning of those teachings from the masses, that the Ancient literature was destroyed, and the libraries burned to the ground by the church and it's representatives.

"A myth is something that never was, yet always is."
~Joseph Campbell

Contained in the definition of the original Greek word "mythos" is the understanding that there are deeper Truths waiting to be discovered beneath the surface stories. The stories are told with esoteric (inner) and exoteric (outer) levels of mystery. Whether or not the stories ever happened is irrelevant. Those who experience the deeper meaning, have received the revelation of the secrets veiled within. These Truths are as valid today, as they were 12,000 years ago. 

The entire story of the mythical Jesus Christ is interpolated in the New Testament merely as a mosaic ... a composite of different bits of spiritual stories and great sages, taken from among the much older Mystery Schools and religions of antiquity. By accepting as literal and historical these ancient myths, there has been a great divide and separation among humanity. All world religions share the same basic foundations when seen through the eyes of the ancient world. When the Truth is known by all peoples of the world, only then will we have peace on earth and goodwill towards man. As above, so below ... as within, so without. Know thyself, cried the wise men of old. 

My fellow Truth Seekers, question everything you have been taught. Search and you will find the metaphors and allegories behind the meaning of Jesus, and of all world religions. Let it speak to your heart and Soul. You are an eternal spiritual force ... you already know the Truth ... you just need to re-member it. Then, and only then ... you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

The Wonder of God/Source

The Wonder of God/Source

For your consideration ... 

The term "God" implies certain necessary attributes. These attributes are meaningless without something for them to apply to. 

For example – Superman has supernatural attributes ... but if there are no other men ... he is no longer superman. If there is nothing for him to bend with his bare hands how does his strength attribute apply? If there is nothing for him to see through, then his x ray vision is meaningless. 

Therefore, a God before creation ... would have had nothing to be god to. A king without a kingdom is not a king. A God without creation is the god of nothing.

So for any God to exist before creation is senseless. 

It would know all of nothing (omniscience), it would have power over nothing (omnipotence), have nothing to be good to (omnibenevolence), nothing to be present all over for (omnipresence), and nothing to love ... so how could it love? This ‘god’ would be meaningless.

Regardless of opinion, everything ultimately boils down to Energy ... particularly Source Energy.  God is the ultimate expression of ALL energy. We are energy, all is energy - even matter - therefore everything that exists is One with the ALL. What some may call "God" ... and others "Life" ... and yet others with no opinion, it cannot be denied that all that exists is Energy. The Source of that energy ... can be what we call "God."

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Greg at in5d dot com

07 July 2015

Consider The Possibility You May Not Have The Whole Story

Consider The Possibility You May Not Have The Whole Story

Throughout our lives, from children to adults, we are all told things. Things about behaviour, faith, other people, our parents, God, teachers, products, etc. These things that we are told help to establish our own personal belief systems. But they're really not "our" thoughts and opinions as much as they are the thoughts and opinions of those who fed them to us. So, in reality, we are a collection of information acquired from other sources and have taken them as our own. That is ... UNTIL ... we break free. We crack the shell of deception that has held our minds for so long. 

This freedom in thinking ... will release us from all lies and deceptions.  When we open our mind to considering new information, and let it speak to our Soul and to our heart, we will find Truth in all things. Using our discernment, we can discover many new life-changing revelations. If you ever get some time, read Plato's "Allegory of The Cave" and you will find an image of how most people are. So many folks don't believe what they read, but they'll read what they believe. You can't expand your awareness and learn new things without having an open mind to seek, research, and find what you may not know, or what may be an important discovery that could change your life and those around you. A mind is like a parachute ... it works best when it's open. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.