30 June 2021



Among the ancient beliefs of Zoroastrianism, the Persian Magi (Astrologers and Zoroastrian Priests) turned some Hindu concepts around, and with them the Asuras were good, and the Devas bad. “Ahura Mazda,” the god was good, his counterpart “Ahriman” was bad … the “devil” of sorts. So there was now evil and good. Therefore, there was between the god and the devil the waging of a perpetual war. And why not? Man has always been at war with himself, so why not the Gods as well?

Author Gerald Messandé wrote: “The early framework of the three monotheisms [Judaism, Christianity, Islam] had been erected. The Devil’s birth certificate was filled out by an Iranian prophet (Zoroaster).” Although, this is really only partly true, his full birth certificate was filled out by those who had changed the religion to what many contemporary followers of that faith believe today. And also, mixed in a bit from here and there, from among ancient myths and legends - and many other religions and philosophical systems - to create a conglomerate.

Now we move forward to the Hebrew Connection to all of this good/evil, god/satan stuff. Many years after all the changes to Zoroastrianism were made by the Magi, the Hebrew people came into contact with Zoroastrianism during the Babylonian rule, from 597 to 538 BCE. This was now a period after they had been exposed to numerous other beliefs and doctrines from other civilizations while under earlier Assyrian rule. Remember also, that the ancient Hebrews, were not always monotheistic. In their earlier times, they were polytheistic as many others before them were as well. There were Sky Gods, Nature Gods, etc. 

It is from this Babylonian exposure to Zoroastrianism, that Judaism acquired the belief in a dualistic cosmos being torn between the forces of good and evil. It was here that Judaism acquired the concept of angels and, more specifically, their seven Archangels (the Seven Attributes of Ahura Mazda). It was here also, that the Hebrews were exposed to the idea of the evil entity Ahriman (Satan/ha-satan) working directly against God and a Saoshyant (Messiah) who would come at the end of time (Frasho-kereti) to assure and guarantee the restoration of Divine Law to the world.

It is worth noting that the Hebrew word for “angel” is malach, meaning “messenger.” Also note, the same is true for the English word Angel, derived from the Greek word “Angelos,” which also means “messenger.” Throughout Biblical scripture, an Angel, is a messenger of God/Source who carries out the Divine will of the Almighty. There is not one example in the Hebrew scriptures where any Angel, Satan included, “opposes” God’s will. “Satan (or ha-satan)” in Hebrew means “adversary.” (or opposer/accuser)

Now, shortly after Satan’s “birth,” the idea of Hell gained wide acceptance. Prior to this, the official doctrine was that all Hebrew people who died went to Sheol. Sheol was a place of shadows where the world still existed but remained forever out of your grasp. Everyone went to Sheol whether or not they were wicked or holy. Our modern idea of ghosts emerged from this belief. But, technically, it was ultimately “the grave.”

The Persians are also responsible for the doctrines of a “final battle,” a “final judgment,” and the “resurrection of the dead.” From them, the Hebrews developed a scheme of world history, new beliefs about the end of time, and a more extensive set of beliefs concerning Angels. Frankly, the Hebrews had few original ideas.

In fact, all of what you will find in Old Testament scripture (allegory and metaphor) was nothing new or original. It had all been said before, and long before the Hebrews came along. They merely customized earlier stories with their own symbolism, rituals, geography, and names. The same goes for the Roman New Testament as well.

So, returning to where we were ... “Satan” gained a established place in late Hebrew and early Roman Christian thought to explain the sinister reality of sin and suffering in a world whose faith, was believed to be under the wise and beneficent guidance of the Almighty God/Source. Biblically speaking, this concept of Satan, was one of being a Prosecuting Attorney, under employ of the Court of God.

The conception of “the evil one” in his dual aspect of being the enemy of God, enemy of man … even a “fallen Angel” can be traced way back to its origins in much earlier religions, and is based entirely upon mythology. Just remember, under all of the stories, fables, metaphors, allegories, parables, and myth … is hidden much deeper lessons for the spiritual advancement of man. This evil one, is none other than the human ego. The one who chooses to either be in alignment with the default of goodness, or stand in opposition to it. 

The ancient Greek root word “mythos” is not as we see the word “myth” today. Today, we see see and use the word “myth” and the meaning we have attached to it is that “it never happened,” or “it’s just a meaningless fable, or urban legend.” But that was not the original concept by the Greeks. There was always something hidden under the guise of a myth that was much more important than the story itself. I will wrap this up with one of my favourite quotes from Joseph Campbell:

“A myth is something that never was, yet always is.”

Research everything you’ve been taught. Question everything you believe, and why you believe it. There is always something more to the story than meets the eye ... and the word. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM. 



Religious beliefs, teachings, and dogmas have a tendency to create separation of Higher-Self (the Divine) from Source because these beliefs tend to discourage a full direct and meaningful experience of Source that is within all of us. God/Source is inside each and every one of us. And this understanding, this knowing and full acceptance is what is needed at these difficult times. A healing of the separation of Source is needed to reconnect all of us to Source, and as a result to each other.

Know and understand and accept that we are never separate or separated from Source. There is a God Essence and Source within all of us. Within everything. This is always the case. By relying on an outside agency or institution to manage this relationship for you, you are turning away from that God Source within you. Remember, what you are looking for is what is looking. 

You do not need to rely on and reach to outside and external sources as it is unnecessary. In essence, religion and its varying dogmas and doctrines teach you how to turn away from this God/Source that all of us have WITHIN us, by relying on an external God, and denying the internal essence. 

This lowers your energy vibration and does not help with your Christ Consciousness process. You can be blessed within ... and do not need to rely on others outside of you to bless you in this way. Relying on others gives away your control and freedom, as it implies separation. There is no separation as we are all One, we are all Source. When you see this for what it is, you can be ready to be blessed by Source directly. Also, remember the word “blessing” comes from the Greek word “eulogia,” which literally means “to speak highly of someone.” Just like at a funeral, the one speaking goodness of the deceased is delivering a Eulogy.

Understanding and accepting this Truth will serve your ascension of consciousness well. You must understand and accept yourself as a part of, and an essence of, God/Source ... and that the blessings will come directly from Source. We are all going to eventually merge back to Source when we are ready. This is what “Christ Consciousness” is all about.

Imagine Source as if a body of water, and you are a cup of that water experiencing life in that water on Earth. But that cup is still Source, that cup is still you, with your own separate and distinct energy resonance and vibrational frequency. Mind, is One. All is Mind. The Universe (YOUniverse) is mental.

There is nothing else that is required, just the recognition of You, for the magnificent being of Source Energy that we are. This is what living in Christ Consciousness is all about. When you know and understand and accept this Truth, you have resurrected the Divine within - the offspring - the Christ Consciousness. 

Religion has hidden this Truth from you through dogma, illusions, false teachings, and deceptions. It is time now to find this Truth. When you know this as Truth in your heart and Soul, these illusions and false truths disappear. You will stand in your Truth, light, and in your own knowing.

Every soul that incarnates on Earth is an innocent and pure Soul Essence. There are never bad experiences, just lessons and manifestations from the choices we make. We come to Earth School to learn these lessons, and to grow and develop spiritually. That is why we are here. Too many times, we waste these vast opportunities we have to evolve our Soul and Divine Essence. 

Christianity’s dogma of original sin is not true, and causes fear and disempowerment, due to the false understanding that there is an external God sentencing us for our sins and mistakes. Nothing can be further from the Truth. In addition, this unnecessary fear causes separation from the recognition of our Source within. As we are separated, our energy vibration is lowered when our goal is to raise it. “The Kingdom of Heaven/God is within you.” Remember, “God keeps no records of wrong” ... “His mercies are new every morning.”

If we feel that God/Source is external to us, we fear it, do not see it, and this causes separation. Not seeing this causes us to be blinded as our power is given away due to the false understanding of a fearful God living in the clouds on a golden throne that simply does not exist in this imagery. Not only does this manifest separation from Source within, but we are filled with fear that God will punish us for something we have done, or haven’t done. God never, ever, punishes. The Bible stories are allegorical myths, not to be taken literally. Look to the deeper esoteric messages. God/Source is inside us and loves us all immensely. We manifest our thoughts into form, so if we feel fear and guilt in a vengeful God, that is what we will experience in our reality. And both fear and guilt lowers our energy vibration to that of base nature. There is no benefit. This way of thinking does not serve us.

Through this type of process, we have given up our agency, control, and power. Be careful of religious institutions that are corrupted by false dogmas, teachings, and doctrines. Original Sin does not exist and was invented to enslave the masses. We do not need to rely on an external God. Look within for salvation ... salvation from ignorant thinking and actions. The light within will shine on the Truth, and all illusion will dissipate. Saviour Self.

We will find our God Essence within us, not without us. We need to remove ourself from this hindering external belief systems, and raise our vibration from the destructive base nature frequency of fear - and to love, as God/Source is pure Love. We experience and create what we think, feel, and choose. Our thinking manifests as energy and will manifest into thought form. And if we are projecting a frightening God and sin, then we are scared and become more and more bound to the dogma of the various religions that control us ... which leads us to being a subservient puppet. It is time to stand up in our light and in our Truth.

Eliminate fears of a vengeful and frightening God and eliminate separation from Source Energy / God Essence. Our ascension will serve us well by realizing and accepting these Truths. We will experience our own revelation and resurrection when we release ourselves from the control and manipulations of religions that do not serve the highest and best good. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us ... as is Source.

Forgiveness and redemption will not come to us through religious dogma and rituals. We must develop our own internal relationship with Source. Look within to find our Source Essence. It is there. It always has been. And it is the same within ALL ... as we are all One in God/Source. Always be in a state of forgiveness, thanksgiving, and gratitude. and do not rely on the need for others to forgive you. You are not responsible for the spiritual journey of other.

Forgiveness is for you, not for the other person. It releases you from the burden. As you continue to forgive, you are developing a closer relationship with Source. Remember that we are ultimately Source as we are all One. Only we have the power to make changes to ourself. This is all done through our thinking. When we understand this and accept this, we live in Christ Consciousness and reclaim our power back. We rise up to the glory that is US, to the powerful and illuminating I AM Presence inside our Soul. We find the God Self within us. Our Higher Consciousness. 

Be careful also of martyrdom religious beliefs. Jesus did not come to suffer for humanity so that we can all be saved and thus be forgiven by God/Source by dying on the cross. Once again, these are allegorical and celestial myths ... with deeper hidden teachings. Composite teachers, sages, and shamans taught us how to live in the Christ Consciousness long before the story of the man from the hills of Galilee. Jesus, representing a higher being of Light for us ... he represented for the common man the Truth of the Christ Consciousness that had been known for centuries among Royalty and the Elite. 

A martyr can never result in the forgiveness of others because this would violate the Universal Law of Karma (Cause and Effect). You cannot escape your own karma and no savior will remove it for you. That would be cheating the Universal Law of Karma. This would violate people’s free will and take away the karmic responsibilities of everyone. We are not punished FOR our sin but BY our sin ... negative consequences of wrong thinking, feeling and choosing ... and wrongful action. 

Believing that Jesus or any of the other previous Godmen died for the sins of humanity has bred the belief of a saviour. There is only one saviour and that saviour is you. You are the only one that can save yourself (saviour self). You do this by living in Christ Consciousness, by understanding and accepting your own Divinity. People need to be aware and be responsible for their own actions and this false religious belief takes this onus away ... as now they feel that Jesus is their saviour and took upon him their karma. This cannot be. If you wholeheartedly believe that Jesus died for our sins, then why is there so much “sin” in our world 2,000+ years later? Either this teaching is false, or he failed. You choose.

Every person needs to be responsible for their own actions and their own karma. This is Universal Immutable Law. This is how we grow, develop, and learn. The story of the crucifixion of Jesus was to breed martyrdom, fear, and a sense of obligation to be subservient to the dogmas of early Roman Christianity. These were not the original teachings of the Great Mysteries. 

This was done to keep people in fear and by doing so, take their power from them and put it in someone else's hands. Holy Men and Hierophants have tried to share the Christ Consciousness with others for millennia, to show others how to connect with their Inner Source Essence ... or God. We are our own savior, and the only thing we need to be saved from is illusion, ignorance, and negative emotions and actions. 

It is the full knowing, the full understanding, and full acceptance and integration and the BEING of Source vibration while we are in our physical body. “He who denies Christ came in the nobody is an anti-Christ.” Not in HIS body, but in THE body ... ours. It is being awakened to our true Self, to our Divinity. We are all an individualized essence and part of Source. And Source is a part of us ALL. We must understand and accept this Truth. That is how powerful we really are. That is how beautiful we are. When we realize this, then we are living in and with Christ Consciousness. That is when Life can change for us. That is when ascension will happen for us. We become fully awakened to the beautiful Source being that we are, and all of us will eventually return to Source when we have completed this incarnation and Life experience.

You are living knowing that Source is a part of you, that Source is in you, that you are part of Source, as that cup of water discussed above. Find your Christ Consciousness within and find your Source within.  Do not resort to devotion or worship to religion or a vengeful God that does not exist ... but find the self-realization within.

There is no separation. We are all One. By realizing the Christ Consciousness within, you are then forgiven for your so called “sins” (karmic transgressions and wrong thinking) automatically through recognition of your own true nature as Beings of Source. This is important to understand because then we realize that we are our own saviour. 

No other being will be saving us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. What you are looking for, is what is looking. When this is understood and accepted, there is a freedom from all religious dogmas that do nothing but to entrap one in unnecessary guilt, religious obligations and subservience to religious institutions. Then the shackles of oppression and control can be removed and our I AM Presence can be seen and we have risen.

You then realize that Jesus is representative and the full embodiment of the Christ Consciousness ... our Saviour within. This is a Truth, a Truth that was hidden from us for thousands of years to control us ... and designed to manipulate us through fear by false religious institutions serving their own purposes. As soon as you discover the Christ within, the Source Awareness, you WILL realize that you are your own saviour.  Be your Source. Be your Saviour. Be You. Be love as Source is Love. Be One will all things in this universe. All is one, and one is all.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM. 

21 June 2021


Aleph Tav IAO

"The beginning, and the end."

Stay with me on this and I’m sure you’ll find it to be very interesting. 

There are three letters “I,” “A” and “W” spelled out, or either as a word, i.e. IAW and WAI. One of the reasons for the juxtaposition of these three letters derives from an ancient Hebrew/Egyptian God name “IAO,” which is pronounced “Iaho.” The common expression for God, “Jah” is thought to derive from this IAO. 

The variant of IAO, i.e. IAW also has another meaning. The greek letters, “I” Iota, “A” Alpha and “W” Omega, can be interpreted as “I AM the Alpha and the Omega” ... or yet another way of saying GOD. When Christ is quoted as saying, “I AM Alpha and Omega,” it means that He is the Word (Logos) that is hidden within each letter. More on this, is coming.

I am Aleph, א, and Tav, ת, the beginning and the end.

The Aleph, א, is the first character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents God, the One, the First, and the beginning.

The Tav, ת, is the last character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents a sacred enclosure or place, the most important of which is the Holy of Holies or the temple, which represent the presence of the Lord. It also represents the eternal circle of Life ... the never ending Spirit. (Ring of Saturn, snake eating its tail, etc.)

The connections between the Word, the Alphabet, and Everything are inherent in the symbol of Alpha/Omega (and the corresponding Hebrew Aleph/Tav).

Using the famous aleph tav (את), the plain meaning is the grammatical, where the aleph tav (את), tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. On an allegorical and metaphysical level, God created the aleph bet and then used the created aleph bet to ‘speak’ the world into existence. (Aleph-bet = alphabet)

The Ancient Egyptian God “Hu” was also said to have spoken the world into  existence (Hu-man). The IAO is also sometimes transliterated as IEW, or with the advent of the letter "J" in English, it becomes JEW. This is not to mean Hebrew. particularly. This is an illuminated person having studied, meditated, and reach the Inner connection between Spirit and Flesh. Hence, the missed deeper meaning of a JEW being a chosen one of God, by having become one with God. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

14 June 2021



In the New Testament Bible Jesus is quoted in Matthew 5:14 as saying “You are the light of the world ...” So what exactly would this mean? Are we a sun of God? Are we describing the light of consciousness? Is it a beacon of hope and navigation for people who have become lost? Well, since we can't exactly ask the Writer, and no personal witnesses remain among us, we have to do the best we can to read between the lines. Between the black ink, and the white paper.

If you have read any of my previous writings, you'll know I search among ancient Wisdom, reason, and science for answers that validate our spiritual beliefs and opinions. This particular quote from the Book of Matthew happens to be one of my favourites from New Testament scripture. 

So, how is it that WE are the “light of the world?” Let's begin with the word “light” from the original Greek in which the New Testament was written in. Strong's Concordance lists the word directly related this verse as #5457 (phos) and it's full definition in English is “light, a source of light, radiance.” Now, let's consider some of the other English words for this Greek word “PHOS.” In the Greek alphabet it would appear this way: φως. 

Used as a NOUN: 
φως - light, limelight
σέλας - light
φανός - lamp, light, lantern, cresset
φωτιά - fire, light

Used as a VERB: 
φωτίζω - illuminate, lighten, illumine, light
ανάπτω - kindle, fire, light
καταβαίνω - light

Used as an ADJECTIVE:
ανάλαφρος - light, tripping
ανοικτός - open, light, overt
ελαφρός - light, slight, gentle, buoyant, feathery, flippant
φωτεινός - light, illuminated, luminous, luminiferous

As you can see, the Greek language is far more descriptive and intricate than English. In fact, the English New Testament Bibles of today, were reduced DOWN to Latin from Greek, and then reduced once again DOWN to the English. Fortunately for me, I spoke Greek before I spoke English and my knowledge of Greek (not as deep as from the old country but nonetheless), has helped me tremendously with my studies and research through the years.

Now let's go science, metaphysics, and quantum physics and leave all these definitions aside for a moment. If WE are the light of the world, then where would that light be located? It would most certainly have to be located WITHIN us ... in order to shine as light would shine. Here's where it gets a little deeper. 

Even though our sensory receptors like sight, hearing, etc. are located on the “outside” of us ... the actual experience of all we perceive and experience happens INSIDE of us. Our sensory receptors send what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel to the assigned sensory centers in our brain. The “outside” world of “matter” is merely the lowest vibrating frequency of electromagnetic energy. So all of life, is experienced INSIDE our heads. There is no escaping this. We are held captive inside our body. Therefore, and logically, the entire Universe (YOUniverse) comes from the INSIDE out ... not the other way around. 

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, would it make a sound? NO. Because you need ears and auditory sensory perception ... the hearing center of a brain inside of a head to experience the sound. Otherwise, there is silence. To a person who has no hearing, the world is silent ... because the experience of the sounds come from INSIDE their head. Inside THEM. 

All of our life's experiences are taking place and being defined ... inside the darkness of our skull which will NEVER be exposed to light from an OUTSIDE world. It's all electrical energy all the way down to a cellular level ... to the mitochondria power supply of every living thing. And EVERYTHING has consciousness and is alive ... even rocks and other inanimate objects. There are protons, electrons, neurons, photons, hydrogen, oxygen, and so many things that “come without observation” as the Kingdom of Heaven/God does. It's all in our heads. The light comes FROM US and not to us. A blind person cannot see the light because his blindness is in his head ... the vision center of the brain. Therefore, the LIGHT comes from within, not without. 

Genesis tells us: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light “God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning - the first day.” And yet, the sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. Is this first light, the light of consciousness? Was this the point in which the Universe became aware of its own being, of its creative powers ... of its Divine Consciousness? 

The entirety of the universe comes from within us and joins all things as One. The Universe, time, etc ... is going THAT way not this way. John 17:21 has Jesus quoted as saying “that they may all be ONE, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us ...” This entire universe comes from within, and WE are the light of the world. In ACTS 17 we find “For IN HIM we live, and move, and have our being ...” WE make the sun shine. WE make the Moon glow. As hard as it is to believe this, it is scientifically, spiritually, metaphysically, esoterically, and philosophically correct. So, shine on my friend ... the earth needs you!

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM. 

13 June 2021



How many times do we find that we are talking to ourselves? We catch us, others catch us, and all while we're having some sort of inner dialogue. The usage of “dialogue” vs. monologue is based in Greek. Dia meaning two, mono means singular. So obviously, there's more than just one in there having this little chit chat. 

Sometimes we argue with ourself. Sometimes we try and convince ourself of something, or out of something. Sometimes we remind ourself over and over again how stupid that thing was that we did, or that thing we’re about to do. Well, it's important to know just who or what it is that is doing the talking. Sometimes it's a conversation between little self (ego), and our Higher Self (Divine). The main noticeable difference is that the ego will shout at us ... and the Spirit will whisper in a still small voice. Most times though, we end up paying more attention to the ego than to the Divine Spirit within.

It's like that old cartoon image of the devil dressed in red with his trident on one shoulder, and the angel in white with a harp on the other shoulder. Battling it out with your head caught in the middle. How many times have you experienced that feeling? How nice it would be to step back and let them have at it ... but the underlying and inescapable reality is ... they're BOTH us. 

People will say things like “he's dealing with his own demons.” And this just reaffirms the battle is not flesh and blood ... but within us as the unseen forces of good and evil as extremes, with equally unlimited polarities between the two. Interestingly enough, the word demon comes to us from the Latin daemon “spirit,” and from Greek daimon “deity, divine power; guiding spirit, tutelary deity.” The modern day meaning however, is an evil spirit, a messenger from hell, etc. So given the ancient meaning, the battle within ... is Spirit ... unseen, and taking place within us. 

Good (God/Source), is Divine, and will always have the edge over bad. Simply because “bad” is the force that destroys, and “good” is the force that creates. Good is the Truth. Bad is the illusion. But we need BOTH in order to compare and discern. The two, in one. Once we get the message, the bad dissipates. If we don't get it, we repeat it until we do. It's the difference between knowingness, and ignorance. Ignorance, is essentially sin. Sin in the Greek is “hamartia” and means “missing the mark.” Originally, it was an Olympic Archery term. It is also, the mark of Truth. It's what we aim for, and when we miss, we sin. So what do we do? We keep practicing until we can hit the bullseye every time. When we eventually learn to do the thing that's right, the things that are un-right dissolve away into the illusion that they are. They are only here to help us learn to raise our consciousness. 

Say you're walking down the street and you catch a reflection of yourself in a storefront window. You can see yourself, see what you look like, see what you're wearing, but you now know that it is not really you. This is the awareness of yourself that you learned as a child. The real you - is the one who is looking. This is also true spiritually. As St. Frances once said ... “What you are looking for, is what is looking.” Once you come to the realization that the reflection is an illusion, you no longer have a need for it and you have learned the Truth. This is the same for your lower-self, and your Higher-Self. Pay closer attention when you're talking to yourself. There are messages from within that are meant to be heard BY YOU. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.



There is a positive and a negative to everything. This Law is not about positive being “good” and negative being “bad,” it is two opposite polarities of the same one principle. For example, the electrical current in your house is called A/C for Alternating Current, and it has a positive side and a negative side. +/- if you will. There is also a “ground” or neutral. In linear Math, anything to the right of Zero is a positive number, and anything to the left of Zero is a negative number. Not good or bad, positive and negative. Zero being the perfect balance. Also, keep in mind that “zero” does not meaning “nothing.” It is an actual whole number with an actual value. 

Let's look back at the Nag Hammadi Library Book of Thomas for a moment:

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is not male and the female not female, and when you make eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then shall you enter [the kingdom].”
Jesus, Gospel of Thomas, Saying 22

This speaks directly to our purpose in using duality, to obtain singularity. To make the two, ONE. When we make the “inside as the outside and the outside as the inside” we are creating our reality. Our thoughts begin within, and they will manifest in form without. Thoughts are things, and what we constantly think about becomes our life reality. If you are thinking “I am miserable” ... then so it becomes. You will remain miserable. If you were to think “I am enjoying a great day” ... then so it becomes. You will have a great day.

When we see the reference to male and female, this is not anatomical as in man/woman. This is the masculine and feminine principle within all of us and used for creating our reality (form-our child/offspring). When we are in alignment with both, when there is harmony, we bring forth the fruit of our thoughts and desires. When people get married, it is said in the service that the two become one. It is a complimentary relationship of two joined as one ... the joining of the masculine and feminine creative properties. 

This is alchemical, metaphysical, sexual/physical, emotional, and spiritual. The Wedding rings represent the ring around Saturn whose was once worshipped as a god (Saturn-day/The Sabbath), and the ring also represents eternity. The never ending 360 degree circle.

This union of opposites began as singular duality. One, with two polarities. Like a scale, some go on one side, some on the other until they balance and become harmonious with each other ... essentially becoming one again. A bird has two wings but it can't fly unless they become one in unison. We need two legs to walk but the principle is “walking.”

The point to all of this is that we need to experience both polarities of one principle in order to learn and discern the Truth. We have to have good and bad, hot and cold, day and night, smooth and rough, up and down, dark and light, etc. And there are ranges of each, but no actual point in which, for example, hot becomes cold. They are simply varying degrees of temperature. Both serve a purpose but are one principle. Our central nervous system is ONE ... yet it delivers both pleasure and pain. Pleasure and pain are both one thing ... feeling. And this can be emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. 

To our brain, the imagination and reality are equally accepted. It knows not the difference between something you imagine, daydream, or dream about - versus anything experienced in your waking state of consciousness. In fact, the brain and body are more active and functional during sleep than during the times we are awake. Even while we are awake, more than 90% of our activities are coming from the sub/unconscious mind. The aware conscious mind is only active for less than 10% of our functions, and sometimes as little as 1%. This is staggering ... and also show how we operate from past learned habits, responses, and experiences than perceiving something as new and worthy of attention. Also, the physical body accounts for about 1% of our total existence. The other 99% is Mind and the realm of the unseen.

As the Book of Thomas stated, we must become as as above, so below. We must merge our ego-self and Higher-Self into one harmonious essence and when we do ... we ignite the Divine Spark of God/Source ... our Christ Consciousness. We truly become transformed. And more than just transformed, we have a metamorphosis. We actually become “born again” ... a new being with no desire to do the “sinful” (error in thinking and a) things we once did without even thinking about it at times. The word “sin” comes from the Greek word “hamartia” and simply means “missing the mark.” It's an ancient Olympic Archery term for missing the bullseye. For us, the bullseye is Truth. Sin is missing the Truth, and living an illusion. When you do these things, you will enter the Kingdom. The Kingdom is defined as “love, peace, and joy.” I believe the world could certainly use more of that don't you?

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

08 June 2021



Science has now proven that the brain has a negative bias. Over the course of time, the inherent survival guide within us had to run from predators, remember what made the body sick, and be on the general lookout for danger. This has led to a negative bias. All negative events in this Life experience stick to the brain like Velcro. While positive events, are like trying to scratch through Teflon. They require time to sink in. They have to be savoured. 

For example, you’re a musician and you give a concert at your local venue. The next day, you read reviews online. There are 240 positive reviews, and one negative review. Which one do you concentrate on? Which one do you mull over time after time? The negative one. You’ll go to sleep thinking about that ONE negative review, and not spend your time on the positive ones. Its just how we’re wired. But we can change it.

When we have a positive thought or experience, spend time on it. 15 to 20 seconds will suffice for the positive vibes to embed into the subconscious. If you catch yourself focusing on a negative experience, redirect immediately. Replace that negative thought, with a positive one. Then let it sink in ... deep. Feel it, taste it, listen to it, see it in all its beauty, hear the sounds, and then allow it safe passage to your inner world of Mind. Feel the positive emotions and be joyful. Do not resist negative thought, but instead, redirect and replace it. 

At bedtime, and first thing upon waking, set your Mind to a positive light. Savour the moment and let it sink in during your Theta brainwave state just before drifting off to sleep, and before all the thoughts of the day begin to come at you in the morning. Take 5 minutes, or more in the morning, and fully immerse yourself in a positive thought experience. Then, go about your day as you normally would. Be mindful of your thoughts as new and old experiences find their way into your path. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Bring harmony and joy into the Mind’s eye. 

There is a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding us. A field of consciousness. This field is where Mind operates. It flows around us, in us, and through us. This place is where thought permeates the material world, through our brain and our body. In the same way that iron particles gather around a magnet, thoughts gather around us in this field. They have the power to influence our cells and our DNA. We can literally re-wire our world and our experiences, individually and collectively. The Ancients knew this, and Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and cutting edge Psychology and Metaphysics have now proved it - all the way down into the quantum realm.

The entire Universe is mental. It is all Mind becoming manifest through the process of creation. Call it God, call it Source Energy, call it whatever is comfortable to you. This is the stuff ALL things are made of, and it is all interconnected through the web of consciousness. We have the power to create, to heal, and to change ourselves, and the world. Spend less time thinking about what you DO NOT want, and spend more time thinking about what you DO want. Not where you are, but where you would rather be. 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.