27 January 2017



The Chosen Ones of God And Why

With all the fuss about the elections, the new administration, and it's ties to Israel, I felt it important, particularly for Fundamental Christians, to realize what is meant when a "JEW" is called a "Chosen One of God." There is more to this than you are aware of, and I promise to keep this post short.

A JEW, or IAO, IEW, or JEW (with the invention of the "J" in the 1500's) is an esoteric title given to initiates into the great ancient mystery schools of old through several processes. Upon completion of the curriculum, they had learned and accepted - through personal experiential evidence - that the Divine Spark of what we call God/Source was to be found within each and every human being on Earth. In other words, this is where the term "The JEWS are The Chosen People of God" originated. 

It was not geographical, racial, tribal, or blood related. It was the crowning achievement of having become an "Illumined One" ... enlightened and having graduated after decades from the stringent teachings of the mystery schools that began in ancient Egypt/Kemet, Greece, Persia, and in many other civilizations such as the Druids. So, much like Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and the like, it was of little importance whether you were Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Judaean, Israelite or Persian. A JEW (Illumined One), is one "who is one inwardly" as the scriptures have been written, and for so long interpreted incorrectly.

The IAO for example in the Latin, represents the rejoining of man to God/Source. The "I" was "as above so below", the "A" was man and God meeting at the top and joined by the center line as one, and the "O" is the symbol of eternity ... never ending. Look at the very name IS-RA-EL. This is an esoteric symbol meaning ISis (Mother God) Amen-RA (Father God) and EL ... the power of both and many. Jesus called it the Alpha and Omega. 

What unfolds today in the modern "State of Israel," has nothing to do with Biblical Prophecy. It also has nothing to do with the Biblical "Nation of Israel." The nation and most of it's tribes and people were destroyed in 70CE, never to be heard from again on a worldwide scale. Prophecy is a scientific impossibility simply because WE have not created the future yet. The future unfolds with each and every nanosecond based on the thought and actions of the world's 7 billion+ inhabitants. A "Prophecy" in Biblical times, was a wise word spoken from someone usually considered to be not-so-wise. Therefore, they believed the words to be Divinely inspired. A prohetic word, or "prophecy," was not a look into the crystal ball and foretelling future events ... It was as if God itself had spoken it through man. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.