10 August 2017



Sometimes, the smallest events bring forth much bigger lessons. Last week, I was trying to center a piano at my house. I'm pretty crazy about stuff being placed in the right position ... Especially for balance. So when I saw the piano was off center with the wall and the picture by a few inches, it was nagging at my OCD. 

My sister-in-law Pam was staying with us and I asked her to help me move it. My right arm has had tendonitis for about a month, and PAM said NO. "You're gonna hurt your arm." I replied that I was going to be ok but she insisted. In fact, she walked away and said she refused to help me injure myself. 

Wow ... What an AH-HA moment that was for me. It was the battle of Spirit and Ego played out right in front of my eyes. The deeper lesson was strong, and so obvious I said wow out loud. Our ego mind always wants to lead us. The Spirit whispers to us the right decision, but usually, ego ignores it and moves forward with its own agenda. 

Metaphysically, PAM was SPIRIT/GOD. I was EGO/MAN. Ego is free to do anything it wants through free-will. But, Spirit always suggests and guides us to a correct decision ... If we listen. It's our inner GPS. But when we choose NOT to listen, many times we find ourselves (and others) in the state of negative karma (Doing). PAM/GOD has offered the best solution, but ME/EGO wanted MY solution. Here was the kicker. GOD said ... "You have not listened to what is best, so you are on your own. I want nothing to do with it." And then walked away from the event. 

WOW. What a revelation. GOD/SPIRIT was there with me through the entire process, but then took a backseat to allow EGO to proceed. Knowing all along what was the best decision, but let it play out anyway. This was big for me. A wonderful lesson to learn. The best part was ... I knew that I couldn't move the piano without the help of PAM/GOD, unless I was willing to risk injury to myself.

Many times we think our decision is correct, but it may be self-serving without consideration of others who may be affected in the grand scheme of things. Know that Spirit always desires the best possible outcome for ALL. When we are guided, and listen to the power within, then the choices we make can only be beneficial to everyone. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.