08 June 2021



Science has now proven that the brain has a negative bias. Over the course of time, the inherent survival guide within us had to run from predators, remember what made the body sick, and be on the general lookout for danger. This has led to a negative bias. All negative events in this Life experience stick to the brain like Velcro. While positive events, are like trying to scratch through Teflon. They require time to sink in. They have to be savoured. 

For example, you’re a musician and you give a concert at your local venue. The next day, you read reviews online. There are 240 positive reviews, and one negative review. Which one do you concentrate on? Which one do you mull over time after time? The negative one. You’ll go to sleep thinking about that ONE negative review, and not spend your time on the positive ones. Its just how we’re wired. But we can change it.

When we have a positive thought or experience, spend time on it. 15 to 20 seconds will suffice for the positive vibes to embed into the subconscious. If you catch yourself focusing on a negative experience, redirect immediately. Replace that negative thought, with a positive one. Then let it sink in ... deep. Feel it, taste it, listen to it, see it in all its beauty, hear the sounds, and then allow it safe passage to your inner world of Mind. Feel the positive emotions and be joyful. Do not resist negative thought, but instead, redirect and replace it. 

At bedtime, and first thing upon waking, set your Mind to a positive light. Savour the moment and let it sink in during your Theta brainwave state just before drifting off to sleep, and before all the thoughts of the day begin to come at you in the morning. Take 5 minutes, or more in the morning, and fully immerse yourself in a positive thought experience. Then, go about your day as you normally would. Be mindful of your thoughts as new and old experiences find their way into your path. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Bring harmony and joy into the Mind’s eye. 

There is a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding us. A field of consciousness. This field is where Mind operates. It flows around us, in us, and through us. This place is where thought permeates the material world, through our brain and our body. In the same way that iron particles gather around a magnet, thoughts gather around us in this field. They have the power to influence our cells and our DNA. We can literally re-wire our world and our experiences, individually and collectively. The Ancients knew this, and Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and cutting edge Psychology and Metaphysics have now proved it - all the way down into the quantum realm.

The entire Universe is mental. It is all Mind becoming manifest through the process of creation. Call it God, call it Source Energy, call it whatever is comfortable to you. This is the stuff ALL things are made of, and it is all interconnected through the web of consciousness. We have the power to create, to heal, and to change ourselves, and the world. Spend less time thinking about what you DO NOT want, and spend more time thinking about what you DO want. Not where you are, but where you would rather be. 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.