27 January 2022


Whenever I am scrolling around on Social Media, or reading News Headlines, I occasionally see some reference to "prophecy being fulfilled." Here is my take. Are you ready? Here we go ... Prophecy is an impossibility ... yes, even for "God." 

Among the ancients, prophecy ... or a prophet ... was defined in this way: "to speak as if what was being said came from the very mouth of God." This was NOT a crystal ball looking into the future for some event that has yet to happen. This was a moment when something very profound was stated and seemed to be beyond the capacity of the speaker to have assembled the message alone. With this being said, there is no way to predict the future ... because it simply does not exist. The future has yet to be created. 

There is only NOW. And WE are the ones charged with creating a chronological succession of nows. The future is what we make it ... NOT what was already made and lies in awaiting to be revealed at some later date. It is US who create what we call the future, and we do it moment by moment, collectively. 

The only way a future prediction can even be considered, is if it is based upon recurring habits and Universal Law. For example, if you keep getting drunk, day after day, you will have physical problems later in life. Or, as the sun rises today, it will rise again tomorrow. This is the extent of "prophecy." All the gloom and doom everyone was awaiting back in Y2K (the year 2000), and more recently the Mayan threat of December 2012, all fizzle. And it always will. 

Fundamentalist Christians will disagree with me because they have been sold on biblical prophecy since they were children. But rest assured, the earth and her inhabitants will remain here for a very long time still. There is no "rapture" to lift you up into the sky and take you out of it, and no "second coming of Jesus" to help you escape the woes of human suffering. The metaphysical events take place within human consciousness, not some external events outside of us. These "prophecies" were never meant to be taken literally. They are allegories for changes that can take place inside of you ... not outside of you. 

Life unfolds with each and every breath we take ... inspiration, and expiration ... life and death moment by moment. Carpe Diem ... seize the day and enjoy every second. We are only given NOW to experience life. It is a gift. It is called the "present" for a reason. Stop worrying about what may or may not happen. Instead, make happen what you desire to happen ... for yourself, and for the collective humanity of this planet and beyond. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.