11 August 2015

Empathy And Others

Empathy And Others

I sometimes wonder as I look at people, have I become an empath because of all that I have been through, or was I always one and never took the time to tune in to the vibes of other people? I can see it in their faces, I can feel it in their aura ... the discontent, the pain, the emotional and physical burdens that they carry. I know it affects me by just being in their auric field. 

Today while I was at Walgreens, I saw a lady who could've easily stepped off the cover of any fashion magazine ... yet ... her eyes were troubled. I nodded hello as she searched the aisle for one of thousands of remedies offered to ease her burden. I wanted to tell her it's ok ... that she isn't alone ... but she quickly stepped off and headed for the Pharmacy. 

So many times on Social Media you'll find me posting in disbelief about disturbing events in our world. But it's only because I truly care. My eyes have been opened to so many Truths in recent years and I do my best to pass along anything I have discovered about how best to deal with negative events, when we all would rather have positive ones. 

The Truth is ... they are both One. They are two sides of a coin. We can't have one without the other. This offers us contrast, and the knowingness of differences between the two polarities. If you're experiencing "bad" times right now, just know that "good" times are coming. They must. All is wave form energy and must have ups and downs ... like tides and the waves of an ocean. 

Learn to surf the waves, and balance on the beam. Stay right in the middle whenever it's possible. Look to the left, look to the right, and look to the left again ... only then should we cross the road. As much as I have been through, I still know it will always get better, and it could always be worse. Remain in a state of thankfulness, forgiveness, and compassion for others. We are each a piece of the grand puzzle we call the universe. The more we work together towards the common good, the better off we are. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.