08 August 2015

Is Your God Omnipotent or Impotent?

Is Your God Omnipotent or Impotent?

With such a title, I'm sure you got a bit dog-eared. And no, I haven't been struck down dead for writing it. This is a very important look at what you, me, and everyone else may consider as their "God."

Within mainstream religion, there are three main camps ... Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. These are the three most recognized worldwide groups and encompass the majority of religious belief systems globally. They also happen to be considered "Abrahamic" faith systems because all three share a Patriarchal origin in the personage of a man named Abraham. This is the very foundation of their religions and connects them together ... even though there is clear division and separation among them. Though Judaism is less than 2% (12th largest), Islam is nearly 20%, and Christianity is more than 30% (2 billion followers). Less recognized here in the US, but actually third in size is Hinduism with nearly 14%.

It is interesting to note that Judaism, being the actual foundation for Christianity and Islam, has such a tiny following ... especially given the military power and continued support for Israel. As far as population numbers, there are about 14 million "Jews" worldwide and over 420 million "Arabs." Consider also the fact that the ancient Hebrews and Arabs are both considered of brotherly Semitic origins. Also interesting to note that the term "anti-semitic" seems to only apply to Jews. Odd is it not? Being "anti-semitic" today, is taken to be anti-jewish but not anti-Arab. 

The line has also been blurred between what is a Hebrew, What is a Jew, what is an Orthodox Jew, what is a follower of Judaism, what is an Israeli ... and what is anybody who is considered "Jewish" but practices no religion at all? Is it lifestyle, bloodlines, or beliefs? Yes, and no. All in all ... very confusing. To be fair, the same can be said amongst the Arabs. Different faiths, different geography, and varying degrees of adherence to their belief systems. 

Christians are in the same boat. There's Orthodox, Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Fundamental, non-denominational, and some 30,000 other known divisions. One guy from the hills of The Galilee, and 30,000+ versions of the story. Also take into consideration that ALL of scripture used in Christianity has been loosely and poorly translated from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic into English. Most having been translated from the Latin version into English as in the Latin Vulgate and the King James English. There are thousands of words in Greek that do not even exist in English. One example of these issues is the word "Lucifer." This is strictly a Latin word and would have never been found in the original text. In Greek it would've been Phosphorous and was a reference to Venus, meaning "Light Bringer" as in ... "Venus" who ushers in the Light of The Sun every morning. Lucifer is NOT satan or devil. 

Now back to the reason for this ramble. Among many of the believers in a God or a Higher Power, there are measurable differences in their beliefs, and therefore ... and in what they believe about Deity. The Truth of it all is that there is only ONE. One Source of all life, One Source of origin, One Higher Power that provides the source and resources of life in this great and immeasurable cosmos. People argue about their "Gods" when in Truth they share the same roots and the same origins as each other. And that point of origin, is what we have chosen to name "God." 

Look at it this way. You stop by the convenience store for a bottle of water. There are many brands. But the Truth is there is only ONE water. We cannot "make" water. It's the same water that has been here from the birth of the universe. If you trace the point at the convenience store backwards, it would be a path something like this: 

Cold display, carton, truck, distribution warehouse, bottling plant, source supply ... WATER. You see ... there is only ONE and it is the source, always. Different labels, brands, bottles, and container sizes ... but still the same source. This is how God is. Yet, this "God" is the very Source of all there is. All that exists in physical matter (low vibration energy) can be traced right back to one point of origin. And to go one step further ... there are no individual "things" ... there is only One universal organism of which we and everything everywhere is an intricate and individualized essence of. There is one complete puzzle and everything in the universe is a piece of the whole (holy) puzzle. 

 This now brings me to the title of this writing. "Is Your God Omnipotent Or Impotent?" Yes, and yes. What you say? Let's explore:

- Omnipotent means: "having unlimited power, able to do anything." 
- Omnipresent means: "present everywhere at the same time."
- Omniscient means: "all knowing, all seeing, knowing everything." 

These are the powers and description of God. Unanimously agreed upon by mankind for thousands and thousands of years. So in short ... "unlimited power, everywhere at the same time, and the knowingness of everything." 

One more word:

Impotent means: "unable to take effective action, helpless or powerless." 

So then how would or could "God" be impotent? Nature and all of it's elements have been put into motion ... doing what they do without straying from the original program. YOU, on the other hand, have free will and can choose to stray from what is true, part of the plan, and beneficial to all. When you discover the infinite power of God within you ... the Divine Spark ... Christ Consciousness ... then and only then can you put forth this power that lay hidden within you. Everything in this universe is energy and energy is Spirit ... and Spirit ... is God. 

If you're waiting for something outside of yourself to answer prayers, to heal, or to improve your life experience ... then it will be impotent. If you use the power within you for all of these things, and to manifest your true reality, then you will tap into that Omnipotent power that we call God. The foundational Truth within ALL world religions is this power. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm ... as above so below ... as within so without. 

You are an eternal being experiencing life in a physical world of matter. You've done it before, and you'll do it again. Once you re-member this Truth ... then you will begin to truly live life as it was meant to be lived. Free from bondage and illusion. Jesus was quoted as saying: "you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." Discover the Truth hidden in the myth and parables of ancient scripture and you will be the light of the world. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM, OCP, DM.