03 September 2015

Good/God Vibrations

Good/God Vibrations

We are all a collection of oscillating waves vibrating on specific frequencies, and our material existence is nothing more than an expression of these vibrations at these specific frequencies.  

In fact, all particles in the universe, all stars, and all galaxies, are precisely that— collections of oscillating waves whose physical manifestations are nothing more than the expression of these vibrations at specific frequencies. 

We also know that every particle in the universe, and every molecule, is in constant communication with every other particle and molecule in the universe at the quantum level. All are involved in interconnectivity. This is the matrix. 

Something of this sort is what the scriptural Yeshu’a (Jesus) meant by: “I am in that rock, I am in that piece of wood.”  In other words, we are all “God” and “God” is in all things, even the rocks and the pieces of wood. All energies derive from the same Source, and therefore contain particles and an essence of that Source ... and ARE that Source in their entirety. The scripture accredited to Jesus was quantum descriptions confined to the limitations of language and communications in those days. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.