25 August 2016

What Signs Have You Been Reading?

What Signs Have You Been Reading?

Everywhere we look today, whether on the road or off the road ... we see signs everywhere. But what if you couldn't read? What then? How can these signs help you in any way? They wouldn't, and couldn't. In order to KNOW what the sign is communicating to you, you have to learn to read, first.

Now let's use this example when looking at our own spirituality and the deeper essence of who we really are on the inside of this bodily vehicle we are using. If you don't know how to "read" the signs (intuitive guidance), then you don't KNOW what is communicating to you. 

Your journey Here is a spiritual destination. The journey is already in your GPS, but if you don't move from where you are, it simply won't be able to assist you ... Unless you just want someone else to drive for you. Which is the case with a great many people today. They would rather someone else do the work, do the research, the studies, the meditation ... And then just tell them what to do. This is the case with so many who are in churches on Sunday mornings. They show up for 2 hours, and let somebody else in the pulpit tell them how to live their life. 

This is not going to help you discover your true Self. The light-energy within your body. The Spirit of who you really are ... is projecting into this realm like a movie on the screen. The screen is a mirage. It isn't "real." It may seem real, but is is an illusion. The real you is the beam of light projecting from the back of the room. Sure, it's nice to watch the movie ... But it's somebody else's production. It's someone else's creation. You are here to make your OWN movie ... To create your OWN production and experience.

You know when you have that occasional talk with yourself? The inner dialog that banters back and forth ... Sometimes arguing, maybe trying to convince, and other times commending you? Who do you think you're talking to anyway? A dialog is a conversation. Otherwise, it's a monologue. Every word you THINK, every sound you SPEAK ... All begins in mind. Inside you. This is the throne of God. Your Temple ... Golgotha ... The place of the skull. Thoughts are things ... Energy becoming manifest into form. You are a co-creator in Life. Take the time to find our who/what it is inside your manifest form (body) that is creating and unfolding your Life experiences. You owe it to your Self. This is why you sent you here to begin with.

Remember, that which many would call God, is experiencing Life through YOU, with YOU, and AS YOU. The word "Universe" is defined as "all existing space and matter (Spirit and Earth) considered AS A WHOLE. There is no "other." All of existence is One Life of Light - One Organism) ... And countless rays of light projecting into the world. Take the time to find you REAL Self. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.