02 December 2016

The Illusion of Colour

The Illusion of Colour

Color is energy. In fact, it is an electromagnetic phenomenon, which depends on the way that light is reflected on the objects.

Every object absorbs a part of the light which hits it and deflects the rest towards our eyes: this reflected light is interpreted by our brain as a particular color.

We shouldn’t, therefore, be surprised to find that the word color comes from the Latin root celare (i.e. 'that which covers, conceals').

Color is then already an illusion per se, a ghost that takes life only in our visual system, when light stimulates the photo-receptors - the antennae that pick up luminous signals – that fill in the background of our eyes. The world surrounding us is sadly in reality monochrome.

Credits to: ’Color Illusions'
by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber