03 December 2016

Who Is Your Sound Engineer?

Who Is Your Sound Engineer?

If you've ever had the pleasure to be in a music group, and to play with amazing musicians as I have, then you will certainly know the importance of having a great Sound Engineer coordinating the main sound system and how the instruments and vocals will be heard. This person, can make or break you. They have complete control over everything that will be heard by your audience, and as such, whether people will think your band sounds amazing, or if you band members will need to keep their day jobs.

As a band member, you rely completely on the sound person. And, generally, they will not adhere to your requests or complaints. You get what they give you, good or bad. When it's good ... you've got a great show and everybody's having a great time. When it's bad ... it's really bad. You can't hear the vocals, you can't hear the harmonies, the lead guitar solo disappears, you can't hear the kick drum, etc. An absolute train wreck for sound. And ... the entire night will be this way. The stress this creates is almost intolerable. As the musicians and singers, you are at the mercy of one person who controls all the knobs, faders, and buttons.

Now, what if you're not on stage with a band. What if you're not even a musician. Chances are, you will still have this experience at one time or another. Who is it that controls your knobs, faders, and buttons in life? Who or what is it that is holding you back from the real you? The good news is ... you have a choice when you're not on stage. You can decide your path, and how you want to be presented to other people ... your audience. Always feel free to be yourself. Don't give your controls to anyone else. Proudly present yourself as you truly are. Sing, dance, create, and enjoy all that life has to offer without being stuck behind a Sound Engineer who has the power to misrepresent who you really are.

Stay unplugged. Go acoustic. Let your real voice, mind, and heart be heard without any interference, misrepresentation, and false impressions. Stand proudly, perfect as you are, and say "I AM ________." Believe it, and live it. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.