23 November 2017


It is no coincidence that the Biblical author(S) chose the name “Mary” to be the mother of "God." There is a subtle connection between matter, mater, and Mary that unveils much more about consciousness and the reality than just a literal interpretation of the Bible could ever reveal (or science for that matter).

The Etymology Dictionary tells us that “mater” means “origin,” “source,” or “mother” from Latin. When you graduate from a school, it is called your "alma mater" ... meaning "nurturing Mother." In Genesis, Eve is called the “mother of all living.” In Mary the concept is taken further in that she becomes the mother of everything, because in every “thing” (ALL matter that is) there resides within, the divine spark capable of evolving to become more.

Mary equates to matter, the Divine mother who incubates and births the potential of that Divine spark within us - the Christ. This divine spark is ... consciousness. This is the infinite potential aspect of what is commonly referred to as GodSource. This infinite potential aspect of God is incubated and evolved in matter. Matter, the Divine Mother, births advanced consciousness. That advanced consciousness is the Son ... The offspring ... That which is created. And the Son ... is And must also be God. And you are a sondaughter of God/Source.

A more shallow exploration of the meaning of the name Mary reveals it to also mean “bitterness.” This is also appropriate, because as consciousness incarnates through matter it is a sort of bittersweet experience, comprised of both joy and pain, life and death, love and negativity. This is the bittersweet experience of our lives. The ancient Greeks called it "Soma/Sema" ... meaning the body is a tomb.

So why exactly was Jesus born of the Virgin Mary? All matter is virgin potential. The Son, advanced Christ/consciousness, is not born THROUGH procreation like a physical child. Consciousness just IS. No insemination is required. The Birth of consciousness is as automatic and involuntary as change. Always it just is. And so are you ... spiritually eternal energy, and consciousness.

You were born of the Virgin Mary. You may be a young soul not quite as advanced as the Son yet, but you are well on your way. Your virgin birth is eternal ... and unstoppable. The higher worlds are still filled with matter. Matter is eternal, just as the Virgin Mary is claimed by some to be a perpetual virgin.

The Divine Masculine (God), and the Divine Feminine (Goddess) are what bring forth creation ... and all that follows has an essence of the parenthood within them. You have a spark of God/Source within you, as does everyone else. We are ALL of the same Source, and the same essence as that Source. 

Just a thought ...

`Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.