11 February 2021



The Higher Self is who we truly are, and can be thought of as an aspect of the immortal “I” who is the consummate sum of all of our experiences, past, present; and future. Being connected with everything in the Universe that “is.” Full access to this inner aspect of ourself is sought after by those consciously on the path of Spiritual disciplines. It is the Higher Self that progresses on to “greater” things, once all physical lives have been completed.

Remember, the term “Higher Self” should more correctly be “Inner Self”. It is very important to keep in Mind however, that the physical world and therefore our physical bodies, are the outermost aspect of the Universe existing at the lowest rate of Energy vibration, and the highest density, and The Source, The First Cause, God is at the very centre of all creation. Source exists at the very highest Energy vibration, encompassing the highest vibration of Unconditional Love. Therefore, after our cycle of physical incarnation has been completed, we continue the journey inwards towards The Source ... on the Divine path to perfection.

While in physical form, the Higher Self can for provide intuition to help in circumstances where understanding, answers, clarification or guidance are in need and can't be had by any “lower” means, and provides the highest level of connection and influence within the Universe, and is therefore most important in any matter requiring any sort of unrestricted Universal connection, such as what we wish to be manifested in form.

Suffice it to say He/She/It is who we really are (within), and that in physical incarnation, achieving and maintaining contact with this higher aspect of Self is considered to be one of the very highest priorities as a source of inspiration, knowledge and guidance. Our ego has a tendency to take over most times, and this is why we need to listen closely for that still small voice within for in-tuition, in-spiration, and guidance.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.