05 February 2021



The biblical book of Genesis uses Adam and Eve metaphysically, as an allegory for creation. If you stay bear with me for a moment, you will find that there is a deeper meaning to the story than what only a literal and historical translation can offer. There is much symbolism that lay beneath scriptural text.

Genesis 3:20 says: “And the man (Adam) calleth his wife's name Eve: for she hath been mother of all living.” 

“Eve (Zoi in Greek),” is a symbol for the subconscious Mind. Hence, the ability to actually be the “Mother of all livings things.” How could a human female give birth to ALL living things? There must be more to the story.

Adam, has two natures. The higher nature is a symbol for the higher Mind ... the Divine nature of huMANity. The lower nature is a symbol for the lower Mind ... the ego desire of mankind led by self, rather than Self. 

The Garden of Eden symbolizes “the Wisdom of God, Paradise of Truth” and is representative of perfection. A place of the utmost knowingness. 

Now, symbolically ... in The Garden, the MALE Adam (adamah/mankind/conscious mind) is the image of God, and in MIND, represents the perfect will of God or ... the Christ within. The Law of the Universe. Perfection without suffering and ignorance. KNOWING wrong from right, without ever having known wrong. Adam is our Divine mind ... the Mind of Christ, consciousness operating correctly and divinely ... on the pure right path. 

Eve, was created from Adam. Eve (subconscious Mind) is the creative FEMALE aspect. Eve is Hebrew and means “to live/breathe.” She is the female principle of nature that represents creation and manifestation. The Mother, vs. the Father. 

So then, Eve (subconscious Mind) is submissive to Adam (conscious Mind) UNTIL she listens to another “husband” other than Adam. She listens to the snake (ego) and the ego fills her head with grandeur. She then has Adam take from the fruit - the thoughts of ego - and they begin to be led by their self desires and egocentric self, rather than the Divine Self who is perfect. 

The way that our thoughts and action are created/manifest, is that we have a thought (we impregnate our subconscious) and what we think is brought forth (or born) from what was our thought process. 

Therefore, whatever Adam (or conscious Mind) places into Eve (subconscious Mind) will come forth. This is sowing and reaping, cause and effect, and cannot be stopped ... unless ... we change the way we think. Whatever the conscious Mind impregnates the subconscious Mind with ... will come forth. An apple seed will bring forth an apple tree. A frog brings forth a frog. A living cell brings forth another living cell. Like begets like. “As a man thinks, so it is done unto him.” What a man thinks, he becomes. Get it?

So now Adam and Eve are no longer in the Garden because they have lost their way. The ego thinks it is as God, and as long as they are led by ego, rather than the Divine inner voice of Wisdom and knowingness, they will SIN (make mistakes via ignorance) until they repent of their ways (metanoia/change of mind) and be able to once again enter Paradise. 

This can be a very long teaching, but hopefully you are able to have a better understanding of the deeper meaning of this story in Genesis that was meant for a much more empowering understanding.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.