14 June 2015

Who Is My Family Anyway?

Who Is My Family Anyway?

I don't think theres one family that doesn't have some form of internal conflict or drama as part of it's core existence. Now before I go further into this article, you must understand that the being you are is energy ... having a physical experience. You are not your body, you are not your experiences, you are the Observer ... the Witness to it all. You are an eternal Spiritual essence learning and raising your vibrations through your experiences in a world of matter. Remembering also, that matter is also energy. It is the lowest level of vibrating energy. 

Now back to family conflict. Your Soul is born into a certain family because of the needs of your Soul to grow and expand it's understanding of all things. Your parents create your physical vessel, but your fragment of Spirit ... your Soul energy is entirely you and unrelated to your physical family unit. There are needs that your Soul has that can be met by entering this particular physical family. There will be times when you'll think perhaps you were adopted, or that someone left you on their doorstep. It's ok. We all go through this. The simple reason that you may not get along with your siblings is because you are siblings only in physical matter ... not on a spiritual level of higher consciousness. 

So the next time you catch yourself saying "I can't believe my brother did this to me" ... know that it may be the same as if it were a stranger, even though your in the same physical family ... even though you shared the same womb. Some people are able to become best friends with their parents and siblings, but many find turmoil and frustration. The universe is ONE living organism and we are all an individualized essential part of the whole. There is also ONE consciousness of which we are all an essential part of the whole. Within the realm of consciousness, everything is interconnected. Everything is MIND. This mind, this conscious life essence, is what many will call God/Source Energy. 

The lie and illusion that you have been taught and swallowed, line hook and sinker, is that everything is somehow separate and divided when in reality, the Truth is that all things in this universe are all interconnected and One. Your Soul fragment, may not be on the same vibrational level as your sister ... in other words, no harmony ... the guitar strings are out of tune and any musician will tell you there cannot be harmony when the band is out of tune. Mentalism, Vibration, Polarity, Balance, Harmony, are all part of the Laws that keep the universe on track. Creating, moving forward, expanding, and growing.

This same default is at work within your mind, body, and Soul. Be yourself ... everybody else is already taken. Be unique ... just like everybody else. Just BE. You are a Human BE-ing. Everyone is here on their OWN journey as you are. Let them be. If they cause harm, karma and law will resolve it. If they cause love and compassion ... we continue on the course laid out millions of years ago. If you experience conflict within your family, you can make an attempt to resolve it peacefully. Otherwise, simply know this is their life experience, and at times, it will not align with yours. Let it be, and walk away. Forgiveness is for you, and it will keep you from getting stuck.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.