10 December 2018



"Resist Not Evil" - What Does This Mean?

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he...” Proverbs 23:7

Whatever a man thinks, he creates.

Whatever a person focuses on, that, he shall have.

This is such a simple concept and yet we have not grasped it. Jesus was quoted as saying, “Resist NOT evil.” WHY did he say that? And why do we continue to resist it?

He knew that in our resistance and focus, we will create MORE of what we are actually NOT wanting. THINK ABOUT THAT. 

Let me explain further: The human being is endowed with this “pearl” of great price, something that has been forming within the human race for eons. This “treasure” hidden within the human field is the ability to create. Whatever the human focuses his / her thought and emotion upon he / she creates MORE of what he / she thinks about.

The universe does not discriminate. It hears the vibrational request because a human being is focusing thought and emotional currency into being betrayed. And the answer is YES. Our subconscious mind cannot accept “not” or “won’t” … it accepts the thought … in a positive light … and delivers. It is based on image, or picture graphics. You cannot draw a picture of someone NOT swimming. They are either swimming, or doing something else. In this same way, the subconscious mind and universe cannot deliver something that you DON’T want.

The more we think about war … the more war we get. Think about PEACE and in that way we can eradicate war by manifesting peace instead.

Scripture says “take every thought captive” and to “think on things that are pure, lovely and of a good rapport.” There is good reason for this. 

If you are focusing on betrayal for example, you are actually sending a detailed plea for more of the same. You must cease focusing on betrayal and begin focusing on loyalty and integrity in order to receive it. That which we resist, continues to persist. Remember this always.

If we truly grasp the mechanics of creation, then we will maintain our focus on GOOD things. Focusing on things we deem as evil will attract it to us and we will ultimately receive whatever it is that we “ask” for.

The reason we focus on the negative things is because we have an ego that recognizes right and wrong, good and evil. We must remove this wrong thinking ruler from the throne of our humanity, and let the ego be a servant to us rather than a master of us. Always let the Divine within, lead us to the default of goodness. 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.