31 January 2021



There are over 38,000 known denominations of Christianity in the world operating today. Only one can be true ... if even that. All the denominations believe, within these collective church systems, that they have the "correct” doctrine. And all the other doctrines were false, or at the very least, they have less than the full Truth. And so, Christian logic applied, only those with this correct doctrine and dogmas, rituals, and practices, were considered to be “real Christians.”

Seven billion humans on the planet, and only a select few get to experience what they believe to be the actual Truth? The true Christianity that accurately represents from beginning, middle, and up to the Second Coming ... the Absolute Truth and nothing but the Truth. And among “fundamental Christianity” whose job they believe is to convert people over to Christianity, each denomination and non-denomination believes that THEY ALONE possess this correct doctrine and could save people from the eternal hell fire of punishment and damnation. Setting aside obvious cognitive dissonance, logic alone would tell you this is silly. But in belief systems, logic in not found in the deck of cards. 

Imagine if this was a lottery or raffle. What are the odds? And how few winners there would be. All this, from a God of Love, Forgiveness, and Grace ... never keeping track of wrongs, etc. 

But when you look deeper into the Ancient Mysteries that long pre-dated today's example of Christianity, and other religions, you find the Truth. You will discover something on a deeper level that says this can't make sense. This can't be right. It is simply illogical. And we are reasoning human beings. I'm not a person to sign-up for “blind faith.” For me, blind faith is simply believing in something that may or may not be true. I need to KNOW. Just like the ancient Gnostics (meaning knowing) ... I have to experience something and KNOW it to be real.

This goes against everything the church systems teach. Society and culture are all set up with inherent religious systems woven into the fabric of everything. For example, were it not for Christmas, the retail sales industry would plummet into a financial abyss. Yet, Christmas, was a pagan celestial celebration long before the advent of Christianity. It was the Winter Solstice, and a rebirth of the Sun to begin it's annual journey to bring about another warm season and a harvest ... therefore, the Sun of God was the sustainer of life.

After many years of questions, research; and study of deeper and more sophisticated ancient philosophies about reality and Life from civilizations that hid the Truth - protecting it from misuse - I finally began to be able to put together the massive puzzle. It was now starting to make clear and perfect logical and spiritual sense.

After years of study, inner reflection, meditation, contemplative prayer, and tons of research and analysis, I have come to the understanding that this universe that we live IN/WITHIN is not made up of individual things, but of ONE thing. And we are all an integral elemental essence of that One thing. As a fish becomes one with the water, we are one with ALL things - connected by the seen, and the unseen. What we can sense, and what we cannot. If you fill a glass half way with water, the decision as to whether it is half full or half empty is moot. The glass is always full. There is water yes, but there is also air, hydrogen, molecules, cells, energy, consciousness, oxygen, light, etc. Therefore, the glass is ALWAYS full. We just have no “sensual” perception of it since we are limited to travel within this vehicle called our body of matter. 

The truth is, on this Earth, we are not just one human being out of seven billion. We are Source/God/Life/Absolute itself, and this “God” is singular. The entire physical universe is taking place within the Divine Mind of this thing we call God, taking on countless forms, perceiving the world through each of those forms – each one focused on the perception of that one particular form, and blocking out all other perceptions. Its like watching 7 billion cable TV channels all at the same time and being able to perceive then all individually. We are the aperture from which the Universe experiences itself. 

Everything has consciousness. Even rocks under a microscope will show they are mitochondria based energy cells moving in circular motion constantly. Though they too, have consciousness, it is on a level limited to their being-ness. All the Universe is Life, One Life, one point of origin containing a spark of that origin throughout all things (thinks).

Mankind is just one particular type of form that God/Source/Awareness/Consciousness is using to experience the world. You, and I, are not just one human out of seven billion. We are ALL of them. I am you, and you are me. There is no “other.” Or rather, we are the collective Source/God that has taken on the mask of each human character. We are playing a role. In fact, the actual word “person” is derived from the Latin and literally means “the mask of an actor.”

The world is a stage and we write the story, play the parts, read the reviews, and even though it can be difficult at times, the show must go on. And now you know. 

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.