28 January 2021



The Mystical and Metaphysical ways of interpreting ancient sacred Scripture demonstrates that there was purposefully concealed and hidden within the allegories and metaphors, a secret doctrine, a secret doctrine which came from the Ancient Masters under exacting conditions. By using allegory and metaphor, these ancient celestial myths kept the traditions alive through symbolism and buried literary treasure for those seeking higher enlightenment and deeper Truths. As St. Paul said, "the difference between milk and strong meat." There were the ordinary people who accepted scripture at face value, in a literal sense (the exoteric), and then there were those initiates who wanted to understand the esoteric Truths beneath the surface. The deeper messages contained within the stories. 

These deeper esoteric Truths were highly protected and reserved for approved candidates and initiates into the secret Mysteries Religions. The secret path, to the Kingdom of Heaven. At the very center, the heart of these mysteries, was the descent of the Logos and Divine Mind into all physical matter. Into humanity, as a spark of the Divine Source of all. Using the celestial methods of teaching, through myth and allegory, what was revealed was the metaphysical teachings of the descent and incarnation of the Soul into all of mankind and the Spiritual Evolution and Involution ... the awakening of the dead within the flesh of man during THIS lifetime ... within EVERY child of God/Source. 

This descent or the "fall" of the Soul to Earth, describes metaphorically the descent of God, the Spirit, Divine Mind, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness into the physical matter. This is the temporary home of the Soul during this sojourn on Earth. We come to realize, and recognize this presence of God/Source within all of humanity as the indwelling Christ (KRST among the Egyptians, Christos among the Greeks, Krishna among the Hindus). This spark of God, is within each of us, awaiting the awakening and resurrection from the dead within every human being NOW, in THIS lifetime. This was Paul's original Gnostic Gospel before the Roman Church got ahold of it and changed everything around to suit them and their plans for world domination. Many of Paul's Epistles were later forged and rewritten as anti-Gnostic, and the Roman Church did it's best to destroy the Ancient Wisdom and secret Mystery Schools that taught it was the God within - rather than Jesus only - who became God in the flesh.

Judaism maintained it's Divine Truths about "the Christ" and the "Messiah" through Kabbalah. Paul taught it through Gnosticism and his Christ and the Divine Spark within each and every man. Paul never knew of a human Jesus. Never taught a word of Jesus' teachings ... never even quoted the Sermon on The Mount. Paul's Jesus, and Rome's Jesus, were clearly different concepts of the ancient celestial and Divine Christ. So many Epistles that have been ascribed to have been written by Paul, came from the quill of Church Scribes with alternative plans. Plans not to empower people, but to overpower them, and control them through this life, the afterlife, and the next life. Knock, and the door of Truth shall be opened.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM.