18 January 2021



Let's say that it's 5pm. And you want to go dinner at a place that's one hour away. You get in your car, drive on the highway most of the trip at 55 miles an hour, and you're there by 6pm. You just traveled, let's say, 45 miles from where you were, yet if you had not moved and stayed at home in your chair, it would still be 6pm. So, technically, if  you hadn't traveled 45 miles, it would still be the same time as if you had. Does that seem a bit strange to you?

In  one scenario, you're sitting still, and in another you're moving at 55mph, yet you arrive at the same measurement of time either way. So whether you're flying in an airplane at 900mph, or sitting in the terminal watching TV, you're not “saving” any time. And if you're not saving any time, then technically, you're not “wasting” any time.  Got it?

The point is, no matter what you're doing, there is only NOW and that's all there is. The past has passed, the present has yet to be created, and all there is ... is now. In fact, the Truth of it all is that the past, present, and future all exist right now. EVERYTHING that exists, exist right now. Yeah, I know, you're thinking I'm nuts - what is this guy trying to tell me?

All that was and all that every will be are already HERE ... in this Universe (YOUniverse). Either in Spirit, matter, or the potential combination of both. Humankind is the great re-arranger. What we do is take stuff that's already here, and we rearrange it into other stuff. But it's the same stuff that's always been here that we use to make the other stuff with. The materials already exist. Carl Sagan was asked once how to make an apple pie from scratch. His reply was “you must first invent the universe.” Everything we ever need or desire must and does come from what is already here. All we have to do is attract it to us.

Time, is defined as “the indefinite continued progress of existence in the past.present, and future regarded as a whole.” Remember also, that TIME is an observed phenomenon, by means of which human beings sense and record changes in the environment and in the Universe. The true literal definition is ... well ... elusive. Time has been called an illusion, a dimension, a smooth-flowing continuum, and an expression of separation among events ... that occur in the same physical location. It has also been said that time, is what keeps everything from crashing together all at once. 

Think about this. You're having a cup of coffee in Florida, your friend Steve is typing a letter in Arizona, your aunt Helen is knitting a sweater in Winnipeg, your social media friend Katherine is lunching in Paris, and your brother Phil is on vacation in Japan having a late night drink ... all at the same moment ... the exact moment ... but NOT, at the same time. We have designed time zones based upon earth, solar, lunar, and planetary cycles. So even though all of the is happening at different times, it's all happening right now. So if you live in Georgia and you're watching the 11pm newscast on TV, people in Asia are already experiencing tomorrow and having breakfast before their workday starts. It's already tomorrow, and you haven't even gone to sleep yet. 

The ancients had a symbol of a snake eating its tail in a circular image. The 360 degree circle also represents eternity, an endless cycle. From sunrise to sunset ... a full day and night we measure as 24 hours. We see the illusion of a timeline, but it's really more than that. At multiple places along the timeline, we go out, and come back in using cycles of events. But the world, the Universe is always in motion and always cyclical ... yet without beginning or end ... regenerating, renewing, re-genesis. Like a fountain that recycles the same supply of water, the universe recycles the same energy, Laws, matter, and nature. 

Yet through all of this, everything in life has a sunrise, high-noon, and sunset. This was the original Trinity among the Gods of the ancient myths. God would resurrect every morning, would reach peak power at high-noon, and then begin the transition to death at sunset. Nothing escapes this cycle. It is endless and everything must submit to it's inherent design. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is the origin, the journey, and the destination. We are human BEINGS. “Being” means to exist. And we exist right here, and right now. With every breath we take we in-spire, and we ex-pire. We live, and die ... and have our being within the great Universe of Mind. Call it God, Absolute, Origin, Source Energy, or whatever label(s) you choose ... there is a power that keeps the cycle of the Universe moving forward, expanding inward and outward, and regenerating ... all at the same “time.”  

Just a thought ...