08 January 2021



Everybody loves to get presents. Either in-person, a package in the mail, or just a surprise simply out of nowhere. But try and imagine how silly it would be if we just stared at the box and never opened it to look inside. Think about that for a moment. A lot of things come in boxes. Rings, bicycles, books, even refrigerators. Just by looking at the box, most times, we have no idea what lies within the box. We have to open the box the find what's inside. 

When we open a box that has nothing in it, we say it's empty. There's nothing in it. But that isn't the Truth. The Truth is the box is full. You just can't see what's inside. An empty box is filled with many things. Atoms, protons, electrons, bacteria, cells, energy, dust particles, and air. So, let's talk about the air for a second. Among the ancients, the Greek word for air is “Pneuma.” The same word used for wind ... and used for Spirit. So just like the Truth behind whether a glass is half full, or half empty ... it is always full. You just can't perceive the entire contents with your five senses. It's the sixth sense that can see beyond physical matter into the realm of Spirit. 

Now that you know this, try and visualize yourself as a box. Your body contains things seen and unseen. It is a type of box. Among the ancients, they believed the body to be a tomb where the Soul was trapped here in the lower realm. Your box-body is the outer package contained within the universe that holds various contents. There are organs, blood, ligaments, tendons, bones, tissue, nerves, cells, all unseen from the outside. But your box also contains unseen things on the inside as well. Air, Spirit, Soul, consciousness, Mind, thoughts, imagination, emotions, feelings, intellect, intuition, language and communications skills, and we haven't even touched on the powers of your subconscious, unconscious, conscious, and superconscious Mind powers. 

Remember, we are designed from the inside out. We are not born INTO this world, but we are born OUT of this world. We come out of our Mother, just as a leave comes out of a tree. As the tree comes out of the Earth, and so on all the way back to the point of the origins of all things, or more properly, this ONE thing we call the universe. Technically, there are no "things" there is but ONE thing and that is all that exists ... and that one thing is Mind. We believe it to be physical, but in reality ALL is mind. 

When you touch a table, you're not really touching it. There is no way you could ever touch it. The process is all mind. The vibration and energy of the table interacts with your vibration and energy, and is transferred - via energy and electrical impulses - through your nervous system and into the sensory portions of your brain. Here, they are categorized and labeled according that what we have been taught to label them. But the entire experience ... is happening IN YOUR HEAD. Your experience of "touching the table" is actually occurring inside your Mind. Nothing outside of our Mind and senses can ever be experienced outside of us. All of our sensory perception centers are in our head ... the temple of God. Why do you think the sides of our heads are called "temples?"

The “Great Throne of Judgement” spoken of by God, sits atop your shoulders. Judgement means decision. And where do your decisions come from? Jesus was quoted as having said "the Kingdom of God is within you." St. Paul said "we are the body of Christ." This means that if we look deep enough inside our box, we will find the Spirit of who we really are. We are an eternal essence of all that is. We are the Christ Consciousness ... the begotten Son of God having transformed from the Son of Man upon the realization, illumination, and ascension of our thoughts and actions. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Look in your box. Deeper and deeper. Things of great value are usually wrapped in deep, protective layers.