02 January 2015

Composite Saviours

Composite Saviours


Hinduism consists of a Trimurti (trinity):

Brahma: The Creator.

Vishnu: The Sustainer.

Shiva: The Destroyer.

Christianity consists of a Trinity: The Father The Son The Holy Ghost.

5,000 years ago Vishnu appeared in the form of a man before Devaki who conceived Krishna by Virgin Birth.

Hindus worship the God, Vishnu.

Krishna “The Savior” is the eighth (8th) Avatar of the God, Vishnu. The Higher Being takes on a mortal body, out of compassion, to help suffering humanity to attain perfection.

Krishna was born of a Virgin.

Krishna was crucified, his arms extended on a cross. *

Krishna descended into Hell.

Krishna rose from the dead.

Krishna ascended into Heaven.

Krishna’s Miracles

The multiplication of small quantities of food.

The healing of the sick and a laying on of hands.

The raising of the dead back to life.

The destruction of demons and the exorcism of the possessed.

Appearing in less than a fleshy body. (Jesus’ transfigured body)

Krishna’s childhood parallels Jesus with the King’s early massacre of infants.

Krishna was able to perform miracles as a child. A snake crawled into his cradle and he killed it with his bare hands which is a parallel myth to the young Hercules.

Krishna released people from sin, drove out evil spirits, raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, hearing for the deaf, made the lame walk, healed lepers.

Krishna, The Son of God, did not want to start a new religion - merely to cleanse an old one.

The ninth (9th) appearance of Vishnu on Earth was in the form of Gautama Buddha; Prince Siddhartha, Sak y amuni (About 560–491 BC).

Actually, the Prince abandoned his wife and family (was a dead-beat dad at least time-wise) and he bummed around for a few years, then became The Buddha and shared His enlightenment.

Both Buddha, of the Orient, and Jesus, of the Jews, divested themselves of Earthly and personal ties. Krishna, of India, had also lived in poverty, had been devoted to the poor, was devoid of personal ties and advocated chastity.

About 500 BC, Buddha consisted of another Trinity:

Buddha - Dharma - Sangha.

Buddhists formalized their doctrine at The Council of Pa tali putra which took place in 241 BC, about 250 years after Buddha’s death.

Christians formalized Jesus’ doctrine at The Council of Nicea in 325 AD which took place about 300 years after Jesus’ death.

The books that made up “The Canon” (Bible) were also voted on at the time and Jesus was voted to be Divine.


Buddha: The knowledge of the truth is the supreme blessing.

Jesus is “God’s word” and God’s blessing.

Buddha: If they hit me, I would not react.

Jesus: If they strike you, turn the other cheek.

Buddha was tempted by Mara, the Lord of sensory pleasures.

Jesus was tempted by Satan.

Buddha spoke in parables.

Jesus spoke in parables.

In Matthew, Jesus’ disciples requested that He speak in parables to explain Himself so to better understand Him. Luke 19:27

Who in the New Testament, besides Jesus, is written to be expanding his kingdom? Isn’t Christianity, the expansion of Jesus Christ’s kingdom?

Buddha was regarded both divine and human.

Jesus was “voted” at Constantine’s Counsel of Nicea to be both God and man.

Buddha had 12 disciples. His first 2 disciples were brothers.

Jesus had 12 disciples. His first 2 disciples were brothers.

Buddha walked on water and had an unsure disciple walk towards him on water.

Jesus walked on water and had an unsure disciple (Peter) walk towards him on water.

Buddha was considered to be The Son of God.

Jesus was considered to be The Son of God.

Some considered Jesus Christ to be a Buddha in the making.

That idea kinda makes Christians mad, huh?

Buddha was born of the Virgin Maya.

Jesus was born of The Virgin Mary.

Both without carnal intercourse.

Catholics insist that Mary retained her virginity. 3 things:

  1. Jesus was not caesarian born = vaginal birth cannel = Mary is no virgin.

  2. Jesus had named brothers. No mention of their adoption. Important.

  3. Mary / Joseph not legally married if it was never consummated by sex.

Buddha was baptized.

Jesus was baptized.

Buddha died - His coffin opened by supernatural powers - He ascended to Heaven.

Jesus’ tomb was opened - He eventually ascended to Heaven.

Buddha was to return to Earth to restore order.

Jesus was to soon have a second coming.

Rome captured a city who worshipped Sol-Invictus, a Sun God, whose birthday was on December 25th.

On that date the Winter-Solstice lasts 3 days and then the primitive religious people worshipped that the Sun seemed to come back to life for the spring crop season.

Mithraism: Mithra was another god born on December 25th. Zoroastrianism

Who borrowed December 25th? Who supposedly came back to life in 3 days? Jesus!

Pastor Arnold Murray insists that Jesus was conceived on December 25th.

Alexander the Great is historically recorded to have lived (356–323 BC) and to have died at 33 years of age. He was considered to be The Son of God.

Are Jesus Christ’s birth and death dates recorded?

Response? What year was Jesus born – and when did He die?

Did history document the years of Alexander’s birth and death?

According to history, did Alexander The Great live 500 years before Jesus Christ?

If Jesus Christ was a real, historical character, why did history not accurately record Jesus’ year of birth and death?

Didn’t Jesus, son of God, supposedly die at age 33?

Exactly what year was Jesus born and what year did Jesus die?

Ask audience for answer. Important?

Jesus Christ, outside the Bible, was not a historical character.

Outside the Bible, history makes no mention of Jesus’ exact dates of birth and death – nor of Jesus Christ, Himself?

Josephus, you say?

Christian Popes ruled. Some Christian Pope edited Jesus into history.

What does “BC” on the modern calendar mean?

Let’s ask simple questions to better understand what can be known – and not known. I question everything. I believe nothing.

The Bible claims that King Herod the Great, a true historical character, heard that a child was born in Bethlehem so to become King of the Jews.

In Matthew, Herod killed all of Bethlehem’s male babies 2 -years old and younger so that no child could survive to become King of the Jews. Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape the massacre and they came back after King Harod died.

Historical encyclopedias and dictionaries document that King Herod The Great died in 4 BC and that if Jesus Christ ever existed, He must have been between 4 & 6 BC.

How could Jesus Christ be born 4 to 6 years before Himself?

If Jesus was born on December 25th, why does the New Year calendar start January 1st – and, why is the calendar 4–6 years off? No wiggle-room. Why?

If you can hypnotize, brainwash and manipulate the masses to obey a fictitious or a false authority, you have authority worship. An “assumed authority” can then easily step in and benefit.

Are you religious? Do you worship authority?

Hercules was crucified on a mount. His last words were: It is finished.

Myth claims that Hercules, and his mother, ascended to Heaven.

Hercules was considered to be The Son of God.

Jesus was crucified on a mount. His last words were: It is finished.

At the counsel of Nicea, Jesus was voted by Constantine’s clergy to be “The Son of God”.

All religions consider themselves to be THE TRUTH while declaring that all others are lies.

More human beings have been slaughtered in the name of God than in any other cause.

If the concept of God is the historical cause - can human abandonment of the concept of God be a solution?

Long before Moses - a Pharaoh named Amen-Ra - of the Egyptians, changed traditional religion to the worshipping of one God - Horus - whose adversary was Set.

Any Pharaoh since was considered to be the reincarnation of God.

Horus and Set is another comparison to Jesus and Satan.

Horus baptized. Jesus baptized.

Horus and Jesus both were called “The Lamb” and had 12 followers.

Lama-ism, is a form of Buddhism. It has produced 14 men who have been called the Dalai Lama - “God’s Lamb”.

Here are some men, all before Jesus, who, by coincidence, are claimed to be of virgin birth, to be The Son of God, who were all teaching by age 12.

A King killed male infants trying to destroy each of them.

Each began his ministry at age 30 and was killed on the cross at age 33.

All lived BC (presumably BC for Before Christ).

Thulis of Egypt 1700 BC

Krishna of India 1200 BC

Crite of Caldea 1200 BC

Atys 1170 BC

Thammuz of Syria 1160 BC

Prometheus 847 BC - Prometheus books… McKinsey

Hesus of the Druids 834 BC

Indra of Tibet 725 BC

Bali 725 BC

Lao of Napal 622 BC

Sakia 600 BC

Alcesios 600 BC

Mithra of Persia 600 BC

Quetzalcoatl of Mexico 587 BC

Wattoba 552 BC

Quirinus of Rome 506 BC

Didn’t a King also kill all the male babies when Moses and Jesus were born?

Saviors Borrowed?

Has the Christian Gospel “borrowed” historical accounts describing Jesus from Eastern scriptures which existed centuries before long the Bible?

Krishna was crucified.

The Persian remembers the atoning sufferings on the cross of Mithras the Mediator.

The Aztecs prayed for the miraculous return of their crucified savior, Quetzalcoatl. They were rewarded - with the murderous acts of Cortez.

Caucasians chanted praises to their slain, Divine Intercessor, Prometheus, for voluntarily offering himself upon the cross for their sins.

The Christian hugs to his heart the bloody cross of the God orchestrated torture and murder of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Christians demand that only one god ever died for the sins of man.

To retain their following, Christianity is based on unchangeable dogmas which disciples must accept to the exclusion of all knowledge adverse to their own creed. Whenever they are able they actually destroy contrary evidence for fear of rivalry. Then they magnify their own religion to a unique position above all others.

The earlier Christian saints made stern efforts to obliterate from the page of history facts damaging to their case.

A report on the Hindu religion, by British sent to India to examine their sacred books was left in the hands of a Christian bishop at Calcutta, with instructions to forward it to England. On its arrival in London, it was mutilated and the account of the crucifixion was gone.

The disciples of the Christian faith have burnt books, blotted out passages and bowdlerized testaments which suggested the opposite of their belief. Not only that, they have demolished monuments showing crucifixions of previous atoning gods so that they are now unknown. Hence, the disbelief of Christians when other cases are mentioned.

Kersey Graves, in a well known book written over a century ago, gives examples of sixteen crucified gods or saviors.

Kersey is certain these next crucifixions occurred before the time of Christ, but their exact date cannot be fixed.

These crucifixions are not vouched as actual occurrences.

The objective is not to prove them real events - but simply that the belief in the crucifixion of gods was prevalent long before the crucifixion of Christ.

Tammuz of Mesopotamia 1160 B.C.

Tammuz was a god of Assyria, Babylonia and Sumeria.

Tammuz was crucified as an atonement offering for the salvation of the world.

This savior, which long preceded the advent of Christ, filled the same role in sacred history.

Wittoba is represented in his story with nail-holes in his hands and the soles of his feet. Nails, an iron crown.

Lao of Nepal 622 B.C.

Iao was crucified on a tree in Nepal.

Hesus of the Celtic Druids 834 B.C.

The Celtic Druids depict their god Hesus as having been crucified with a lamb on one side and an elephant on the other long before the Christian era.

The elephant, being the largest animal known, was chosen to represent the magnitude of the sins of the world, while the lamb, from its proverbial innocent nature, was chosen to represent the innocence of the victim.

We have the Lamb of God taking away the sins of the world. The Lamb of God could have been borrowed from the Druids.

This legend was found in Gaul long before Jesus Christ was known to history.

Quezalcoatl of Mexico 587 B.C.

Historical crucifixion of this Mexican god.

The evidence engraved upon metal plates.

Sometimes he is represented as having been nailed to a cross with two thieves hanging with him.

Quirinius of Rome 506 B.C.

The crucifixion of this Roman savior. He is represented, like Christ: conceived and brought forth by a virgin.

His life was sought by the reigning king, Amulius.

He was of royal blood, his mother being of kingly descent.

He was put to death by wicked hands or crucified.

He is resurrected, and ascends back to heaven.

Prometheus 547 B.C.

The crucifixion of Prometheus - he was nailed to an upright beam of timber, extended arms of wood, a cross.

When he died: The earth shook, the graves were opened, and and Our Lord and saviour Prometheus gave up the ghost.

The cause for which he suffered was his love for the human race. The story of Prometheus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection was acted in pantomime in Athens five hundred years before Christ.

Thulis of Egypt 1700 B.C.

Thulis of Egypt, died on the cross about thirty-five hundred years ago.

After suffering a violent death, he was buried, but rose again, ascended into heaven, and there became the judge of the dead, or of souls in a future state.

He came down from heaven to benefit mankind, and that he was said to be full of grace and truth.

Indra of Tibet 725 B.C.

This Tibetan saviour is shown nailed to the cross. There are five wounds, representing the nail-holes and the piercing of the side.

His mother was a virgin.

He ascended to a heavenly mansion after his crucifixion.

He led a life of strict celibacy, which, he taught, was true holiness.

He inculcated great tenderness toward all living beings.

He could walk upon the water or upon the air.

He could foretell future events with great accuracy.

He completely subdued his passions.

He was worshiped as a god who had existed as a spirit from all eternity.

Alcestos of Euripides 600 B.C.

A crucified God was Alcestos, who was female, the only example of a feminine God atoning for the sins of the world upon the cross.

The doctrine of the trinity and atoning offering for sin was part of her religion.

Attis of Phrygia 1170 B.C.

This crucified Messiah was suspended on a tree, crucified, buried and rose again.

Crite of Chaldaea 1200 B.C.

The Chaldeans crucifixion of a god atoning for an Angry God.

Bali of Orissa 725 B.C.

A crucified God, known by being the second member of the trinity.

Most of the crucified gods occupied that position in a trinity of gods, the Son, in all cases, being the atoning offering.

Mithras of Persia 600 B.C.

This Persian God was slain upon the cross to make atonement for mankind, and to take away the sins of the world.

He was born on the twenty-fifth day of December, and crucified on a tree.

Devatat of Siam, Ixion of Rome, Apollonius of Tyana all died on the cross.

Ixion, 400 BC, was crucified on a wheel, the rim representing the world, and the spokes constituting the cross.

He bore the burden of the world, the sins of the world, on his back while suspended on the cross. He was called the crucified spirit of the world.

Christian writers find it necessary to omit the crucifixion of these saviors fearing the telling would lessen the spiritual force of the crucifixion of Christ, which has to be unique.

They thus exalted the tradition of the crucifixion into the most important dogma of the Christian faith to conceal from the public the fact that it is of pagan origin.

Mackey’s Lexicon of Freemasonry says that Freemasons secretly taught the doctrine of the crucifixion, atonement and resurrection preceded the Christian era.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Gary DeVaney and Jordan Maxwell for their research.