27 January 2015

Why Religion Breeds Death

Why Religion Breeds Death

From the headlines:

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – “Medical examiners have ruled that a family of five found dead in their Utah home all died from poisoning, likely because the parents were concerned about a “pending apocalypse.” The deaths of the youngest two children were ruled homicides. The 14-year-old’s death was ruled undetermined. The Strack’s 18-year-old son found all five bodies in the parents’ bedroom on Sept. 27. The parents and the 14-year-old were found in the bed while the other two children were found on mattresses next to the bed.”

This type of scenario has played out over and over and over again, particularly among Fundamental Christians. It disgusts me. It turns my stomach. Children have been murdered, parents have committed suicide and killed their own children and why? I’ll tell you why. Because of a lie. A lie that has been sold and repackaged by Funda-mental Christianity for 200 years. It’s the same scenario. They’re told there will be 7 years of tribulation and suffering, then Jesus will return and rapture his remaining followers into the clouds, and live with him in the forever after while experiencing the bliss of heaven.

I recently read a story of a Mother who drowned her three children because she believed that as long as they died before the age of reason (12) that they would go to heaven and be with Jesus. She didn’t want to risk the possibility of them burning in the eternal fires of hell. People have let their children die relying on prayers to Jesus rather than take them for needed medical treatment from Doctors and Hospitals because they were told that Jesus answers all prayers and heals everyone if you pray hard enough.


Am I angry? Yup. Because millions of people have been murdered in the name of God and religion and millions more have gone to their graves having never experienced the wonderful gift of life that we have been given. And as George Carlin once so eloquently said … “but God loves you.”

This “pending apocalypse” has struck fear and emotional destruction into the hearts and minds of adults and children alike. They don’t even know what it means, yet they follow the lies from the pulpit blindly. Just look up the word “apocalypse.” It is from the Greek and it does not mean the end of the world, it does not mean total anihalation, it simply means “to uncover that which is hidden.” It is a REVELATION … a revealing of the Truth that lay hidden in scripture beyond the literal and historical.

This APOCALYPSE is to happen within is. Armageddon … is the battleground within us. Where we battle between the ego and the Divine within all of us. These Bible events are NOT historical events. They didn’t happen literally. Hell is NOT a literal place of eternal fire and torment. Heaven and Hell are a state of mind here and NOW.

If you believe in Jesus, and you believe in a Second Coming … then you missed it. According to NT Biblical scripture he rose on the third day and walked among his disciples before his ascension to Heaven (afterlife). So according to Christian scripture, the second coming happened 3 days later. You missed it. Now what?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, have all been modified, rewritten, edited, plagiarized, and even manufactured texts to have you believe what Rome wanted you to believe. The ancient Hebrews built most of their religious beliefs on a Pagan system of Ancient Wisdom and Truths. They just changed the names and the places. Rome built the version of the New Testament that we have today. Compare the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Clay Tablets of Sumeria, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth/Hermes … the list goes on and on.

Celestial based Astrotheology and it’s esoteric balance of inner spirituality and Mysticism has been around for tens of thousands of years. The story of Moses, Jesus/Joshua, Judas, etc. can all be found in the hieroglyphs of the Temple of Carnac and ancient Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Hindu, and Buddhist texts. The TRUTH is that all these stories are OUR stories about what happens when we transform from base nature animal man to Divine righteous Christ Consciousness and literally convert Earth to Heaven.

Televangelists … stop selling your fire and brimstone fear and guilt from the pulpits and satellites. Preachers, stop scaring people from your Sunday morning platforms. THIS IS THE “GOOD NEWS” … what GOSPEL means. All you’re doing is spreading mass panic, death, war, destruction, hatred and countless other negative emotions and actions.

Instead … EMPOWER the people with the TRUTH of what they are. Each and every one of us is the very essence of God/Source. Jesus said it. Buddha said it. The Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Neoplatonist’s, Marcionists, Gnostics, Kabbalists, and so many others acknowledge this Truth. Why has the church torn down the tower of Truth over the last 2,000 years? Don’t let someone else tell you what to believe and what to follow. Find the Truth for yourself. When you do … your inner guidance system … your Higher Divine Self will rumble your gut and let you know … WOW! SO THIS IS WHAT IT IS???

People have died by the MILLIONS in the name of religion. We can send a satellite a gazillion miles into space, talk to it, get pictures from it, guide it, and soon we will be able to do all of this from an iPhone App … yet we haven’t figured out how to stop killing each other.

Now is the time … religions are fading away. Church and Cathedral doors are closing. True Muslims, Christians, and Jews have had enough with the violence and oppression. Stop fighting over the Holy Land. The Holy Land is in your head … between the TEMPLES. Golgotha was where Jesus was crucified … and Golgotha means “place of the skull.” You 12 cranial nerves are the 12 disciples. WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD.

We are the Garden of Eden. We are Paradise. We are God and Jesus and Mary and all the 12 Apostles. There was no King Arthur. There was no William Tell. These are MYTH … stories with Truth hidden beneath the surface stories. The Bible is beautifully inspired myth … with deep spiritual teachings but NEVER meant by the writers to be taken literally.

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking o the wall. But even the wall is alive with consciousness. Even the wall is energy (Father/Spirit) and not matter (Mother/Physical). Everything is vibratory energy and contains it’s own level of consciousness … even a ROCK. Under a microscope you can see the cells, the mitochondria firing up the energy plant, creating, expanding, growing. All of creation os ONE THING. There are no “things.” There is only ONE. And we’re part of it.

I suppose billions of year from now, we may be wiped out by an asteroid or some celestial firestorm … but this is no reason for mankind to instigate mass destruction of our planet through bombs, and chemical warfare. Religion has led to terrorism, destruction, immeasurable pain and suffering, and all for what? For a GOD THAT WE COULD NOT POSSIBLY EVER KNOW OUTSIDE OF US.

God is the SOURCE of all life. Each breath you take. Everything you experience with your senses. We live IN GOD, and God LIVES IN US. May be never lose another life again to lies and deception. To fear and to guilt. May we never see another gay or lesbian human being commit suicide because someone’s invalid opinion has led them to it. May we one day see the merging of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam … as it once was … begun from the same rock that the legendary Abraham (Brahman) was to sacrifice his son. It’s ALL myth … and myth does not mean it didn’t happen. Myth comes from the Greek Mythos which implies a deeper lesson under a surface story that may or may or may not be true.

If you can’t take ancient scripture and apply is to you life today and build a better world for others and yourself, then who cares what did or didn’t happen. What good is it? If there was no Jesus or Muhammad or Abraham … what would it matter if the teachings that were presented as coming from them were true teachings and life changing information?

Love. Forgive. Speak Truth. Inspire. Empower. We CAN have UNITY without having to have uniformity. We are one race. We are one organism. We are one world. One. One. One. Other is you, and you are other. Wake up to the Truth … Tricks are for kids.

Just a thought ….

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.