22 January 2015

Egocentric Thinking And Personalities

Egocentric Thinking And Personalities

As we’ve talked about in past articles, persons with disturbed characters don’t act the way we do largely because they don’t think the way we do. There are mega differences.

One of the early researchers to catalog the distorted thinking patterns or “errors in thinking” which some of the most severely disturbed characters (those with criminal records) display. Over the years, researchers have adapted and modified several of the erroneous thinking patterns that early researchers brought to light and added several more that played a crucial role in the problems created by the disordered characters treated by medical specialists. The first erroneous thinking pattern we’ll be discussing is one labelled “Egocentric Thinking”.”

The disordered character thinks so much about himself that it’s second nature. His concerns are almost always with himself and for himself. Whatever the situation or issue initially is, somehow it ends up always about him. Disordered characters so frequently think about things that they want because that’s what’s important to them. They hardly ever think about what someone else might want or need, because they attach such little importance to that. It’s all about them. They think the entire world revolves around them … they often think that others should care primarily about what he desires and what interests him.

When the disturbed character wants something, he doesn’t think about whether it’s right, good, legal, or whether his pursuit of it might adversely affect anyone - he only cares that he wants it. His incessant concern for himself and the things that he desires creates a pattern of thinking which embodies an attitude of indifference to the rights, needs, wants, and expectations of others.

This attitude of indifference fosters a complete disregard for social obligation, and in some cases, an ardent disdain for and refusal to accept social obligation. As self-centered as he is, the disturbed character believes the world owes him everything and that he owes the world nothing. He has extremely high expectations for everyone else, but feels no associated sense that he should subjugate himself to the expectations of others, or society in general. His thinking patterns, attitudes, and their resultant behaviors prompt him to lead an extremely self-centered lifestyle.

These ego-centric characters have no concept of the Divine Spark of Source that lays in the tomb within us awaiting resurrection. As long as people function from their base animal nature ego, they will do what their own selfish desires lead them to. When people listen for the Divine Inner Voice, they are lead by the default of the universe … goodness and compassion for all people and things. This is the ultimate goal.

I spend so much time in my life dealing with ego-natured people that at times, I really do begin to lose faith in the evolution, involution, and forward upward movement of Christ Consciousness and Higher-Self that will inevitably advance humanity to the next level. There are friends, Clients, associates, and family members that are stuck in the repetitious and viscous cycle of ego. Spiritual Truths and Ancient Wisdom taught at any early age would help to eradicate this type of thought, form, and eventual manifestation.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.