07 January 2015

Violence As A Means To An End

Violence As A Means To An End

Today, another apparent terrorist massacre in Paris. This time leaving 12 fellow humans dead. This was at a magazine known for it’s disrespect of religious faith systems, in particular, Islam. Whether it be Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or any number of countless religious and faith systems in global practice, they should not be disrespected.

We should’ve progressed to a point where verbal communication and media should be discussing the origins and the ancient unity of these faith systems. At one time, all was Pagan. There were Universal Spiritual Truths taught among tribes and civilizations that had a common core foundation. These “religions” (Latin root word meaning bondage) sprang their own streams from a single river source.

“God” is a title, no a name. All of these religions believe in GOD/Source Energy as life giving Spirit and the origin of all things … even though through different languages and geographic regions the name applied to this GOD varies. No Artist would find pleasure in the destruction of his art. The more we kill, maim, and attack our fellow humans and destroy their property, the more we are setting ourselves in backwards motion rather than involution and evolution of the species.

Violence is not a means to an end. We condemn radical Islam for it’s terrorist military style attacks and tactics, yet our own country which is predominantly Christian is involved in continual war across the globe wreaking havoc, killing, destroying, bombing, and perhaps has the largest war machine on Earth. These global militaries are to protect their nations and people, not to induce or provoke attack. Bully tactics do not work in elementary school, and they certainly won’t work in Military School, or Earth School.

When people come to the Truth that we are all one consciousness, sharing the same origin, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and walking on the same grounds, perhaps then … we may walk the path of peace. Until then, we must increase awareness and respect of unity without uniformity. The spoken word is mightier than the sword.

There are only 26 letters in the English language. Yet, thousands of libraries, millions of books, and billions of articles and publications have come from a collection of only 26 letters.

Religion, language, Philosophy, and geography have separated mankind for far too long. And it has all been under the careful guidance of a Global Elite Network with a hidden agenda that they will continue to push until it is made manifest.

Wake up my friends. Awaken from your unconscious slumber and and know that world powers want to keep us in the darkness. They want to keep us busy with busy-ness and no time to think for ourselves. They provide non-stop TV “Programming,” sports, happy hour, celebrity obsessions, conflicts within the families, monetary patterns of control, etc. to keep our minds from working. To keep us too busy to notice what they’re doing right under our nose.

We are ONE race, ONE humanity, ONE planet, ONE universe, ONE consciousness … and ONE God. This is Truth. Accept this reality and get unplugged from the Matrix. Your eye’s will hurt, because you’ve never used them.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.