13 July 2015

The Healing Default of The Body

The Healing Default of The Body

When you cut your finger, the subconscious mind and your entire body down to the cellular level go directly to work. The mind calls out the inner Surgeons, Doctors, and Mechanics ... assigns them tasks, and directs their progress ... and all without your conscious consent, request, or involvement. It just IS. It is always right, and it is the default of our physical organism. We are programmed for perfect optimum health direct from the factory ... the Source of all there is. 

Just like Nature and everything in it, there is an advanced intelligent program moving forward within us that operates from  Divine precise design. And even though at times it seems as though nature, and even our own bodies are out of control and chaotic ... there is a plan. A grand plan. That being said, nature is always ready, willing, and prepared for the next frame ... us ... not so much. Many times, our ego gets in the way by fulfilling the desires of our physical senses ... many times taking away what is best for the total machine ... physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

We overburden our bodies and our minds with toxicity. We stress our immune system and thrown our physical balance out of whack. The same thing happens on an emotional and spiritual level. This stress is dangerous and can delay, even prevent, our ease of recovery ... creating dis-ease. We create blockages that prevent our natural recovery process. These blockages can be mental, physical, and/or emotional. Although we cannot choose to stop the subconscious-controlled healing process through conscious decision ... we can create ways to slow the process down. Sometimes, we slow it down so much that it cannot recover and this results in irrepairable damage, or even bodily death. 

 The most important thing we can do is to assist our body and our subconscious mind in achieving what it was designed to do. To do our best to keep it free of toxins and anything from bad food, to bad thoughts. Talk to your body and your Inner Self. Remind them you are here to help as much as possible. We must learn to assist the healing process ... especially since we helped in overloading and overburdening it. We are all energy, both Spirit and matter vibrating at higher and lower frequencies. Our natural default is for health, happiness, compassion, love, peace, and joy. Let's do our best to help the process.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.