15 July 2015

The Leftovers Are Getting Stale

The Leftovers Are Getting Stale

We are all familiar with the kind of leftovers we gather and save after a big meal. In the fridge they go and ready for re-heat and another meal tomorrow or the next day. The thing about leftovers is that they're never quite as tasty as when they were fresh. Sometimes, we doctor them up a bit, add some spices, maybe mix them together, all in an effort to make them more appealing ... and tasty. But in the end, they're still leftovers, and if you're a restaurant you'll never be able to market leftover food to anyone. It just won't work. People want fresh. 

Now, using this way of thinking, what if our auto makers were still offering leftovers? What if they just re-packaged the old styles and put new labels on them? We would become wise to their ways in a very short time. Imagine ignoring all the modern advances and still offering a Ford Model A as a new car? It wouldn't work. It cant work ... because people have advanced, progressed, and evolved a very long way since the early 1900's and the first offerings of automotive transportation. They demand more for their money. They want plush interiors, air conditioning, and advanced electronics. Imagine a new Cadillac Escalade, or a new Mercedes, next to even a '63 Chevy Impala. Things sure have come a long way in such a short amount of time. This is because we are set to default to advancement ... evolving ... moving forward and improving upon all that is. This is the way the universe was designed. There is no riding a bicycle backwards. 

So given these examples, let's turn for a moment to spirituality and religion. Among the Ancient World ... philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, were all rapidly advancing. It was understood that humanity is a microcosm of the macrocosm. As above, so below. As within, so without, etc. They understood that the Source Energy of the entire universe was contained not only outside of us, but inside of us. Individually, we create the reality of our lives. Everything that ever was, or ever would be, was already here. We just had to call upon it, rearrange a few things ... and voila! They understood that we are not our bodies. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are the Observer, the Witness, to all that projects upon the screen of life. We are the light in the the back of the theatre ... and not what is seen on the screen. They called this invisible power, this energy and life-force ... God. And this God was inside inside of everything ... and technically, was everything. They determined that all things originated at one central point. And that everything had to be made from, and have the essence of, that source of all there is. The Ancients knew that everything and everyone were not separate and divided, but were actually One thing ... one universal organism ... working together as one great machine. 

Then, the findings were stolen. They were usurped. The scrolls and documents that preserved this ancient Wisdom was being destroyed and hidden away from public access. In a short few decades, and just a few generations, the empires behind this great theft of personal human empowerment, were completely in charge and had presented to the people only that which the powers of the world felt they needed to know. Just enough to hold and keep them in bondage to them. To serve them and support them both financially, and every other conceivable manner. This great power has held people captive for hundreds of years. It was responsible for the destruction of libraries, the eradication of civilizations, the silencing of belief systems, and the murder of millions of lives, both animal and human. This power ... was the church. Specifically, the Holy Roman Universal (Catholic) Church. And today, they still control the population of the world through their church system, secret societies, and financial ties to the Global Elite. 

But there is an awakening taking place ... globally. Why? Because people don't want the same leftovers that have been served for nearly 2,000 years. They have found places that serve fresh, newly found spirituality that had been hidden for decades. They are discovering the Truth behind all the religions of the world and that information has led them back in time to the original teachings of the ancient pagan world. Mankind has evolved, and no longer can maintain faith in a system of control based upon a Saviour outside of themselves. They are learning to Saviour self. The new models are out. More advanced, more functional, and more powerful. No more leftovers from Rome. All of mankind is the begotten sons and daughters of God/Source ... not just one man who walked the hills of the Galilee. 

Spiritual scriptures and teachings were always meant as allegorical and metaphorical. Rome took these ancient pagan teachings and made them literal and historical. They built a dependence on a God outside of man. This has made them the most powerful and wealthy entity on earth. The Vatican and it's Pope are the self-appointed "God on Earth." But that is not where God is ... or what God is. As eyes begin to open worldwide, millions of people will come to the Truth ... and the Truth shall make them free. The Bible is an amazing collection of spiritual allegories that once properly interpreted and understood, contains underneath the surface stories ... the Wisdom of The Ages. But ... this information has been collected, edited, and revised for hundreds of years and hundreds of versions from myths gathered from and contained among the writings of earlier civilizations. It is not the Word of God, but the word of man deeply trying to understand the universe, and the meaning of life. 

How are we to advance as a society and civilization by eating leftovers? Eventually, if we don't cook something more, there won't be anything left and we will starve. Right now, traditional religion is beginning to feel hunger pangs - and unless it changes it's way's and releases what it has known to be Truth all along - it will starve to death. Everywhere we look in the world we see ruins of past civilizations and their Gods. If we are to survive and be different than all the ones preceding us, then we need to bring unity, love, and compassion to ALL the people of the world. We need to unite under the Truth that we are ONE species, ONE race ... ONE God/Source. And that each of us is an individualized essence of the entirety of the universe. Collectively, we are co-creator gods. The power of the All is within. With the exception  of mankind/mind, all of nature knows this to be Truth. And nature never worries about tomorrow ... for it knows there is a plan that has existed for millions of years and every year renews it's eternal cycle. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.