08 July 2015

The Wonder of God/Source

The Wonder of God/Source

For your consideration ... 

The term "God" implies certain necessary attributes. These attributes are meaningless without something for them to apply to. 

For example – Superman has supernatural attributes ... but if there are no other men ... he is no longer superman. If there is nothing for him to bend with his bare hands how does his strength attribute apply? If there is nothing for him to see through, then his x ray vision is meaningless. 

Therefore, a God before creation ... would have had nothing to be god to. A king without a kingdom is not a king. A God without creation is the god of nothing.

So for any God to exist before creation is senseless. 

It would know all of nothing (omniscience), it would have power over nothing (omnipotence), have nothing to be good to (omnibenevolence), nothing to be present all over for (omnipresence), and nothing to love ... so how could it love? This ‘god’ would be meaningless.

Regardless of opinion, everything ultimately boils down to Energy ... particularly Source Energy.  God is the ultimate expression of ALL energy. We are energy, all is energy - even matter - therefore everything that exists is One with the ALL. What some may call "God" ... and others "Life" ... and yet others with no opinion, it cannot be denied that all that exists is Energy. The Source of that energy ... can be what we call "God."

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Greg at in5d dot com