12 July 2015

But What If I Don't Wanna?

But What If I Don't Wanna

We begin with a trip to the department store. The only thing I'm looking for is a coffee maker and a new mug. Once I find these two items, I head for the register. Now ... what would happen if I were to stop the Manager's office and demand that everything else in the store be removed since I have no want or need for it? Obviously, the Manager would think I was out of my mind. How ridiculous of a request is this right?

You see, all the other items are in their inventory because other people may want or need them. It's not just about me. There are many other people to consider ... different needs, wants, and taste. So a smart retailer will carry enough merchandise to please as many people as possible. Of course, you won't find fishing boats at Target, but then again you probably wouldn't expect to in the first place. There are specialty stores for specialty items. Still, if you don't need or want a boat, you wouldn't walk into a boat retailer and demand they remove all of their inventory would you?

Now, let's apply this theory to government, medicine, banking, oh ... and religion. Uh-oh. Big problem now right? Some folks dont want the Confederate Flag displayed or offered for sale so now nobody gets one. Hmmm. Some folks don't want to enter the country legally so now anybody can. Hmmm, again. Some people don't want vaccines for their children, but if they don't agree to the injections, they don't get school ... even though their taxes have paid for it. 

How about religion then? Christianity says if you don't take the sinners prayer and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, then you'll burn in the furnace of eternal hell fire ... meanwhile they get advanced reservations, VIP Card, and express service. In Islam, if you draw a picture of their Prophet, you may find yourself in deep trouble ... very deep trouble. We won't even talk about their radical arm since it's really not relevant within the realm of most followers. Most religions, especially modern day Fundamental Christianity suffer from entitlement ... we got it and you don't. You see ... they've taken all the other stuff out of the store since they don't need or want it. 

Does it all begin to seem a bit crazy to you after seeing it in this light? Perhaps not ... but this type of view and belief system won't change the severity of division and separation among countries, religions, morals, ethics, governments, and languages. Hinduism, Buddhism, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Janism, and so many other religions pre-date all three Abrahamic faith systems and yet ... they are outcast, considered "of the devil," and have no recognition amongst Christians. Yet, Christianity itself arose from the foundations of pagan mystery religions on the first place. Change a few names and places, and voila ... a new Roman  engineered religion is launched. Same goes for Islam, and for literal Judaism, although the spiritual and mystical side of Judaism is a bit more stable in the earlier Truths. 

In closing, whether it be a symbol such as the Confederate Flag, a Political Party, a World Religion, the Medical Industry, Banking, et al ... all we have to do is accept the existence of them all, and use our discernment to choose what we want or need to be part of. Leave the other stuff on the shelves for somebody else. Of course, this assumes that the other items are not harmful in any way to anything contained within this universal organism and beyond. Use the bad, to help you choose the good. This is the reason we have mirrors and shadows ... polarity and contrast ... polar opposites of ONE thing. To help mankind evolve and involve. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.