20 July 2015

Change Your Perception And Your Reality Will Change

Change Your Perception And Your Reality Will Change

How many times have we heard the question "is the glass half full, or half empty?" The reality is ... it is FULL, regardless of what you can see or not see. The liquid or solid content is obviously visible to us, but the rest of the "space" is not. This does not mean it isn't there, it just means your senses can't see it. Air ... oxygen, atoms, molecules, quarks, cells, mitochondria, energy vortices, and yes even the void from which all things are created. 

Just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. And it is this invisible world of energy particles and Source Essence that tie all of us together as ONE in this grand organism called the universe. We all share the same life-force ... we breath the same air ... we stand on the same terra-firma, Earth, and are interconnected through Spirit/Source Energy. We are all bulbs on one string of Holiday lights ... plugged in and sharing the electrical and magnetic energies of the Source connection. 

The only thing that separates us and divides us is our beliefs, and our perception of those beliefs. Everything that exists in manifest form, was created by mind/thought and all have the same Source. All things came from one point of origin. This is science, and immutable. All is one, and One is all. 

Now a brief look at how we form these beliefs. We make a decision - from the French "decidre" meaning to cut-off - and we only use that portion that we cut off ... what we feel that we needed. Just as we pull off 4 or 6 inches of tape to seal a package, but we are leaving the rest of the roll. We only used a small piece of the tape ... just as we only use a small piece of information. This decision, then leads to an opinion, which then becomes our belief. But ... it is incomplete ... it isn't the whole roll. We have shorted ourselves of the necessary "total" package of information. We do not receive the whole puzzle ... only a few pieces. 

Based upon this incomplete information, we then use our belief system to make judgments and cast labels upon people ann things. This is like trying to paint your house with water ... and wondering why it doesn't work. You are missing the rest of the elements that comprise the paint. So why would you continue painting with water when there is something missing? Because ... you have convinced yourself that you have all the materials needed to complete the job. You are under an illusion ... a spell of ignorance ... but you simply don't consider other options because of your belief. You have convinced yourself that you are right, and everyone else is wrong. But, in the end, your paint job will fail due to this way of thinking, and you will wonder why it didn't work. Your ego has told you that you're right and that's where it stops. Unless ... you bypass your ego, and go to the Source of your Higher Power for the rest of the information. 

Once you have become better informed, more awakened, you will have a better understanding of all things. So many things have poisoned your mind since birth. Religion, media, government, medicine, and everything else you can conceive of, all offer half-truths. It is up to you to investigate thoroughly, and discern what is Truth, and what is illusion. It is up to you to use to whole roll of tape before making a "decision/decidre" that will become the foundation for your beliefs. Seek the evidence. Seek the Truth. This will allow you to have a much better perception, and in the process ... will help to change your reality. Remember, thoughts are things ... unseen forces of energy that must manifest in form. This is immutable Universal Law. The ancients knew it ... it is time for us to open our eyes to the awareness of Truth and move this civilization into a future of love and compassion. 

Every person on this planet must personally choose good or evil. It is a personal decision that is made. They are personally responsible for the outcome ... be it positive or negative. We are all co-creators of reality. My reality affects yours, and yours affects mine simply because we are not separate. We are all fish in the ocean of life. "As a man thinks, it is done unto him." Guard your thoughts ... use your inherent Divine Powers to create a world that can qualify as "Paradise." 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.