21 July 2015

Keys To The Hidden Meaning

Keys To The Hidden Meaning

Imagine a time long ago on the North American continent. A Native American tribe and a posse of marauding cowboys come together on common ground. A line is drawn, and the native tribe meets the posse face to face and presents an object of great importance to them. Without any expression of thanks, the cowboy and his posse secure the gift, and begin to take off running. At once, the tribe gives chase. This leads to multiple confrontations on what has become a dangerous battlefield. Ultimately, a sacrifice is offered and accepted. Then, as quickly as it had come to a stop, it began again. This time, the tables are turned. The natives take back the sacred object and begin their own journey of enduring faith that they could reach a safe place, and ultimately conquer the posse. This ability to achieve what they had faith in was not known to them ... only time would tell if they win, or if they lose. 

Now let me further explain. What I just described in masked form ... was a surface story with a deeper hidden meaning. This description was a football game ... between the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys. But you wouldn't know that from the story would you? Unless you had the keys to decode the hidden meaning ... after which you could understand all of the story much better. In this tale above, there was more drama, and held the audience's attention much better than an open Truth. It also kept the true hidden meaning and esoteric lesson from being accessible to just anyone. 

Now apply this type of allegorical and metaphorical style of writing to ancient scripture. Whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other mainstream religion ... the deeper meanings have been lost to the literal and historical translations. Whether or not the events that are described actually took place is irrelevant. Whether or not the people and geographic locations existed at that time is also irrelevant. It is the deeper esoteric meaning being conveyed under the exoteric veil that was of great importance. The names, places, and stories are Mythical and contain deep spiritual Truths that affect all of mankind. The Mystics and Sages as well as Ancient Mystery School initiates and graduates knew these Truths and protected them from being revealed to the general public. 

Every single scripture from every belief system has it's foundation in ancient Pagan spirituality, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, and celestial astrotheology. As above, so below ... as within, so without. Study and research that which you believe. Chances are ... there is much more that you have not been told about. This deeper Truth, can change your life profoundly. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.