23 May 2015

Being Asked To Do What You Don't Want To Do

Being Asked To Do What You Don't Want To Do

You know when someone continuously tries to convince you to do something that you don't want to do and they don't know when to stop?

How do you respond to this? After the first few times, the nice style reply begins to fade. Your level of aggravation begins to climb. Soon, it takes all you have, to not just blow up and be abusive. 

Why is it that this type of personality is so insistent on getting their way? Is it control? Is it that they feel they know better than you, what is best for you? I'm really not sure. But one thing that I am sure about, is that it is extremely annoying. 

So each time you are asked, chances are that your voice response becomes louder and more stern with each reply of NO. So I would have to ask how many "no" answers must they receive before throwing in the towel? And will they actually give up ... or just postpone it for a later time?
I have no answers on this dilemma. But I do have a great amount of experience being on the receiving end. From childhood, to adulthood, there has always been someone ready to try and convince me of their ways. And that their ways, are the only correct way to do what is requested and suggested.

For me, the more you push, the more I push back. This creates another dilemma. That which we resist, continues to persist. So ... the very best way to handle this, is to simply not play the game. Don't put on the gloves. Don't step in the ring. Just be at peace, and offer no interaction. Anything else, will lead to battle. Let go, and be free. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.