06 May 2015

The Projectionist

The Projectionist

We all know what it's like to sit in a movie theatre and watch a film. All eyes front and center to the screen, and the sound is all around us. The fascinating thing about this experience is that it's not a fluid event. What we see on the screen is a series of moving pictures. Still shots in rapid succession. Hence, the short name of Movie rather than Motion Picture. 

Our brain works the same way. It captures a series of still images, sends these images to the brain, and they get distributed and filed as needed. We'll get back to this in a moment ... but I want to turn your attention to the back of the theatre. That hole in the wall with the bright white light projecting towards the screen. You see ... that is US. In our lives, we are projecting the movie of our life on the screen. From the world of Spirit, into the world of Matter. We are the aperture or the universe. 

We are the light of the world. We project from within, all that is created without. We are co-creators in this vast universe. Remember, the definition of "universe" is "ALL existing matter and space considered as a WHOLE; the cosmos." There are no individuals, nor are there any individual "things." All is one, one is all. You and I are not separate, we are interconnected through the seen and the unseen realms. This is fact, and science. 

Your light projecting into this world, is your passion play. Your experience. You manifest whatever your thoughts choose to bring to life. You are not your body, you are not your experiences ... just like the movie theatre ... you are the Watcher, the Observer. You are observing your own creation. And it's all happening inside your head. You can never get out of your head because that is where all your physical sensory activity is experienced. What you perceive to be the "outside world" is really in your head. All of it. And you are projecting it into this reality. 

Now back to the filing system of images that we talked about earlier. These images are seen as they are. And they are unable to be seen as a non-image. In other words ... if you see a man walking, your brain register images of a man walking. It cannot create an image of a man NOT walking. There is no red circle with a white line through it when it comes to mind. The man is either walking, or he is doing something else. The mind cannot graphically represent an image of a man NOT walking. Therefore, we must always be aware of what the mind receives from our physical senses. 

Our subconscious mind is our divine feminine ... the creator of our reality. If we think or say "I will NOT drink sodas today," then the mind can only hear "sodas today" and so you will drink sodas. It does not  comprehend concepts such as won't, don't, can't, etc. It can only manifest from positive phase images or thoughts. So instead, you can think or say I WILL drink water today," and so you will. This, the subconscious mind can understand. The default is set up that way. I obviously cannot draw a picture of a man NOT riding a bicycle. He is either riding it, or he is doing something else. 

We must remain aware of our thoughts because these thoughts will manifest as our physical reality. We are the light projecting into this realm from the realm of Spirit/consciousness. Each of us an integral element of the whole universe interconnected and co-creating everything in the world. That's quite a huge responsibility. Mind your mind. Be responsible with your thoughts. Thoughts are things (thinks). 

Just a "thought" ... 

-Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.