24 May 2015

Hunger Hurts And Leads To A Slow And Painful Death

Hunger Hurts And Leads To A Slow And Painful Death

Remember, you should be doing something to stop it. In my nearly 60 years on this terra-firma, I have learned that regardless of your stance on birth control, abstaining from sex and as a result procreation ... it is our right to replenish our species and it is our responsibility to the WORLD as fellow human beings to make sure that EVERYONE has food, shelter, and clean water at the very least.

The world governments who allow this type of suffering or even CAUSE these atrocities are disgraceful and shameless ... evil incarnate. And the multi-billion dollar Empire of Religion is no better. Silk and satin robes, precious jewels, gold, silver, and platinum bling. Billions is gold bricks in the Swedish banks and other financial institutions. An even bigger shame on you.

You profess the love of God and your Christ yet you sit by in Mansions hoarding wealth all the while these children die by the thousands every day. You disgust me. It's time for humanity to wake up from their slumber and take matter into our own hands.

Kick the crooks out of office, boycott the church and religious system ... choke off their money supply. We are 7 billion strong. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

There are actually people on this planet that wipe their ass with gold-leaf embroidered toilet paper. You too disgust me. Enjoy your wealth, enjoy your celebrity, enjoy your business accomplishments ... but how many will show up at your funeral because of your love and compassion for mankind?

I will actually be surprised and amazed if anyone even reads this post. But I write it anyway. There is enough of everything for everyone on Mother Earth. Make it happen. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. Rant over, that is all.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.