13 May 2015

Holding On To Poison

Holding On To Poison

We all have experiences in life that are "good" and "bad" but in reality they are just experiences. All are for our own personal benefit. They aid us in learning what is beneficial and what is consequential ... for ourselves and for others. Life is being, and part of that being is growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through our experiences. 

That being said, it is important to note that we are NOT our experiences. We are the Observer, the Witness to these experiences. We are spiritual beings with the knowledge granted us through physical experiences. We take the knowledge with us when we return from where we came ... Source ... but we do not bring the experiences with us. Much in the same way as we do not bring any personal possessions with us. They are not ours. They were here before we got here and they will be here when we move on. As the Old Testament Bible so profoundly says "There is nothing new under the sun." We are the great re-arrangers. 

We should not take possession of any of our experiences. They are not us ... they are merely what we have witnessed or observed. Sometimes, we are involved, other times not. But it matters not ... they are as a TV show that we are watching. The scenes are not real, and we can only take from them the knowledge of what was contained in the presentation. We use our discernment and Higher-Self to be sure we have learned what is necessary, and then we move on. Some people have to repeat the lesson if they didn't learn it. Nothing goes away under you fully understand what was contained within the lesson. School is about teaching lessons and then a taking a test. Life is a taking a test and then learning lessons. 

So many times we hold on to toxic experiences and memories. For some reason we do not want to let them go. This is the equivalent of dropping poison in your food. And sooner or later, it will kill you. Stress, heart disease, cancer, etc. All are manifestations of holding onto lies and deceptions. Only love and goodness is real. All else are illusory tools used to teach us these Truths. Once the image is seen in the mirror, the real thing is discerned and there is no need for the mirror anymore. It was just a tool.

As we hold onto and fester over dark energy thoughts and actions, we find ourselves in dis-ease. All illness comes from within. Even if you "catch a cold," it must manifest from inside you the the outside of you in physical symptoms. This dis-ease can be a mild illness, or a major life-threatening illness. Just know that ALL illness and disease begins within. If you are not at-ease, then you are at dis-ease. Lose your peace, lose your health. That's just the way it goes ... we are designed that way. What you resist, will persist. Just know that you can change your perception of your experiences in the blink of an eye. It's all about perception. If your problem has a solution, then why worry? If your problem has no solution, then why worry? Let it go ... just put it down and leave it there. 

Holding onto negative beliefs, thoughts, and experiences, is the same as drinking poison. It will kill you slowly, or quickly ... but in the end ... i will bring about the demise of your physical life existence. And all for something that was unnecessary and repairable. Do your Soul and your Body a huge favour and drop the negativity. Drop the tour of the past. Drop the festering. Just let it go ... don't give up but voluntarily let it go and walk away. Do this, then take a deep breath, because you have defeated the real devil. You have taken away the powers of satan (the Opposer). You have taken control of the EGO. Congratulations. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.