24 May 2015

The Truth About Christian Charity

The Truth About Christian Charity

Do not misconstrue what I am presenting in this article. I am not attacking Christianity or the Christian Church. It is my intent to present information that you may not know in an effort to wake up Americans to the fact that children and their parents and relatives, friends and communities, around the world are starving, unsheltered, and do not have clean water to drink. 

The very basis of Christianity according to Biblical scripture is love and compassion for your fellow human beings. We are all children of God/Source and are, as humans, deserving of a dignified and non-suffering existence here in this life. This would be not only possible, but easily accomplished if churches did not hoard their money, and also pay exorbitant salaries to their Pastors, support multiple residences and multiple Lear Jets, etc.  

Thousands of children die every day. This is NOT natural, and it is not what we should allow as fellow humans. There is enough food, supplies, medicine, shelter, clean water, and clothing for every man, woman, and child on this planet if everyone did their part. Just as a reminder ... "Jesus" said: "whatever you do for the least of these, it is as if you did it to me." 

Please consider the following facts when deciding where to donate your money and who to support monetarily in this big business of religion in America. And if you think me to be too harsh, then so be it. My heart is broken when I see people digging through dumpsters for a bite to eat, sleeping in newspapers under bridges, and begging for their next meal. And in foreign lands, some places have no one to beg from. They are ALL destitute and dying.  

"Because the churches are tax-exempt, the average citizen pays an additional $925.00 a year in taxes to support them." 

"According to the Internal Revenue Service, church donations total over 19 BILLION dollars a year. "This does not include profits from businesses, stock holdings, bond holdings, retirement centers or lease back arrangements." 

"The Mormon Church alone collects at least $4.3 billion a year from its members and another $400 million from its many business enterprises purchased with tax-exempt donated money. " 

"The churches own 81 billion dollars' worth of tax-exempt real estate in Texas and $1.3 billion in Los Angeles county alone. Consider the prime real estate owned by them in New York City, Chicago, Boston, in every state - the amount involved is staggering." 

"Every tax dollar that the church avoids paying, you as an individual tax payer must make up." 

Growing in power and ownership, the Christian churches own 20-25% of all the real estate in America.

-Taken from "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read" - Tom C. Leedom, editor 1993

Please stand up and make changes in your places or worship. Demand that goodness and love and compassion is spread to every human being in this world. If you do not think your donations are well-spent ... then leave. Find another worthy charitable organization that can feed the world ... and actually do the work mankind was commissioned to do. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor ORDM., OCP., DM.