01 February 2015

Did The Hebrews Create Christianity

Did The Hebrews Create Christianity

(A very short condensed look at this difficult question)

Christianity (as it is presented today) is a religion that has been in the western civilization for more than 2,000 years - so things have become extremely confusing over such a span of time. We've been entangled in a religion like this for so long, it takes a little bit of tact to really study it objectively. Since this literal version of the Christian religion first reared its head in Ancient Rome, we have to focus on Rome to shed some light on what has happened over the centuries.

The great 18th century historian Edward Gibbon wrote the 6 part masterpiece Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (if it ever fell). His premise is that Rome fell because of Christianity (or in my opinion, was absorbed into it). In the Roman civilization was everything that was great. They brought everything that you think of as good to the western civilization. Law and order, civic virtue, respect for women, honor, integrity, intense pragmatism, impeccable records, laws, etc. And you might as well forget the absurd Hebrew portrayal of Rome. Rome was everything good and its the model that we have based our modern civilization on, as we did Ancient Greece. 

Rome eventually encountered Carthage (an ancient Phoenician City), and they were involved in a struggle to the death that lasted about a century. It was a pretty much a back and forth battle between the two and at one point it looked like Carthage was going to win, with Hannibal crossing the Alps and everything going as planned. Rome of course pulled out the late round blow, but they didn't just want to win militarily. They wanted to erase Carthage from history, and when they had the Carthaginians at their mercy, thats exactly what they did. 

Historians refer to this event as the "Black Flag Doctrine". When the legionnaires overtook Carthage, they butchered everyone they could get their hands on. They sowed salt in the farmland. They smashed all their artifacts, statues, idols into dust. Afterward, the Carthaginian diaspora (dispersion) were discouraged from speaking their language. So 2 or 3 generations later, they basically forgot who they were. This is why Carthage has 1 page in an Encyclopedia and Rome has 10. 

Later on, Rome came into conflict with another group of people. The nomadic beduin tribe of Hebrews. The Romans easily defeated Judea because compared to the Romans, the Hebrews could not physically compete. All you have to do is look at the greco-roman statues and see their physical mass, weaponry, and armament. They look down at you almost like a mockery. 

The Hebrews were no match for Rome and they enacted the black flag doctrine on them just like Carthage. The sacking of Jerusalem was just as thorough as Carthage. All that was left basically was the "Wailing Wall" of the second temple. This of course is the wall where the Hebrews cry over their defeat by the evil  Romans. Titus' Roman soldiers essentially closed the book on the Hebrew people, at the completion of it's Jerusalem invasion in 70CE. They essentially, ceased to exist. 

That should have been the end of the story but its not. The Hebrews, which today are called "Jews" by misunderstanding of the terms, symbols, and heritage, continue on even still today, but the Roman Empire is technically gone - so "something" must've happened along the way. This is where it gets complicated and religion comes into play. Fortunately, with historical evidence, we can formulate a concept of what happened. 

Some of the surviving residents of Judah (Southern Kingdom/Jerusalem) got out during the raids. We dont know their names or identity, but obviously some of them escaped and started planning their revenge on their hated enemies the evil Romans. More than likely, they sat around like they do in the think tanks of today and threw ideas around. They knew they were never going to defeat the Romans in physical combat. The Romans were a physically powerful people with huge military might and the Hebrews (from the north) and Judeans (from the south) were not. 

Throughout the centuries, the remnants of the ones who escaped have only known how to hijack other countries and have the "goyim" (a derogatory name for a non-Jew) do their fighting for them. But the Jews knew one thing that the Romans and the Carthaginians didnt know. The power of religion. They knew this for thousands of years before they came into contact with the Romans. They knew that religion could be used as a defensive or offensive tool. They knew that religion could debase and destroy and disconnect people from reality. So in this knowledge they created this unconventional weapon and refined the poisonous brew called Christianity. "By deception, thou shall wage war" as the MOSSAD says. 

This was a revolutionary concept that had never been tried before. This religion had such suicidal instructions as "love thy enemy", "turn the other cheek" and "lay not your treasures in this world, but the next". The Romans stopped caring about the here and now and only cared about heaven. This is a historical fact. For the average person back then, daily life was horrible. A place called heaven and all of its promises seemed like quite a place to want to reach.

The concept of Jesus as we all know, was a presented as being a Hebrew. All of the apostles were set as Hebrews. They spoke in Hebrew (and Aramaic) amongst themselves. They spoke to their adherents in Hebrew. You would think since everyone who was pushing this was a Jew, they would write the books of the New Testament in Hebrew ... but no, it was written in Greek. Yes, GREEK. The Christian religion wasnt meant for Hebrew/Jewish people. They didnt accept it 2,000 years ago and they don't accept it now. That religion was for their hated enemy, the Romans, and they propagated this new religion onto them.

In the beginning of the 300-400 years that the Romans were subjected to this (before Catholicism was born via Constantine and it really became official at the Council of Nicea in 325CE) the upper and middle class Romans (most of whom followed Mithraism) laughed at this and called it the "Christ Cult". But in every society, there are the poor and downtrodden. The dregs, the commoners, the rabble. Among these people is where this concept took hold at first. It gave them some hope of escaping their despair and suffering.

The old European religious belief systems didnt have the immunity for this kind of aggressive religion with a "jealous god." They were used to Apollo not caring if you worshipped Zeus and vice versa and so on. But the Hebrew Mountain God (YHWH) Yahweh/Jehovah DID care. The Romans didnt have the antibodies for this type of virulent abrasive hellfire religion. You can only put yourself in the shoes of the average Roman person. They didnt have a concept of afterlife like we do today in Christianity. And here comes a Hebrew who says "listen, you have to believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and if you dont believe it, you will got to HELL, where you will suffer and choke and cry and wish you were dead but never die. until the end of time FOREVER." This was a revolutionary concept that had never been tried. Europeans had never had this kind of concept attack them before. 

This eventually worked its way through the Roman empire and the Roman empire did eventually collapse (or was absorbed and reemerged as the Vatican). Afterwards, we ushered in a new age called the Dark Ages for 1000 years. This was an age where demons in the sky ruled the land and there was a demon behind every creak in the night and we burned people at the stake fort being witches and literally anything other than Roman Catholic. We basically lost 1,000 years of human progress because of this Hebrew weapon of mass destruction. Rome was the natural path for mankind's evolution and we are in debt 1,000 years because of it.

It was an amazing plan, and it's huge success more than likely shocked the planners and executors of this grand plan. They took what had been Pagan Spirituality, wrapped it in flesh, appended it to the history books, and it now has consumed nearly 2 billion people on Earth. Unfortunately, the original empowering teachings of Pagan philosophies, spirituality, cosmogony, astrology, and celestial astrotheology was lost in the process. These ancient Truths and Wisdom are re-emerging after the discovery of many lost scriptural antiquities have re-surfaced over the last 200 years, particularly in the last 75 years. 

Do your research when it comes to your spirituality. Find out what it is that you believe in and why. Let it speak to that still small voice within you. That voice is your guardian Angel, your Higher-Self, your Divine ... the one who knows Truth and is trying to help you to re-member it in this incarnation in order to advance your consciousness and awareness to a higher level of vibration. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.