13 February 2015

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

In the world today, there are established three kingdoms.

The Mineral Kingdom
The Plant Kingdom
The Animal Kingdom

Now which of these three do you think WE are included? Correct. We are in the Animal Kingdom ... animals. And as so, we behave and think as animals. Just look at your local community, news, jails, prisons, court systems, etc. Filled with "people" behaving as if they were animals scrapping over territory and provisions. 

Now my second point. We call ourselves "humans" or "human beings." But what does that really mean? What does the word human mean? 

Back to ancient Egypt and Sumer we go. "HU" was the Egyptian God who spoke the world into existence ... the Logos or Word. "MAN" or "MANU" comes to us from the ancient Sanskrit and means Mind, or Mankind. 

So, knowing this information, how do we establish a "Human Kingdom" on planet Earth? By becoming, and BEING ... HU-MAN. God-man. By taking on the mind of God/Source Energy and thinking and manifesting, goodness, righteousness, love, peace, joy, harmony, compassion, care, and all of the positive polarities of a Light Being. 

We shine our light (consciousness) upon the darkness, and dispel the illusion of negative emotions and actions. The default for all the universe is creation. We are creators, and we are imbibed with the ability and the knowledge and reasoning to effect worldwide change. Just by altering the way we think, and our actions.

We are the ones entrusted to convert order from chaos, light from darkness. Once we come together and realize the Truth that we are One Being, One Essence, One Universal Organism ... THEN, we will establish the long awaited Human Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven/God here on Earth. We have to delete our ignorant thinking (sin) and change our minds to Divine influence and the Truth of who we are. 

Each one of us has breathed each other into our lungs, we have poured the same water into our bodies, we walk the same ground, and we experience all of live inside each others heads. We are connected in ways you never dreamed of. The Universal Consciousness that is within one, is within ALL. Ego has divided us, Divine Truth will reunite us.

Just a thought ... 

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.