09 February 2015

Still Standing But Not Standing Still

Still Standing But Not Standing Still

You know those punching bags that are weighted at the bottom so they don't fall down? No matter how hard you hit them, they spring right back up again? Well, that's what YOU have to be. And while you're at it ... move around. Get to another place. You can still be standing, but if you're standing still they're gonna keep punching you over and over. Move!

If you're stuck in the same rut, you're gonna get the same results. If you keep running into the wall, it isn't going to move. You have to either build a door, go around it, or go over it. But you still gotta move. You have to be interactive. Things don't happen for you if you're gonna sit home in a bean bag chair watching "reality shows," and then start the whole process over again tomorrow. 

It is YOU who affects change. It is YOU who affects how successful you will be and how you will achieve the desires of your physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual life here. It's like having a flat tire. If you don't change the tire, you're not going to get anywhere. Far too often people have become like the parking lot at the mall. Rows and rows of cars without any drivers. If there's no driver, the car won't go anywhere. You are the driver of your vehicle (your physical body) and as the driver, you choose the destination and hold the key that will send you on your way. 

Life, or Source Energy (God if you will) has provided you with the life-force and all that is required for your journey. Your will, however ... is up to you. You can use this amazing power of the universe to create good or not-so-good ... for not only yourself but for others. One power, two polarities. You choose.  Just like electricity. Used correctly, it can light the darkness, cook your dinner, run your computer. But used incorrectly, it can lead to death or injury by electrocution, it can mix with water and shock you, or it can start a fire that burns down your house. One principle, one power ... dual polarity. 

This life is a journey. That means we keep moving, We are in flux. Everything is animated. Even a rock at it's cellular level has moving cells with a mitochondria creation system  ... spinning vortices of energy ... even consciousness equal to it's abilities and inherent design. Truth be told, there is no "matter." All is energy at different frequencies of vibration. So you ... as a creator, as a god/essence, have the power and ability to create your own reality. One click at a time ... just like a clock, we experience the effects of our cause. One frame at a time. We can change the next frame at any moment. We can change the future as it unfolds. We create it. And all the tools you need have always been here.

Even through horrible circumstances, we learn what led us there and do our best not to repeat the cause that brought us to that effect. Everything in life is our teacher. Keep standing ... but don't stand still. Detach from the negativity, and progress to the positive side of life. Learn as you go, and then if it's harmful ... let it go. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.