09 February 2015

Is There Really A God

Is There Really A God?

The Question

This question is debated by asking another, "how did we get here?" Philosophy and science have researched all options. In all that time that has passed, man has conceived of only two possible solutions -- either something made the universe, or the universe made itself.


Unless we can demonstrate the world is capable of creating itself, then God/Source Energy is the default. The incredible design that permeates all things implies a Designing Force. Natural laws (cause and effect, thermodynamics, gravity, etc.) imply established Universal Laws. Creation implies a Creator. 

Since everything we observe in the universe is an effect, there must have been a First Cause. This is immutable Law. Unless we are able to explain satisfactorily how each of these things exist, without resorting to a supernatural force, and find empirical evidence to support our conclusion, a Creator/Source is default. Furthermore, any derived conclusion must be within the bounds of natural Law, as natural Law is a part of the universe and remains unbroken within the universe.


Is there a God, or isn't there a God, depends on our ability to disprove God. Proving a negative is impossible. We could not possibly prove there are no black cats in Virginia, but we can prove there ARE black cats in Virginia simply by finding just one. we couldn't possibly search every alley, under every house, in every forest, parking garage, and under the stairs through the entire state trying to prove there are no black cats in Virginia. 

The burden of proof of the non-existence of  God/Source rests upon atheism to validate its position. Which of course, is impossible. Furthermore, in order to say you don't believe in something, you must first recognize it's existence. If you don't believe aspirin can cure an ingrown toenail, you are first accepting the existence of aspirin. The atheism dilemma is simply resolved by asking who or what God is to everyone. It varies with each person you ask.

Currently, the common alternative to Special Creation via a Personal Creator is the Big Bang Model of Origins. This is the accepted theory today. It is a wonder how this theory came to be accepted, as it violates two of the three Laws of Thermodynamics, and the Law of Cause and Effect. 

Furthermore, as retrograde motion is observed throughout the universe, even within our own solar system, the Big Bang violates the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. Beyond these violations of natural law, the Big Bang is unable to explain uneven "voids" and "clumps" throughout the universe. 

Plus, there remains the question, "where did the Big Bang come from?" This question remains unsolved, even in the minds of atheists. A few atheists hypothesize that the universe is eternal and only appears to have had a beginning. This contradicts quite a few empirical evidences and observations, as well as violating natural law. In fact, this universe may have been birthed by another. 

The other view ... and the newest, given by quantum physics, is that everything sprang from a void. At the very core of the vortices of energy within an atom, there is nothing ... just a void of potentiality. From this void springs forth unlimited and boundless potential. Quantum physics has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is no matter. All is Spirit. All is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

The Implications

The question that seems most perplexing is, "why are we determined to explain away God?" It seems that if there is a God, then we would be God's creatures, and therefore, accountable to Source and part of Source. Of course, this is not acceptable to a determined portion of mankind's intelligentsia. 

These "scholars" have a good control of the majority through arenas such as the public school system and the broadcast media. We are not exposed to both alternatives. We're not taught the problems with evolution, naturalism and materialism. We are simply taught the Big Bang is fact. The result is that we are not educated, we are indoctrinated. 

Unfortunately, the ultimate result is that we and our children are taught that there is no Divine Essence within us - a Higher-Self guiding the universal organism forward, and therefore, there is no Absolute Law or morality. Everything in today's society, including moral codes and civil laws, are merely relative. "Survival of the fittest!" is the rally cry. No one stops to consider why or how morality developed, or that it seems to only function as a means for the survival of the weakest. 

Because we are taught there is no God/Source/Divine Energy, what would cause us to consider that perhaps there is what we call God ... Source Energy ... and through our knowledge of right and wrong reasoning, we are charged with bring order from chaos, morality from immorality? 

Evolution is unable to account for the development of the moral code inherent in all of us. We simply ignore this Truth, just as we seem to be ignoring the existence of our Life Source ... every breath we take ... what we would call God. Society suffers tremendously as a result of our children not being being taught alternatives and letting them decide through their own discernment and the still small voice within. 

Individuality, meaning and purpose no longer mean anything. And we wonder why our kids act like animals today. Wrong and ignorant thinking (sin) is our teacher and the Way to right and Divine thinking. We learn by our mis-takes ... so we do another take. And as many takes as we need to hit the target of Truth. And that is that God/Source lives in us, through us, and as us. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to All About Philosophy.