06 February 2015

Hermetic Mystery of Christ

Hermetic Mystery of Christ

In the context of hermetic and metaphysical philosophy, what do we mean by the words Cosmic Christ?  In addition to this and mystically, what does the essence of Christ represent? We have to understand that the essence and nature of the Cosmic Christ is universal and beyond the scope of any kind of investigation because in itself it is not and never will be a personality, something that can be objectively proven due to the fact that it has never been an individualized Energy. 

How could it be? The Essence of the Cosmic Christ is simply the REGENERATIVE and RECONCILING aspect of the force of pure Being and the Soul Essence within each one of us. Hence in itself, it represents the unfolding energy of wholeness in human nature. In other words, Christ Energy is a divine Energy that brings and blends together the essence of Soul and Spirit within each one of us (to use a symbolic image), we could say that Christ Energy brings together and "marries" the Permanent and Spiritual Witnesses within each individual.

 Jesus Christ

As seekers of Truth, we should make a distinction between the Cosmic Christ and the manifestation of the force that descends and unfolds through the channel of consciousness in an enlightened being. In other words, we should differentiate between an individualized expression of the Cosmic Christ and the Essence of the Cosmic Christ itself. 

To facilitate our task, we could begin by asking this question. What do we mean by an individualized expression of the Cosmic Christ? The answer is simply that it represents an enlightened and self-realized expression of pure Being. However, such a level of enlightenment can only manifest in a purified  and well prepared vehicle, in which consciousness is awakened fully. By purified vehicle, we mean the purified physical, psychic and spiritual bodies in which the energy and characteristics of the Force of the Cosmic Christ become apparent. 

This Christic Force is an active and universal power house that functions through "human vehicles" forever. Hence, nothing gets lost, and the vehicle and characteristics of Master Jesus still continue functioning through all enlightened and realized human beings. 

The same principle is applied to all enlightened beings. Why is this so? Simply because, purified vehicles are all molded  from one specific Perfect Mold that is at the source of all traditions, Eastern and Western alike. It is the power source that is inherent in Primordial Wisdom and in Nature. Thus, it is also inherent in human nature too. However, it needs to be awakened and activated by consciousness. 

For Buddhism, all seekers and disciples of Buddha are known as having Buddha nature inherent within their nature. In the same manner, for the hermetic and esoteric Mysteries of the Western tradition, the essence of the Cosmic Christ is innate to all sentient beings and part of his spiritual blueprint, (the Perfect Mold), in the West and in the East. 

 Jesus Christ - Melchizedek

"Jesus The Christ" represents a perfected vehicle that has existed, and still continues to exist eternally, since it represents one of the perfected Expressions of  Primordial Wisdom. That is why, to a Western approach, Jesus or Jeheshua (or Joshua) represents a process of manifesting Primordial Wisdom to a Western approach. 

Since, the Perfect Model and Mold are themselves expressions of the Primordial Wisdom. Hence,  Jesus or Jeheshua represent a channel and a vehicle in which a high level of initiation takes place. He represents  one of the Perfect Mold in which the process of awakening and of enlightenment takes place. The Perfect Mold of a Cosmic Christ or of a Buddha exists everywhere - and remains the same, for everyone, since they are made of the same pure essence of Primordial Wisdom and therefore, all Perfect Molds and Models are ALIVE and ACTIVE expressions of the same unique source, which are inherent to Pure Being. 

The meaning of the Perfect Mold and Perfect Model should be understood intuitively by the genuine seeker because these two symbolic expressions should clarify the understanding that it is not the ego personality and the intellect as such that choose a Perfect Model and discovers its corresponding Perfect Mold. 

The Perfect Model within each one of us is hidden within consciousness. When consciousness "awakens" in a seeker, then the Presence of the Perfect Model appears. It is through the purification of the psyche and the unfoldment of the inner process that the expression of the Perfect Model becomes clearer and is revealed.

However,  we should also realize that the world of the psyche belongs to the world of duality, since the mirror of the psyche transfers and projects, images, ideals, intuitions, which are reflections of the Perfect Model. 

The Perfect Model unfolds the process of awakening and its vehicle, the Perfect Mold is the "ground" on which the awakening process takes place. It is the purified psyche - the mirror of the Soul in which ideal "images" of  Heroes and Heroines can still be projected like in the time of childhood. 

However, for seekers of truth, these faints projected ideal models of heroes and heroines, of gods and goddesses are replaced by a direct impulse coming from the Presence of  pure Being. To begin with, this new impulse appears like a divine and complementary counterpart and gradually reveals the Presence of the Perfect Model. 

Until such time that consciousness reveals that the psyche does not really exist ... it was a perfect mirror reflecting purified impulses that disappear leaving a silent space within ... a level of consciousness in which the world of duality is non-existent and in its place appears the Presence the uncreated and immortal Essence of Being, the "I AM" Presence and the sudden realization that : "I AM ... WHAT I AM."

 Christ Pantocrator

Meaning of The Name Jesus Christ The Nazarene

The word "Jesus" represents an individualized level of enlightenment and experience. Christ, on the other hand represents an epithet, an explanation of the quality of enlightenment reached by "Jesus". For this reason, and in the context of Western Mysteries, "Jesus" represents the Perfect Mold, the inner workings of the purified "Substance" and the vehicle in which the path of AWAKENING the level of Christ Consciousness takes place.

The word "Consciousness" (in Syriac means Messiah and in Greek Christos means the Anointed One). 

As for the word "The Nazarene", the meaning is: "He who reveals what is hidden".

As for the word "Messiah", it has two meanings, "Christ or the Anointed One" and "The Measured One"

"Jesus" in Hebrew means "The Redemption" and the word "Nazara" means "The Truth". Thus, "The Nazarene" means "Truth". Jesus represents having attained "Nazirutha", perfect spiritual enlightenment, and that that path had been taught to others. Hence, Jesus and his disciples are presented as Nazarenes or Nazoraeans: meaning, followers of the mystic path to God, or Pure Being.

The terms: 'Jesus the Nazoraean Messiah,  means 'Jesus, the Nazoraean, the Christ, or "The Anointed One".

Remember if you're looking for nouns:  The last name is "Christ", the first name is "Jesus", the middle name is "The Nazarene".

Hence the Name "Jesus Christ the Nazarene" means; The Anointed One, the Giver of Truth - The Bringer and Source of Redemption - The Revealer of what is hidden - The Enlightened One who has the gift to Awaken others. Powerful spiritual food for thought.

In the language of the Christian mysteries, we could say that the Name YESHUA corresponds to Jesus' existence as a heavenly power in eternity (the Perfect Model - the Archetype). The INITIATOR and SAVIOR in the Christian Mystical Mysteries. Hence it is the transcendent Spirit beyond the realm of physical matter. On the other hand, Yeheshuah, or (Jeshua) - Jesus represents the immanent Spirit present within physical matter. (the Perfect Mold). Un-manifest, and manifest. 

In God (pure Absolute Being) we are born
In Jeshua we "learn" to die,
 Through the Power of the Holy Sprit 
and the Redemption of YESHUA
 we rise again!

This is a Mystery, and it involves the three levels of the unfolding inner process.

(1) - Ego consciousness experiences and trusts the unfolding inner process of the Soul (2) - Divine Grace reveals the Cosmic Perfect Mold in which the old self has to "enter" and "die" so that  (3) - The Holy Spirit can descend to awake and manifest the Perfect Model, or  Christ Consciousness.

In the Gospel of Thomas - 108

Whosoever drinks from my mouth
Shall become as I am.
I too shall become like him.
For him, the hidden will be revealed.

If the Teachings are truly understood and put into practice, we will become a "Jesus" ... meaning a pure "container" in which the Essence of the Cosmic Christ will fully manifest, just as it does with a Master. 

Moreover, when the Spirit of Christ emerges completely in our level of consciousness, we will have realized that the Christ Essence and Spirit are the REAL part of who we are ... the silent Witness ... the Unmanifest "I" that belongs to the level of unity and wholeness ... the level within us that has no reflection. We are the Observer, not what is observed.

Hopefully, these hints and clues will help to unravel the unfathomable Mystery of your own spiritual Substance and Essence. 

The use of Christian symbolism in mystical practices may seem strange to modern eyes, but the inner process of the Western Mysteries include psychic symbols that belong to the Soul and which  are inherent of the early Christian Mystery teachings. 

For this purpose, they remain an important element of the Western Initiatory tradition since ancient times. While the actions of some modern versions of Christianity have succeeded in giving many mystics a bad case of "Jesus allergy", it's important to remember that the meaning and value of a symbol is independent of the theology built around it or the atrocities committed in its name. Listen for the message ... within.

Just a deep thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.