17 February 2015

Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

It is difficult to write an article like this with love and understanding but I will try. Are you still sleeping? Will you continue to hit the snooze (ignore) button in life? Or, are you ready to awaken ... ready to take notice and pay attention to what is happening all around you? Unfortunately, the unaware, are unaware that they are unaware. So where does this leave us?

The walking dead isn't just the title of a TV series. The world is filled with Zombies. Empty shells, just going through the daily motions of what they deem to be life, but in all actuality, is death. The body is a tomb for the Spirit ... trapped in this realm and entombed in a bleak daily existence. Until it is freed. Elevated to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. 

During our "awake" hours, the average person is operating at about 95% unconscious mind, and about 5% conscious mind. This is fact, and what it means is that we are all operating on old programs and responding and perceiving new information and experiences based on past history. 

Do you remember those electric remote controlled slot car tracks we played with as kids. Round and round the track went the car at our command but after a while, we learned a behaviour through repetition. We slowed down when our mind told us "this is where you crashed the last time." We floored it on the straightaways cause the mind learned we could pick up time and speed here. The problem with this, is in life, the track is never the same track. We can't apply the experiences in our past to the new ones we are having now. They just won't benefit us.

We have to become more conscious, and leave the unconscious mind to do what it does best. Repair the organism, and unify the operation of all systems. This goes for personal and business relationships, everything that we experience. If you are dating a new person, do not see this person in the light of the old partner you once had. They are different ... and therefore you should see than as different. If you keep replaying all the old tapes, you will find yourself in a relationship just like the one you left.

Wake up ... become awakened. Be a human be-ing. Be more aware. Raise you level of knowledge and Wisdom, and you will help to raise those around you.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.