15 February 2015

You Have All The Knowledge You Need

You Have All The Knowledge You Need

You Are God, though your understanding of God/Source may need to shift before you really understand what I mean when I say that "You Are God." It’s no wonder that people have such a hard time seeing God when they’re looking for someone else’s vision of God. In fact, good luck putting God/Source Energy into words in the first place. 

Something rather miraculous has happened to Humanity in the past couple hundred years. There has been increasing access to enormous amounts of knowledge. Writings that were long kept secret have been made public, and now with the advent of the Internet, they’re easily accessible, even from a smart phone. 

Everything from ancient mystic texts to cutting edge scientific studies is readily available, yet has all this access to such a wide array of knowledge gotten people any closer to God? Any closer to their own Divine Presence? We must start our journey from within, because we will need our DGS ... Divine Guidance System to help us discern all the information available to us.

Part of the issue in dealing with such huge amounts of information is how do you separate fact from fiction? Truth from illusion? It’s plenty of work just to read it, how do you know you’re not wasting your energy on fantasies and propaganda? 

With all the contradictory information, it cannot all be true, and unfortunately this means people usually just go with what they want to believe. This is a very foolish thing to do if your goal is Truth. Truth is simply what Is, it very rarely fits into preconceived beliefs. It stands alone and is immutable. 

Lucky for you, you have all the knowledge you need. Divine Truths are no longer secret ... but something horrible has happened to them, they’ve become cliché. They’ve been repeated until they’ve become mundane, dry repetition. I can say “GOD IS LOVE!” and people will agree with me, they can acknowledge that what I said is Truth, but how many have the Living Experience of God "Being" Love in this Present Moment? Very few. This is part of why knowledge alone wont get you to God. An intellectual understanding isn’t enough, in fact it’s because people live in a world of intellectual understandings that the Divine seems separate from this Moment.

You have a wealth of knowledge within you already that was created to assist you in rediscovering your Divine Nature. You just have to re-member. It’s been “hidden” in plain sight, it’s even in songs on the radio. “All You Need Is Love”, everyone has heard this, yet only a tiny few actually live that way. Another example of how knowledge alone isn’t enough.

Most spiritual teachers, they’re packed full of spiritual knowledge, filled with intellectual understandings of what you’re supposed to do to find God/Source/Truth. That’s all it takes to be a spiritual teacher, it can be taught in the same way a person learns to be a doctor. You don’t have to walk the walk, you just have to talk the talk, then people who don’t know any better will actually pay for this spiritual knowledge. This is why there’s millions of followers, yet an actual Sage or Shaman is an extreme rarity.

Spiritual knowledge can help you along the journey, but knowledge alone isn’t enough. You can’t learn your way to God, if simply knowing something was enough, most people would already be Self-Realized. And religion would actually bring Enlightenment, instead of ignorance. 

There’s knowledge, then there’s what you do with the knowledge, and then there’s what you are Being. God is in the Being, knowledge can only follow Being, knowledge doesn’t preclude Being. When you put all your focus upon knowledge, the Being is missed, you’re just paying attention to your mind. This is why children are closer to God, their minds haven’t been filled full of knowledge yet. They haven't been poisoned by illusions and opinions. 

Please don’t try to interpret what I’m sharing dualistically, I’m not saying knowledge is “bad”. If you believe knowledge is bad, all you’ve done is added another belief to your mind. Knowledge is what it is, simply an interpretation that follows experience. 

It’s an abstract thought, manipulation of experience into something that can be grasped by the mind. It’s not a bad thing, but believing knowledge is the path back to God just creates chaos and confusion, as humanity demonstrates on a daily basis. You aren’t going to reach the Unlimited with a limited mind. There are many people who can recite all the holy books, yet they know not what the stories mean.

For many that’s a rather disturbing thought, since their whole approach to spirituality, their whole approach to life, is all based in the mind. It’s like those old maps of the world, where the unknown parts were assumed to be filled with monsters. The mind is terrified of the unknown, the unknown is outside of the mind’s realm altogether. 

In fact the Ultimate aspect of God/You ... within you, the Unknowable, is completely impossible to know through the mind. This is why your Being, your Heart, and those Subtle Feelings, are so much more important than knowledge if you want to rediscover God. The life force than runs through the entire universe, was there in the beginning and is part of everything in creation. Once you get it ... you'll get it. Then you can throw away all the books. You won't need them anymore.

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Renee Kirsten and to Will at the Galactic Free Press.