05 February 2015

Let Go And Let God

Let Go And Let God

Whether you are a religious, spiritual, or agnostic person ... or even just undecided about spirituality, you'll find something you can definitely use to your advantage in this article. Just read along, and let the information settle into your consciousness. Let it speak to your Higher-Self. 

So, we begin with this phrase: “Let go and let God." These are extremely important words that everyone should fully understand and heed at all times. Once you understand this process, you will accept the principle as personal Truth.

It is the tendency of human beings generally to make demands, become impatient and frustrated, and to force things whenever things do not seem to go their own way, or in the perceived timescale. The Source, The Universe - God - simply cannot be rushed. Everything in the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality happens in an immutable sequence of causation. Like a perfect clock. 

 However it is most important to keep in Mind at the same time that everything that has ever happened, is happening now - or ever will happen in the future relative to the temporal concept of Earth “time” already exists within the "Eternal Now" beyond the illusion or temporal space-time. It is only a matter of attracting something into personal awareness from the Eternal Now, in order to experience it in a tangible form. Now, go back and read this paragraph again. It's deep, but you should grasp it as best you can. All there ever is ... is now. 

This is a basis for Taoism called "going with the Tao." It is to progress with the flow of life, The Universe, with God. The Universe and everything within it of which we are all inseparable aspects - all of us one - is always evolving perfectly. All we have to do is to evolve with the flow of the Universe rather than, as many people still do today, resist the flow of life it if they do not believe that things are going their way ... or try and force it before it's time.

The reality is that no one knows, from our physical human perspective, what the “future” will bring. The “future” is an erroneous human perception based upon temporal Earth “time”. In fact the “future” already exists within the Eternal Now as infinite quantum probabilities encompassing every possible outcome. One thing is for certain however; the course of that perceived “future” will continue to unfold regardless of any resistance; the only thing that any and all resistance to the immutable flow of The Source, the First Cause, of God can possibly bring is unhappiness, misery and discontentment.

The Universe, The Source, God ... is absolute, total, complete perfection; there is absolutely nothing about God/Source that can be added to, modified or subtracted for the better; absolutely nothing, whatsoever. As expressions of God we are all destined for that same perfection. Should however you perceive anything, keeping in Mind that all things are expressions of the same perfection that is God/Source, as less than perfect, you will immediately subtract that same perfection from the Universe and therefore from yourself ... as all thing(s) are one and inseparable. 

Perception of perfection, is always at the level at which your senses decode and observe yourself, your situation and your environment. Everything is truly perfect ... as a perfect expression of God ... and it is for each and every one of us as an infinite Spiritual Being and inseparable aspect of God, to express that perfection as it flows from God through each and every one of us without any exceptions.

Thinking, acting and perceiving negatively, contracts and will result in the creation of that same individual reality, at a physically experiential and inner level. Being a totally open, positive, unlimited channel of expression of God, will result in the same unlimited expansion, joy and creation, which again will be reflected within your individual reality. 

Always, always, always be a joyful, open, positive expression of The Source, The First Cause, of God, and you will be infinitely blessed by everything you desire flowing to towards you and manifesting into your experiential reality.   

Always know, in the very core of your being that you are an aspect of the Divine, of the Creator/Source, of God, and that God is love. The power and energy that is God ... only ever wants what is best for us at all times while we are still free to exercise our own freewill. 

It is however the using of freewill in negative ways, against the immutable flow of the Universe that results in misery, discontent and unhappiness. Always have total faith in God/Source, and God will never, ever let you down, an absolute faith that should endure regardless of how difficult a life situation might seem at the time. Have total and complete faith in God, always trust God with gratitude and joy, and you will always be completely safe, happy and secure. This type of faith, is the knowingness of the results of the immutable Law of Cause and Effect. 

“Let go and let God” is extremely important in the process of manifesting your desires. Having followed the process of manifestation (form), never, ever, ever crave for results, wonder where the object of your manifestation is, or why it seems not to be yet appearing in your physical reality. 

Rather ... be totally calm, happy and above all most grateful that your wishes have been heard, have already been granted and are even now in the process of manifesting into your physically oriented reality where soon you can experience and enjoy them. A flower thinks not of when it will bloom, it just does, when the universe is in alignment with the process of blooming. In other words, when the time is right. 

Force is a very negative Energy of contraction and will always result in having the opposite effect to that intended. Never, ever force anything in the direction you wish it to go in accordance with your perceptions, because to do so will have a negative and therefore counterproductive, contractive effect that will be exactly the opposite to that which you intended. Always let go and let God/Source manifest your desires in accordance with your wishes in accordance with the immutable flow of the Universe; the more in harmony you are with the flow of the Universe the faster your wishes will manifest into your own reality as a free flowing expression of God.

The importance of this simply cannot be underestimated; the more you are in complete harmony with the flow of the Universe (that you are an integral essence of) and therefore at one with God, the more rapidly your desires will manifest, because your Energy, your vibrations are more aligned with the flow of the Universe and therefore that which you are manifesting into your life in form.

Faith in “let go and let God” should not be sporadic, insincere or weak; it should always be integrated into your very being, just as God/Source is an integral aspect of your very being. The flow of the Universe is immutable, constant and never wavers even for a moment. If it did waver then the Universe would collapse in an instant and would not be sustainable. That same immutable flow of the Universe is within each and every person as an expression of God, and accordingly it is for each and every one of us to align ourselves completely with that flow.

Believe in the The Source, The First Cause, God and of your own creative powers as an infinite aspect of God and the “God powers” that flow though you, and you will surely enjoy perpetual total joy, harmony and peace in your life at all times, with the ability to easily, effortlessly and completely manifest anything you desire into your experiential physical reality.

Relax. Know that you are an infinite and immortal son or daughter of God, that the entire Universe including your individual reality as an immortal Spiritual being ... is unfolding perfectly, and that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have. Simply let go and let God and you will experience infinite joy, abundance and progress on the path back to God, thereby being completely aligned with the true meaning of life; our ultimate reality. You will have raised your consciousness, and resurrected your High-Self ... releasing the imprisonment of the animal, base nature ego. 

Just a thought ... 

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

Many thanks to Adrian Cooper.