17 November 2014

Cosmological View of Communion

Cosmological View of Communion

Most of us are very familiar with “Communion” or “Eucharist” in most modern day Christian church services. It appears to be a form of cannibalism. Actually eating and drinking what has apparently been magically transformed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Now, just for a few moments, let’s step out of the literal and historical view of this ritual for a deeper look at it’s origins and it’s esoteric meaning. You’re not use to having heard this, but bear with me.   In this cosmic ritual, “Jesus,” represents the “Life Principle.” This is pre-physical life. The “Passover” was observed in an “upper room”. This is the pre-physical part of the new world. In this state, the Sun of God/Source and his 12 aspects ate the “last supper” in Involution.   The explanatory model of INVOLUTION indicates that “lower” forms do not generate “higher” ones, but instead that “higher” forms generate “lower” forms. Much in the way that it can’t rain upside down. Also, remember the rays of the sun emanate from the sun, they do not shine back at the sun.   In the EVOLUTION theory “consciousness” is considered a product of the brain, similar to wood that suddenly—when a spark occurs—generates light (thoughts) and heat (emotions) through the energy of the fire (consciousness). If you have seen a Christian church that present Jesus on the cross, about his head are found the letters INRI. This is the word INRI which is representative of the Sacred Fire.   The explanatory model of INVOLUTION indicates that consciousness—rather than matter—is the origin of everything. In philosophical terms: the absolute background of all relativity and duality is not an abstract “non-duality” of energy (matter), but “in-dividuality“, literally: the “in-divisible” (eternal, spiritual) existence that is always a conscious existence (consciousness). For everything that exists also exists—directly or indirectly—as the origin (source) of everything. Since there is consciousness in creation, it must have originated from the source and hence also exist “there.” More easily put, water originated from a source, and therefore the source must be water.   Now knowing all of this, let’s return to the last supper.   This was a supper of bread and wine. The nectar* and ambrosia** of the gods. Jesus so declares that one aspect will betray him (Judas – representing matter), and another later denied him (Peter – representing rock or earth).   As they partook of the meal, Jesus formally institutes the rock. As they ate and drank the bread and wine he said “do this in remembrance of me”. The bread and wine are symbols, representative of the two aspects, energy (bread) and consciousness (wine) … changed or transubstantiated in the creative process.   The elements become same in substance, but different in quality. Therefore, the “bread and wine” are transubstantiated into “flesh (energy/matter/bread) and blood (consciousness/wine).“ This ritual is esoterically SYMBOLISM … and not Cannibalism once explained properly … as was the original intent and understanding Pre-Roman intervention of ancient scriptures.   Jesus (Life Principle) says “do this in remembrance of me”. Hence, we should remember (re-member) His Source. The place where we all came from (our original Source and nature - Spirit) before we fell into a physical, material world of matter. The Involutionary Jesus becomes the Evolutionary Christ.   Also, the Life Principle in Involution (pre-physical life) must “die” that evolution might be later “raised up” or “resurrected” as biologic life in dense matter. This is causation … cause and effect. For every effect there must be a cause. Our Soul, having ”fallen“ into the lowest form of vibrational energy which we call matter (mother), is trapped in this experiential life incarnation until it’s return back home. The ancient Greeks called it ”soma/sema“ meaning ”the body is a tomb." In order for something to grow, it must symbolically die. In order for a seed to grow, it must be buried. From it burial, it resurrects and brings forth life and life abundant. Contained within the seed, is Eternal generation. An apple seed, contains and endless orchard.


  • Nectar: (Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) Classical myth the drink of the gods.

** Ambrosia: Greek & Roman Mythology The food of the gods, thought to confer immortality.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.