03 November 2014

Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend

I have had many dogs as part of my family over the years. There’s Tiger, Spot, Princess, Hazo (one cat), Theo, Chaia, Willow (17–1/2 years), and at this writing, Ringo, and Pebbles occupy our time. They sure are a lot of work at times. Training, grooming, feeding, walking, etc. And then there’s those “missing vacations” because you cant bring the dog(s) and couldn’t stand to confine them to a kennel while you’re gone. But having one of these extra family members is truly a blessing, and in so many ways.

I work out of my house here in Florida. I have a studio, office, and voiceover booth right here and I make my living joyfully enduring a 65 foot commute every day barefoot and in my PJ’s. This too, is a blessing … after so many years of 2 hour commutes and extreme weather conditions up north. Ringo and Pebbles are not only my co-office occupants, but they are my teachers. I have learned so much just by observing them, their behaviour, their attitude, and their zeal for love and life. Although Pebbles is more like a feline, Ringo follows me everywhere like my shadow. They have their own special ways of telling me when they have to go outside, when they want a treat, when they want some lovin’, and when they want to play.

One thing of huge importance that I have learned from them, is that they have no concept of death. They don’t know that one day they will leave their bodies behind and return back to Source Energy as we all will. But since they don’t know anything about it, they don’t live in fear of it. How powerful that must be. To live each and every moment, IN the moment, with no watch, and no concept of time whatsoever. They just know when it’s day and night, time to eat, time for Maria to come home, time for a walk, and then time for bed. They don’t rush, they never stress over being late, no deadlines to meet, and always looking to give and receive some loving. Canine ignorance, is truly bliss. And perhaps, it really isn’t ignorance. Maybe … it brilliance.

They have a mutual respect for each other. They share water and and food. And when they hear certain “key words” they have no problem understanding what they mean. Magic words like “bank” … cause when Maria takes them to the bank they get a treat and a ride in the car. When they hear “kotoula” which is Greek for chicken, they run to the kitchen and wait for their share. If I forget to fill their water bowl, Ringo comes and gets me and takes me to the bathroom and jumps into the bathtub as his way of telling me he’s out of water. He knows the source. They protect us from anything or anyone they suspect of harming us. They’re always keeping watch over the house through the various outlook posts that are set up in the windows looking out. And when I’m in the booth recording, Ringo lays down in his bed under my feet and stays quiet through all the sessions.

If they so much as get an inkling that we are going to leave and go somewhere, they hang their heads in sadness and try and keep us from leaving. As long as we’re with them, they’re content, secure, and living precisely in the moment without a care in the world. If I leave the house for 5 minutes, or 5 hours, I get the same ecstatic greeting upon my return home. Ringo greets me with a toy running around in total excitement. Pebbles just looks at me like a cat as if to say “you’re back … finally.” They are woven into our lives in ways that can’t be explained, but yet … they can’t even talk to us. I look into their eyes everyday and ask them “who are you? who’s in there?” It’s as if they want to answer, but can’t. Instead, they jump on me and kiss me as of to say “I am you, and you are me, and we love each other.” Perhaps there’s a reason we call them D-O-G. For it is a reflection of G-O-D. Unconditional love, dedication, peace, joy, and an invisible connection within us teaching us the simplicity of life, and the ways in which we should be enjoying it moment by moment. Truly, Man’s best friend.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.